Don’t forget to use the blob emoji one last time before updating to Android Oreo


  • Zomby2D

    I wish they would just make the emojis into a font that can be updated independently from the OS and customized. That way older OS versions would not be missing the new emojis and those who prefer the blobs could simply get a custom emoji font featuring them.

  • Khai

    Will anyone miss blob emojis?
    They were ugly and much harder to understand than simple circular (and I would say standard) ones.

    • Captain Pokemon

      Dear Blob Emojis,

      No one will miss you


      Emojis 5.0

    • Leo

      I agree, we should be using “standard” emojis since they are like a new “language/script”. The new ones look more like every other OS.

  • Jo

    Glad to see the Colbert emoji, whatever the shape :p