Samsung could be adding Bluetooth connectivity to the Note 9’s S Pen

Samsung Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen might be getting a significant upgrade.

The new S Pen has hit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), revealing that the accessory now features Bluetooth connectivity.

Note 9 event

While the FCC filing doesn’t specifically state that it refers to the Note 9’s S Pen, the matching ‘960’ model number is a clear indication that this is likely the case.

The FCC tests consumer electronics in order to verify that they don’t interfere with wireless communication. Now that the stylus includes 2.4GHz Bluetooth LE (low energy) connectivity, it needs its own FCC certification.

Previous iterations of the Galaxy Note series produce an electromagnetic field that provides power to and connects with the S Pen. The FCC filing indicates the new S Pen connects via Bluetooth, though it’s not clear if Samsung will forego the old method in favour of Bluetooth connectivity.

If so, Samsung will require another way to power and charge the S Pen. Android Police  suggests that Samsung may add charging functionality via pins or a wireless technology that activates when a user docks the stylus.

What’s more interesting is what Samsung plans on doing with the Bluetooth connectivity. Some suggest play/pause functionality, while others point to the possibility of a shutter button for the Note 9 camera, or even another way to control Bixby.

Further, Samsung could even put a mic in the stylus, allowing users to answer calls without the need for the actual handset in-hand.

Samsung’s Unpacked Event invitation highlighted only the S Pen, giving an indication that a huge overhaul might be on the way for the stylus.

Source: FCC, Via: Android Police