Before Alto’s Adventure, there was Toronto-based Snowman’s ‘Circles’

In celebration of Toronto-based Snowman’s five year anniversary and with Alto’s Odyssey — the sequel to Alto’s Adventure — and Where Cards Fall on the horizon, the studio is harkening back to its first mobile game ever, ‘Circles.’

As part of a new version 1.5 update, Snowman plans to reintroduce Circles to the App Store, fixing some of the game’s bugs and optimizing it for all of Apple’s modern iOS devices.


Circles is a digital take on childhood physical toys, challenging players to use their memory and pay attention to glowing multicoloured rings in a Simon-like mobile title.
“It’s an exploration of what can be done when physical play is unconstrained, and it represents the beginning of the aesthetic that’s guided all our projects,” said Snowman co-founder, Ryan Cash.
Circles 1.5 is set to release this Thursday according to Snowman. Circles is available on all iOS platforms.