Telus, Bell and Rogers offering 7GB and 10GB Quebec promo plans beginning at $62


  • Jason

    Can we play the “it’s just not fair” card?

    • seinfeldand24

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Why doesn’t Ontario get these types of deals?

    • Leo Perry

      It’s because Videotron exists in Quebec. They’re not in total cahoots with Robellus, so their offerings force Robellus to compete.

      You can also get similar deals in Thunder Bay or anywhere in Manitoba or Saskatchewan for the same reason.

    • DownwithRobellus

      So…your saying we got to beg Videotron to come here? Besides the weird name, I sure would love for them to impact the market in ONT.

    • gommer strike

      Videotron had already did an evaluation on whether it’s feasible and worthwhile to expand over to the west. The answer was no.

    • DownwithRobellus

      I’m sorry but unless you’re part of management and sat in the boardroom when this decision was being made I’m going to take it with a grain of salt. What I think happened is that they would have to go up against three established players which meant more money being spent on infrastructure and set aside to fight ROBELUS.

    • Leo Perry

      Not necessarily. Consumers in Ontario, BC, etc. can support Freedom (Wind) Mobile, as they are filling more or less the same role as Videotron.

      The difference, however, is that people don’t like Wind. They complain that the data is too slow and that coverage is too limited. They’re valid points.

      Networks have to start somewhere. Videotron Mobile only existed as of 2006, and like Wind and T-Mobile US, it is an AWS carrier. All of these networks absolutely sucked at their inception. In Quebec, the reality a decade ago was very similar to Freedom’s current standing, but because of cultural reasons, people stuck to Videotron anyway. But like T-Mobile, Videotron grew to close the gap between themselves and the incumbent carriers to deliver viable competition today. Freedom is getting there, with their deployment of LTE and so forth. If consumers vote with their wallets, a healthy Freedom and Videotron would be great for wireless in Canada.

      So yes, way back when Videotron didn’t have an LTE network and no iPhones were compatible with their AWS, I went to the US to buy a phone compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G. I’ve been with Videotron ever since, and they’ve been phenomenal, even if I couldn’t stream 1080p HD for a couple of years.

    • Wilbour

      Just so everyone understands, Videotron uses the Rogers network outside of Quebec and Ottawa. All without roaming charges.

    • Leo Perry

      You’re absolutely right.

      However, the agreement is reciprocal (Rogers isn’t that nice). Before the Videotron-Rogers agreement, Rogers had minimal LTE coverage in Quebec since Videotron built its own LTE network and towers. If the agreement didn’t happen, then Rogers customers would have severely limited access to LTE in Quebec, a competitive disadvantage for them. (Recall that Bell and Telus already had a similar nationwide agreement.) So in exchange for Rogers gaining access to Videotron’s provincial LTE, Videotron got access to the Rogers network everywhere else.

      Now, if Videotron was like Wind at the time, Rogers would have laughed them off.

    • KiwiBri

      because a lot of Ontario people, just like on other things, just take what they get, even if its a shafting and never complain enought en masse. Ie. Insurance rates, taxes and fees etc.
      Its like “Oh well.. ” type of attitude.

    • People definitely do complain enough to be noticed in Ontario. Car insurance is commonly bought up in politics.

  • reppact

    Koodo offers basically the same deal in QC as Videotron. Plus its been available longer. ROBELUS deals are more expensive, offer less and aren’t that enticing as Koodo.

    • Humbre

      But Koodo is ROBELUS.
      Go figure…

  • Techguru86

    This is why I am glad I live in the Freedom map and don’t support the big 3, screw Robelus

    • Eluder

      But Freedom suck a$$, I’ve used them in Toronto and they were too slow to be usable. If their LTE network supported a proper list of phones, I’d give them a shot, but right now, it’s too limited in phone selection.

    • Techguru86

      I was there last week and worked fine on my device’s, and everywhere I go speeds are more than good enough to stream data

    • Eluder

      They don’t support the iPhone 7 Plus or Pixel for LTE, so to me it’s a useless LTE network. It’s too bad they couldn’t get spectrum on frequencies for existing phones, then I would likely jump on board, but their HSPA network is horrendous.

    • Techguru86

      I totally blame that on pre owners of the company, Shaw should be able to change that, but the problem was IPhone and Google for not supporting band 66, not the other way around

    • Techguru86

      And if you live in Peterborough, Kingston or Ottawa, band 66 doesn’t apply

  • Koodo is matching Videotron, and you can take advantage of their $50 referral bonus.

  • KiwiBri

    It shows that they can still make profit at that price level..

  • Jim__R

    Rationalized promotions and pricing should be disallowed by the CRTC. If Telus, Bell, and Rogers want to market a promo plan, then it should have to apply to all parts of the country that they operate in.

  • Johnny Apollo

    Videotron is available in Ottawa where I live. I switched to thier 10gb business plan last week on BYOD. $80 for unlimited Can + US calling, 10gb data and unlimited music streaming. Was able to port my 613 number with no issues. Best kept secret in Ottawa 🙂

    • Wilbour

      Ported my 613 # months ago as did my Daughter. Works across Canada with no fees. And don’t forget that you can stream all the music you want with 17 great apps WITHOUT going against your data. What’s not to like

    • Whome

      Have not been disappointed since I switched from Rogers.

  • Channy

    While Alberta pays $145 for 10gb. Ridiculous.

    • 1messager

      Waow! 145$?!

    • Garrett Cooper

      Yup, it’s pretty ugly out here. At least I can go snowboard in the Rockies, makes me feel a little better about it…

  • FTR_Part_deux

    The food in Quebec is amazing, the ladies are off the charts, auto insurance is dirt cheap, and now they offer amazing pricing for data plans…Plus the Habs are actually contenders compared to the Laughs. 🙂

    Oh how I miss living there.

    • Shogun

      You forget the cost of rent is also cheap and if you’re looking to buy something it’s also a bargain compared to Toronto. Only problem is if you don’t speak French you’re SOL for work there but it’s great if you run your own business out of home.

    • FTR_Part_deux

      Oh yea, mosdef! I found that the cost to rent in MTL DT Core was similar to Toronto (3 1/2 would be around $1200/mth)…but those are the boring parts of MTL. I lived in Verdun (4 1/2 ran us $870/mth) for the 3 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better MTL experience! If I could have stayed longer, St Henri, Pointe St Charles, and Plateau would have been my other choices to live in. NDG, Monkland, Outremont, and Griffintown were also high up on my choices!

      I did take French lessons, but for the 3 years, it def wasn’t enough to get a proper job…unless I moved to the West Island…but man, living in West Island sucks. lol

      Makes the phrase on their vehicle plates so fitting…”Je me souviens”

  • 1messager

    Time to switch!

  • Surveillance

    Meanwhile, in Ontario……

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