‘Pokémon Quest’ earns $3 million USD in first week, downloaded 3.5 million times

Canadians on iOS contributed two percent of the revenue, Android users three percent

Pokemon Quest title screen

Pokémon Quest earned approximately $3 million USD in global player spending in its first seven days on app stores.

According to market intelligence data from Sensor Tower, users downloaded the game 3.5 million times.

The free-to-play Pokémon game launched on mobile devices on June 27th, nearly a month after its debut on the Nintendo Switch. Since the 27th, Quest saw more than half its revenue come from iOS users. App Store revenue comprised about 56  percent of total revenue, with Google Play making up the remaining 44 percent.

Furthermore, the largest portion of that revenue came from Japan. Japanese gamers made up 17 percent of global iOS players. However, they contributed to 40 percent of the game’s revenue on iOS. On Android devices, Japanese gamers totalled nine percent, producing 22 percent of the revenue.

Canada didn’t rank very highly on the list of users. Four percent of iOS players were Canadian, according to Sensor Tower. On top of that, Canadian players contributed two percent of total revenue.

Six percent of Quest players on Google Play were Canadian. Furthermore, they contributed to three percent of total revenue.

While impressive numbers to say the least, it is important to note that 3.5 million downloads doesn’t equate to players. That statistic doesn’t account for users with multiple devices. It also doesn’t account for users that have stopped playing the game.

Pokémon Quest is a departure from more traditional Pokémon games. It features a unique cubic design reminiscent of Minecraft and simple gameplay. However the game has received some criticism for being too easy.

Source: Sensor Tower