Rogers Q4 2016 earnings: Average postpaid subscriber bill increases by 5.6%


  • NotARogersEmployee

    Average postpaid subscriber bill increases by 5.6%

    And by some strange coincidence, Rogers shares (RCI.B) are trading 5.1% higher today.

  • MoYeung

    “The average bill for a postpaid Rogers subscriber at the end of 2015 was $110.74 CAD, which had increased to $117.37 by the end of the following year. In addition, Rogers’ average postpaid subscriber bill in the final quarter of 2016 is $119.90.”

    Going up, up and up, way above inflation.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Thank you Canadians for saying one thing and doing another…no short of complaints on these forums and blogs about robbers overcharging etc, yet I can bet now majority of such posters are with robbers ranting away to pass time they cannot use productively otherwise because they ran out of their $100 plan 2 GB data bucket. Good job fellow Canadians.

    • Hello Moto

      Congrats to Rogers, keep up the good work! Rogers’ stock will go up and so will my portfolio, all the while I’ll be enjoying cheap cell service with Public Mobile (Telus). I’ll leave it up to other Canadians to keep doing what they’re doing and fill up Rogers bank account.

    • jplunks

      Smart. Cant hate on that move 🙂

    • Isaac Gacura

      Exactly, the consensus is to sit on the sidelines and watch, hoping one of the startups succeed. Such a great decision, seeing much of the potential competitors crumble away and get absorbed by the big 3 (soon to be 4).

    • MassDeduction

      When I first got wireless service in 1998, I went with a new entrant. I’d be pleased to consider a new entrant again except we haven’t had one offering service in my community for over a decade.

      Instead I signed up with Public Mobile, as they’re the best priced option amongst the big-3.

  • fruvous

    Explain to me why they need to raise their rates again?

    • Peter

      The $117 price doesn’t seem right to me. That is way above the industry average.

    • I think that’s ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account) and not ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), which you may be thinking of. Disclaimer: I work for Rogers, and definitely not as an accountant, or anything Finance, this is my own opinion and not my employer’s, etc., etc…

    • MassDeduction

      If you follow the source link, you’re correct. This is ARPA. So it’s $119 per account, however many people are on the account. I’ve got 18 lines on my account so I pull up the average! 🙂

    • GottaLoveCapitalism


  • revelation68

    This is exactly the reason why I made massive changes to my 3 lines. Had share everything 9gb plan for 3 lines was like 240$. Left primary line as regular talk text and data, and switched other 2 lines to tablet only lines but using my cellphone instead to share the 9gb of the primary line for 5$ a month and use fongo pay 20$ for year of service with them to get unlimited calling unlimited messaging with them and make all my texts and calls using there app. I don’t usually make alot of voice calls, but I have yet to see my usage for texting on fongo or calling go over 500mb a month. This only works if you own your phones outright but went from 240 for 3 lines to 120$ for 3lines. Might not work for everyone, but worth a shot for some.

  • DownwithRobellus

    Well, I’m done trying to convince others that there are better alternatives for a cheaper price. I guess I’m the only one making less and being frugal with my money.

  • JD

    Alternate title: Canadians take it 5.6% deeper last quarter from Rogers

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