EB Games Nintendo Switch 5 game trade-in deal gives extra $100 towards console [Update]

Nintendo Switch

While we rarely cover video games trade-in deals at MobileSyrup, especially those from EB Games, we felt this one is too good to pass up on.

Trading in five games that are worth a minimum of $8 CAD Switch now results in each game being worth $20, amounting to a maximum total of $100 towards Nintendo’s new console or games for the system. To take the best advantage of this deal, trading in games that have a low value that’s as close to $8 as possible, is the best option.

Canadian video game trade-in website tivs.ca is a great way to check video game trade-in value at EB Games and a variety of other retailers.

The video game retailer is also offering double trade credit for any Switch (yes, that isn’t a typo), PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U or 3DS game, when putting that money towards a Switch. EB Games final deal allows customers to get $140 for their 32GB Wii U or New 3DS XL, bringing the Switch’s final cost to $249.

With most retailers currently sold out of Nintendo’s new console however, hunting down a Switch at an EB Games location is likely going to be difficult.

EB Games says the deal runs until April 2nd.

Update 03/13/17: According to tips from readers, it’s possible to take advantage of this pre-order, even if the Switch and the titles you’re interested in buying aren’t in stock. Also, some EB Games locations are allowing people to put the money accumulated from the trade-in deal on gift cards.

Source: EB Games