Netflix ‘acquires’ Seth Rogen ahead of comedy charity special

Seth Rogen The Disaster Artist

As part of its multi-billion dollar content investment, Netflix signs some big-name talent — ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and potentially even the Obamas, just to name a few.

Now, interestingly, the streaming giant has announced it has actually “acquired” comedian Seth Rogen.

Some users have noticed that the streaming site now says “Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen: Netflix is all-in on a major Hollywood talent” at the top of the page, accompanied with an image of a confused-looking Rogen and a message saying more is “coming soon.”

What’s more, when reached out to for comment by The Hollywood Reporter, the Vancouver-born funny man himself replied with a Netflix email address and signed the note as a “wholly owned and licensed subsidiary of Netflix Inc.”

Netflix users took to social media to ponder on just what Netflix and Rogen are on about, with some thinking it’s an early April Fool’s Day gag. Others, however, suggested the more likely possibility that it’s a promotional stunt for the sixth annual Hilarity for Charity special, an event that brings together many comedians who perform to raise money for Alzheimer’s patients.

Rogen and his wife Lauren co-founded the show, which this time around will feature Rogen himself, Kumail Nanjiani, Jeff Goldblum, Sarah Silverman, James Corden and even the Muppets, among other stars.

The event will take place in Hollywood on March 24th and will later be broadcast for the first time on April 6th, exclusively on Netflix.

Whatever the stunt is intended for, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company actually acquired Rogen at some point in the future, given the company’s history of making big business deals.

Image credit: IMDB

Via: The Hollywood Reporter