Switch dataminers reveal possible information about upcoming hardware update


Dataminers have torn through the Nintendo Switch’s latest operating system update.

If there’s truth to what’s been uncovered, a number of interesting changes could be coming to the Switch, though it’s likely that a full-fledged update to Nintendo’s console is still at least few years away.

Originally spotted by ResetEra user Atheerio, dataminers at Switchbrew have uncovered an interesting folder in the console’s recent 5.0 firmware update that points to a new Switch hardware update called ‘Mariko.’

Switchbrew users initially guessed that the data indicated the Switch’s Tegra 210 CPU could soon be swapped for the Tegra 214 due to the 210 being vulnerable to hacking. However, it’s possible that the new Switch hardware iteration will include 8GB of RAM instead of the launch console’s 4GB.

It’s also likely that this new data could be reserved for a new devkit version of the console. For example, current Switch devkits include 64GB of internal storage. IGN speculates that this hardware update could be in preparation for new peripherals to launch on the Switch.

If the Switch were to get an under the radar hardware update, this wouldn’t be the first time time a console has recieved a minor hardware iteration mid-cycle.

Of course, because this is a group of intrepid data miners that have dismantled and discovered interesting facts, keep in mind that this is all just speculation.

Source: ResetEra (Atheerio), Switchbrew