Canada lags behind the U.S. and UK in connected car tech adoption, says report


  • It’s Me

    Not really a surprise. We don’t have a relatively large automotive R&D industry in general here. Lots of monkey work in factories for unskilled labour (though maybe not for long) but limited R&D.

    • Mira Mar

      Agreed. Getting gouged as it is, so don’t need the extra data use flying out the window of the car.

    • Bill___A

      Back to my comment about whether they allow you to add a device to your own “share” plan or they try to force you to have a separate one – I am very disinclined to pay whichever carrier the car maker chooses. Maybe the CRTC should have made it illegal for anyone to sell a locked mobile device of any kind.

  • godelri

    Not going to trust this tech when my 2017 Ford Escape with HERE Maps is more than 2 years out of date with no updates in sight. Let’s make today’s tech reliable before adding more (and more expensive) gadgetry.

  • ciderrules

    All my vehicles have LTE with WiFi access and support CarPlay and/or Android Auto. I don’t need some ridiculous OBDII device with a fraction of the functionality of what I already have.

    And the idea a consumer can “diagnose” their car by reading data from OBD is asinine. They shouldn’t be advertising these devices as diagnostic tools.

  • hoo dat

    I spend almost half my year in the UK and have watched with interest the in-car tech explosion here and in main-land Europe over the last couple of years. Auto ads sell the tech and not the performance or practicality of the vehicles themselves anymore, with each manufacturer trying to out-do everyone else with the most inane tech options. I rented a Ford Kuga on a recent business trip to Edinburgh (kinda like an Escape) and despite being a fairly basic model the dash was full of so much tech, screens and read outs (mostly showing redundant info) that it became a massive distraction. I returned the vehicle 2 days into a seven day rental and switched to a Passat which has not only less tech but also the ‘audacious’ option of being able to switch it off if I needed which I couldn’t do in the Kuga.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Our Robellus innovation at work

    • Bill___A

      This is the car manufacturers, the “robellus” infrastructure is in place. You can’t blame everything on them.

  • Rawrrr

    When are we not behind in innovative tech? Lol

  • Bill___A

    Nice bells and whistles for the ZTE connected car device, but one really handy thing would be to be able to start the car remotely. Let’s say I am away and it is getting cold, and I haven’t been able to plug the car in, but want to warm up the battery and the engine…..or want to start it when I am in the airport. Yes, I have read the article about the guy from the auto association saying you don’t need to warm the car up to drive it. maybe the engine doesn’t need you to do that, but if you happen to be inside the car and it is cold and you do something like…let’s say……breathing – you will fog up the windows unless the car is warmed up.

    When I buy a new car, I will be interested in getting a connected car – but note this very carefully manufacturers – if it is a locked device and I have to pay YOUR contracted carrier by the month instead of adding it to MY share plan with the carrier I choose, I am MUCH less likely to buy your product.