Uber drivers now earn a per-minute fee if they wait longer than two minutes

Uber’s latest driver-oriented change penalizes riders who keep drivers waiting

As part of the company’s ‘180 Days of Change’ initiative, Uber is going to penalize riders who make drivers wait for too long at a pick-up location.

According to an October 24th, 2017 media release, drivers will now earn a per-minute fee if they wait for riders for more than two minutes.

“Five minutes after arriving at your pickup location, you’ll have the choice to cancel the ride and earn a cancellation fee, or continue to wait and earn the per-minute wait fee,” reads an excerpt from the media release.

The company is also reducing the time period for drivers to collect a cancellation fee. The previous cancellation window was five minutes, and it’s now been reduced to two minutes.

“If a rider cancels a trip request more than two minutes after [drivers] accept the trip, [drivers] will get the cancellation fee set by your city,” reads an excerpt.

Finally, the company has updated its matching algorithm to ensure that riders are connected with drivers on their side of a toll.

All of these updates will be available in all Canadian cities where Uber operates, except for those in Quebec.

Additionally, per-minute fees and cancellation fees vary by city.

Source: Uber