Dashlane 6 brings credit monitoring and identity theft recovery options

Dashlane wants to be more than just a password manager

Dashlane 6 Identity Dashboard

Dashlane announced an update to its password management system that brings a wealth of new digital security options for users.

Dubbed Dashlane 6, starting Thursday customers can access a number of new features. New features include enhanced password management, a new online identity monitoring system and more.

For the prevention side of things, Dashlane 6 offers enhanced password management. This feature provides comprehensive, real-time analysis of how secure passwords are. Additionally, this includes tools to help users strengthen passwords.

Dashlane 6 also offers users 1 GB of secure file storage across devices. Furthermore, customers can share account credentials without revealing passwords. For example, you can help your family login to your Netflix without revealing the password.

Along with those features, the app includes a VPN that encrypts online activity. The VPN works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Additionally, there’s no cap to the usage.

Monitoring and restoration

Dashlane 6 provides new monitoring features as well. Identity Dashboard is a new central hub for users to check up on their digital identity. The dashboard will also tell customers if account information is being sold on the dark web and provide credit score alerts if there’s a sudden change.

Finally, Dashlane offers a number of options for users who fall victim to attacks and identity theft. This includes an expanded password changer that can update and secure impacted passwords on over 500 websites with a single click. Additionally, Dashlane offers customers U.S.-based phone support for identity theft to help recover their identity.

Some users can also claim identity theft insurance through Dashlane up to $1 million USD in damages.

All these new features are split across the three plan options for Dashlane 6.

Free users get secure password management on a single device. Premium users get unlimited password storage across ever device along digital security features like dark web monitoring.

Finally, Premium Plus customers gain access to to identity theft insurance and recovery alongside credit monitoring.

All said, it’s an impressive offering from Dashlane. It certainly covers the bases for most people and offers an incredible support package for victims of online identity theft.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of Premium at Dashlane’s website.