Shaw tells government 600MHz spectrum is crucial for ‘real competitors’ in Canadian wireless


  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Well sure. All off Shaw/Freedom’s spectrum is relatively high and has terrible penetration in urban centres. RoBellUs has that sweet, sweet 700Mhz spectrum which sometimes actually works in the subway.

    • My 1/2 cents

      And your point is?

    • Spencer Navarra-Chew

      Point being, that to truly compete Shaw/Freedom does need low band spectrum.
      The “I got there first” argument doesn’t hold a lot of water in our capitalist/socialist hybrid society. The government has traditionally taken on the role of protecting citizens from monopolies and ogliopolies.
      Rogers has been hanging on to its 850Mhz spectrum since it was CanTel.
      Since the other companies got a shot at prime spectrum earlier, it only makes sense to give Shaw a shot now.
      Also, the RoBellUs argument that “we need this spectrum so we can reinforce our entrenched dominance in the market” isn’t especially compelling.

    • specialk2000

      And lot’s or 850Mhz.

    • Spencer Navarra-Chew

      Yep, trusty old CanTel’s original spectrum!

  • G Dessario

    Like Bell was *Never* floated with Taxpayer’s dollars…

    • Spencer Navarra-Chew

      Absolutely correct, but they have been given a lot of indirect benefits from the government throughout their history, same as Rogers.

      I look at it similarly to patent law. If you can find and/or define a new essential service I have no problem with the government giving you some help in making it viable, but at some point the playing field has to be leveled.

    • G Dessario

      Well said Sir.

  • Some Guy

    Double standards much.
    Bell was and still is subsidized by taxpayer money.

  • Bill___A

    I think it is early to see whether Shaw is going to succeed in making the new “Freedom Mobile” a fourth prime carrier, I am not in favour of them getting any preferential treatment, and if they do, there should be caveats about getting coverage improved. Looking at their maps, I see a lot of ground that needs to be covered.

    • silver_arrow

      The thing is though they need this spectrum in order to compete in the long run. Robellus had so long to stock on on spectrum that that is the main problem facing Freedom.

    • Bill___A

      I am saying that if Shaw does in fact get spectrum at a discount (which would solve their main problem as you say) that they should be required to deploy it and put it to use in short order.

  • Benjamin Lehto

    I’d rather see ANY government in power grow some balls and force these AR****LES (Big 3) to use the spectrum they’re hoarding or lose it. Unless there is no spectrum being hoarded and I’m misinformed, upon which I withdraw my initial complaint.

    • abc123

      Hoarding or not, none of the wireless companies in Canada should hold more than a certain percentage of the available wireless spectrum. That should be law.

      If Rogers wants 600Mhz spectrum, they should relinquish their oldest held spectrum… like a FIFO queue. That would mean they give up their 800-850Mhz which was handed to them FOR FREE by the government.

      Rogers can complain all they want about “stifling innovation” if they are not allowed to bid on new spectrum. The reality is, they haven’t had anything innovative in a long time. It’s all a lie.

      EDIT: Correction. Rogers’ most innovative idea was, and still is, coming up with ways to rip the customer off. Providing maximum profit while minimizing services. However, it has nothing to do with the spectrum.

  • JJohn

    Only problem with this argument is recently introduced freedom plans are already too expensive and poor value, they are not much cheaper/same price as the big 3 especially when factoring in sales and promo/retention and loyalty deals offered. What’s point of giving them government subsidies if they aren’t going to offer cheaper plans?

  • abc123

    “600MHz spectrum is crucial for ‘real competitors’ ”

    Shaw is not a “real competitor.” They are no different than the big 3. Back when Shaw purchased Wind, I said that prices would increase by a large margin and services would decrease. In essence, you will pay more for less. When I look at the Freedom Mobile plans that exist now, it is a joke… No North American calling or US data which was included on my old plan for $40. If I told new Freedom Mobile users my plan when I was with Wind, they wouldn’t believe me.

    Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, with it’s original owners, were “real competition.” What we see now is a complete FARCE!

    • Spencer Navarra-Chew

      Personally, I’m getting 11GB of LTE for $70/month, with unlimited messaging and calling to North America plus 1GB and a bunch of free minutes of call while roaming in North America.

      Haven’t seen that from RoBellUs

    • their grandfathered all those older plans but I decided to still go for a more expensive plan bc of the new LTE which is absolutely worth it. If you don’t really like it then go back to Rogers or telus and see how well you fare paying 100 dollars a month for 2 gb of data haha 🙂

      Im currently paying 40 dollars a month for
      2GB + Bonus 4GB (full speed)
      Unlimited Canada-wide talk.
      Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging
      International calling from 1¢/min to over 200 countries
      Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)