Netflix ditches star ratings for thumbs up, thumbs down


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  • Shogun

    This company has its priorities aßß backwards. Unreal…

    • i would have just gone with aß actually 😉

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  • Xanth

    That’s ridiculous… having a continuum rating system is much more effective than having a binary (yes / no) system… c’mon Netflix, the world is dumb enough.

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  • Ipse

    Daaaaaamn, this is STUPID. I always select unknown movies or TV series based on rating -and viewers are correct 90% of the time.
    Now what? Convert 3.5 stars from before into 1256 ???? and 459????
    I think ????

  • Garrett Cooper

    This is stupid

  • TheMelonOfWater

    Though I like star rating systems, most people don’t know how to use them properly. People tend rate something 5 stars if they like it and 1 star if they don’t. I think the addition of a thumbs up, thumbs down system is a welcome change because of this.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    I liked the star rating system, but I agree thumbs up and down are easier. I would still have to visit imdb and I do so now as well. I am hoping someday Netflix will give an option for users to choose to view imdb star rating of a certain content. Netflix star rating used to tell me how likely it is that I will enjoy a certain show to a certain degree. I found this to be surprisingly accurate. Of course that’s a problem when I’m sharing an account with my wife, who has totally different taste than I and shows I consider stupid end up receiving top ratings and annoys the heck out of me. Although thumbs rating isn’t doing away with that, at least now I don’t have to argue with my wife on how many stars a certain show should get. Liked it or not is easier to agree on than the number of stars. I also like the likelihood of enjoyment of certain show. IMO the new system just broke up the star rating system into 2 simpler parts and I think it’s for the better. But I still wish that Netflix would incorporate a user’s selectable option to show imdb rating as an objective measure of the quality of a show.

    • Walter

      I almost wish they could have a link IMDB within Netflix.

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