Bell Q4 2016 Earnings: Subscriber base now at 8,468,872, $1.88b in revenue



  • Marc Palumbo

    I guess this should justify their latest layoffs.

    Screw you Bell!

    • DownwithRobellus

      I was about to say the same thing. They laid off thousands of Canadian workers and their excuse was because of the Super Bowl ADs? If you truly value supporting your fellow Canadians please use a service that would in turn hire and keep high paying Canadian jobs. Without them we won’t have the means to purchase many products OR services.

      Many alternatives out there folks that offer on par service with a much cheaper price!

  • Techguru86

    Of course you can have the Iphone 6’s and S7 for $0 but you’re paying over $100 a month for very little data lol That’s why I’m glad Shaw bought Freedom, finally we can see better prices for data in Canada then the same BS we’ve had from the big 3

    • james

      Yeah, freedom mobile where most of Canada is not in their “home” area, and have to pay per user their service. Sorry, not paying money every time I text, talk or use data. Tired of people bringing up freedom. Until you can use their service all across Canada workout paying for roaming, they would be more expensive than the rest of them.

    • Techguru86

      It’s called the everywhere 55 plan bud, I have it and don’t pay any roaming fees

    • Alan Gaudet

      so for 55$ i have 3gb on telus network with unl canada wide talk and text. How do i benefit from using freedom?????
      I dont “bud”

    • Techguru86

      Support a 4th option instead of the same bs from the big 3, plus 55 I have unlimited canada /us calling, global text 8gbs, unlimited can /us roaming for free

    • Alan Gaudet

      you forget that shaw is no different and works with rogers bell and telus, and is trying to make itself into the same thing. Also due to the fact i dont live in Toronto or Ottawa it is 1gb of data for 55$

    • Techguru86

      Look at the money that they are losing with those roaming plans, it’s very generous, it’s definitely not a money making plans for them

    • james

      So I see that now, the only thing is, it says 8GB in “home” area, and 1GB while roaming…so does that mean I wouldn’t get the full 8GB?

  • birdman_36

    The Canadian government has to do something to freeze cell plan rates offered by national carriers. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Loyz

    I cannot believe people still subscribe with Bell.It’s been the worst company i ever had to deal with.My bill double in 6 months with hiding fees and promo and false promises.I waited for my phone 1 month cause of their mistake,been charge double on my credit card more than one time,been without internet for weeks and never been credited for, get charge insane amount on bill without reason and the list goes on and on.Hours and hours lost every month trying to fix stuff with their agent.I finally broke my contract and move to another company and instead of sending me a final bill they sent a collector agency after me.

    I’m sure many had bad experience with them,i would suggest to stay away from them ! I know I will !

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