Bell renews appeal to CRTC to rescind its Super Bowl ad policy


  • Bill___A

    “The CRTC’s decision to single out the Super Bowl for disparate treatment is arbitrary” I agree. End simsub for everything. Put only locally broadcast channels on basic cable and let people pick and choose all other channels one by one at a reasonable price. Make nobody “special” and let people pick and choose what they want to watch. It will then be up to Bell and other channels to produce compelling programming. There is so much money right now paid by people for channels they don’t watch, it is absurd.

    • John Lofwire


      a fixed max price per channel you add is what we need.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    First test for the industry guy… This should be telling for what the future holds.

  • Jake Steele

    Bell wants…. more money