Netflix still has at least 53 new Original films coming in 2018

Netflix app on an iPhone X

Netflix is on its way to releasing at least 86 Netflix original films worldwide in 2018, the streaming giant told Reuters.

A previous report back in March indicated that Netflix planned to release 80 movies and 70 new TV shows, but it seems the number has already increased.

Further, Netflix says it will have 1,000 originals on its service by the end of 2018, according to Quartz MediaWhich includes films and TV content.

According to the Reuters, Netflix’s aggressive strategy is due to complaints that its movie library is “stale.” Further, Disney is readying to launch its own streaming service and is planning to stop providing Netflix with content in 2019. The cost of movies from other studios is increasing as well, which also contributed to the company’s aggressive strategy.

However, the large number of films Netflix is making is paying off. So far the 33 Netflix films released this year have been watched more than 300 million times, by more than 80 million account holders, with an average audience of nine million viewers per film, the service told Reuters. 

As previously reported, Netflix has budgeted eight billion dollars for original content in 2018, which includes films and TV shows. However, it’s still unclear exactly how much will go into Netflix Original films.

Further, Netflix plans on releasing at least 17 Netflix films in languages other than English, which include French, Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian and Russian, such as R-rated French film, Young and Beautiful. Eight or more of the movies will be in Spanish.

Additionally, Netflix indicated that it still plans on releasing more big-budget films like Brightfeaturing Will Smith.

Some of its films will continue to show in theaters around the world. The film Okja was shown in about 50 theatres, according to the publication.

However, some larger theatres refuse Netflix films due to the streaming platform releasing movies on the service the same day as they debut theatres.

Netflix plans on producing and purchasing movies from several genres, including teen dramas sci-fi adventure and horror.

Some upcoming films include Sense8 — assuming Netflix counts the two hour finale as a film — and Hold the Dark, a movie that partially filmed in Alberta, Canada, according to IMDB.

Source: Reuters