Minister of Innovation proposes ‘competitive measures’ for 600MHz wireless spectrum auction

ISED is proposing to set aside spectrum for bidding from regional providers


  • Leif Shantz

    How about loosening foreign ownership rules???? And implementing lower wholesale data rates so MVNO’S can compete?

    • John Lofwire

      disagree with loosening foreign ownership rules the money made by canadian carrier need to stay in Canada and no go in another country to help make billionaire over there even richer sorry.

      As long as the data rate price is based on real network cost ect + a small profit i agree with this idea but they already can compete look at pricing they offers.

    • Jon Duke

      Except Data rate is not based on real network cost. We are getting played big time. At the price we currently pay. we should get unlimited plans instead.

      I would be all in to let a US company come in and become a 4th major player at the condition that they open a head office in Canada and create jobs. The money stays here.

    • John Lofwire

      Did i said otherwise?
      Just asking because my comment was because a few years back some ppl where pushing for wholesale rate that made no sense.

      Of course we should be unlimited for the price we currently pay!

      As for letting in a US company even with a Canadian head office we both know how those big company work they would still find a way to send money oversea…

    • Marshall Davidson

      What planet are you living on? Do you not think Canadian companies don’t send money overseas or use employees in foreign countries to do work? Just look at Blackberry. The quintessential iconic Canadian brand now all run by Americans mostly and where the bulk of layoffs occurred in Canada to the detriment of workers here while in the U.S. and abroad they’ve expanded.
      Am willing to bet a portion of their cash is also in American banks now so spare us this lecture. There will never be any competition in this country unless you open up your market to foreign players, for better or worse.

    • John Lofwire

      Got to love baseless assumptions.

      Did I said they dont? Nope.
      But foreign company will for sure do it much much more.

      So stop with baseless allegations thats i said something I did not.

      I stand my ground thats we should not open up to foreign ownership because its will make even more money go out of Canadian economy.

      The real solution is to give the small provincial players the same advantage as bigger one had in the past. Dont forget governement help current big 3 to build network when they started.

      Enuf with piggy back on others network.

    • Rev0lver

      This has nothing to do with blackberry old friend. Try and keep your obsessions to yourself.

    • It’s Me

      Best thing that could happen, price-wise. Carrier staff might take a hit, but those are fairly low-rent jobs to begin with. We can open more burger joints and gas stations to keep them gainfully employed.

    • specialk2000

      Carrier staff probably make 50% to 100% more than “gas station and burger joint employees” for your average part time staff.

    • It’s Me

      So there will be a modest pay reduction, in absolute numbers. Maybe they supplement with another low skill gig.

    • htc_fan89

      totally agree, need more big shot companies to teach the big 3 a lesson…remember how scared the big 3 got when Verizon showed interests

    • Bill___A

      When did Verizon show an interest? There was much speculation by others about Verizon, but I didn’t see any bona fide interest by Verizon. They used to own some of BC Tel, which became part of Telus and they sold it. Furthermore, Verizon isn’t a “discount” carrier, they don’t undercut things like the “big three”. It would just become the “big four”.

  • John Lofwire

    should be 10 years block of any transfer of those spectrum.

    look what happened videotron sold all its spectrum its buyed to rogers…

  • Jon Duke

    Right, let the same people bid on it because why would we want actual competition? Am I right guys?

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    For any reader wanting to know ISED Canada’s most recent listing of National Spectrum Holdings, it is located here: www . ic . gc . ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf11210.html

    It has not been updated since July 14th, 2016, so hopefully it will be soon.

    The ‘Non-Incumbents’ would be:
    Vidéotron (7%), TerreStar (6%), Freedom Mobile (5%), Xplornet (2%), Eastlink (1%) , SaskTel (1%)
    [MTS was also 1% on this list, but that is now part of Bell. Also, Vidéotron is likely down to 5% (due to the sale of AWS-1 to Rogers & MBS + BRS to Freedom Mobile) and Freedom Mobile is up to 6%]

    Including MTS in Bell’s holdings, the Big 3 have 88%(!) of the national spectrum, as follows: Bell (22%), Rogers 31%, & Telus (25%).

  • heynow00

    3 more years….

  • Abel

    I wonder why they waste their time. Why not selling it all to the Big 3 from the get-go? After a few years, the spectrum will be transferred to them anyways (just look at the past few years).