Here are tips for buying the iPhone X in Canada

iPhone X

If you’re aiming to get your hands on an iPhone X in Canada — or anywhere in the world for that matter — the phone is set to be a hot commodity that’ll be difficult to come by due to expected stock shortages.

Analysts have been predicting for months that Apple won’t have enough iPhone X stock to meet initial demand for the smartphone. Pricing for Apple’s upcoming device is set to start at $1,319 CAD for the 64GB model of the device and $1,529 for the 256GB variant, making Apple’s ultra high-end smartphone one of the most expensive handsets ever released in Canada.

If you hope to purchase the iPhone X, one thing is for sure; you’ll need to make every effort to pre-order the pricey smartphone.

Pre-order online

Pre-orders for the iPhone X are set to go live on October 27th, 2017 at 3:01 EST/12:01 PDT. Customers can submit their orders through Apple’s website or the Apple Store app.

If you aim to get your pre-order for the iPhone X online, you’ll need to have your finger on the trigger at exactly 12:01 PDT. In fact — and I know this from my experience trying to order the SNES Classic a few months ago — it’s helpful to launch multiple web pages with Apple’s online store, giving you multiple opportunities to push through the order pending pre-order related mishaps.

You can find Apple’s iPhone X pre-order link here.

Walk-in buy it on November 3rd

While lining up for the latest iPhone has slowly become a less common activity for Apple fans over the last few years, given the iPhone X’s expected stock shortages, it’s likely this time around we’ll see a return of the lengthy lines of yesteryear.

If you’re hoping to snap up an iPhone X, it’s likely you’ll at the very least need to line up for the device the evening before the phone’s release. Of course some enterprising individuals will likely line-up multiple days before the phone drops, which is always a good option if you want to play it safe.

Apple Canada recently confirmed to MobileSyrup that in-store iPhone X purchases will be available. Along with in-store purchases, Apple is also offering iPhone X in-store pick-up reservations online at on November 4th.

Purchase directly from a Canadian carrier

Some Canadian carriers like Rogers and Telus are offering pre-registration for iPhone X pre-orders, which send you an email immediately when pre-orders go live for the device.

Canadian carriers set to carry for the iPhone X include Bell, Bell MTS, Tbytel, Rogers, Videotron, Koodo Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Eastlink. It’s unclear if Freedom Mobile will carry the iPhone X, though the carrier has confirmed to MobileSyrup that it will stock iPhones.

Carrier pricing in Canada starts at $599 on a 2-year term.

In the past, iPhone online pre-orders via carriers have gone up at 3:01am ET/12:01am PT and we expect this year’s pre-order process to be similar. It’s also expected that at least some Canadian carriers will offer in-store purchases for the iPhone X, though this will depend on stock availability. Similar to getting your hands on the iPhone X directly through Apple in-store on November 3rd, if you’re looking to buy the iPhone X from a carrier’s retail location, be prepared to line-up well ahead of the device’s sale date.

As more specific pre-order information and availability comes in, this story will be updated. MobileSyrup will also publish a comprehensive pricing and carrier availability story later this week.

Update 31/10/17: Story updated with information related to in-store reservation pick-up.