SyrupCast Podcast 110: MWC power rankings and prison mixtapes


  • danakin

    This episode has Igor, Patrick, and Rose. They are joined again by Ted Kritsonis.

    Over the past couple of podcasts Igor’s reliance on the goofy has worn a little thin. Perhaps reaching into the bucket of “good” would be preferable to dipping into the bucket of “merely jocular as a thought bubble”

    Things kicked off with a “Power Ranking” review of MWC OEMs; a novel approach to recapping a major event in the mobile blog space. Credit to the MobileSyrup team for looking to shake up what is usually a predictable post-event offering. The discussion that followed was fantastic; full of opinion, counterpoint, and never forced. Listeners and viewers got a sound recap of what mattered from MWC and nothing that didn’t. Well done!

    The second segment focused on the recent charging of a high-ranking Samsung executive with sundry white collar charges. Ted ably provided a recap of the salient points and provided the necessary depth of knowledge to keep the discussion moving forward. Two very fine segments this week.

    I’m getting the impression that Rose is on a tick-tock cycle. Every other podcast or so (this isn’t entirely scientific) she really brings her podcasting abilities up to where she is as a writer and researcher. Her peaks and valleys are the most extreme of the regulars and it’s often frustrating when she reaches for elements that cheapen her professionalism. This episode was very much a peak.

    I am going to repeat myself with the next sentence. The SyrupCast always benefits when guests that are seasoned journalists or subject matter experts are on the show. It’s simply a core competency that’s not bountiful amongst the incumbents. There are tech writers and there are tech journalists; Ted is clearly the latter.

    This week’s show gets a 8.4 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. More please.