Bell exclusively releasing the HTC 10 in Canada


  • Unable to preorder here in Canada at the moment. Locked to USA only it seems.

    • edit: $1140 with tax.. yikes

  • Dan

    Why Bell only? I had the M7, I currently have the M8. But I will not get the HTC 10 if it’s only available with Bell. 🙁

    • You can always go through the unlocked phone purchase … but I hear you. I was hoping to actually use my carrier’s device upgrade this time around.

    • danbob333

      HTC couldn’t convince carriers to get this phone, and I can understand why. By having the S7 and G5 only, how many clients to you think Telus and Rogers will loose? My guess is lower than 10.

    • Word

      When I saw the title of this article I said a loud WTF! This was the phone I was looking forward to and it being exclusive to bell helps absolutely no one, Hopefully its just a timed exclusivity.

    • KiwiBri

      Because they are following SONY’s footsteps into oblivion in the mobile space.
      Carrier Exclusives only really works for the carriers if its a product that people *want*. Ie. The Original iPhone. Remember AT&T had the elusiveness then.

  • Al Ricci

    $999 unlocked is getting into iPhone territory pricing. Give it a few months and wait until the sales bottom out and the price drops before you even consider getting this device.

    • Peter Sam

      Honestly, IMO HTC 10 outranks any iPhones in the market at the moment, spec wise.

  • IgnoranceIsBliss

    $999 Canadian from HTC directly seems a bit much. In the US, at $699, it is priced between the S7 ($650) and S7 Edge ($750), but in Canada, they are pricing it the same as S7 Edge and I think the S7 Edge is probably the better phone with the larger battery, screen, etc.

    I was leaning towards the S7 Edge but the 10 seems interesting so, if the reviews are good, I may get one. But I’ll get it from the States. $700 USD right now is about $910 CDN. Hopefully B&H sells it so we can get it with free shipping.

    • B&H? do tell.

      The S7 series reportedly has horrible speakers. It’s what stopped my hype train for that phone.

    • John

      I think most people will take waterproofing over speaker quality but good speakers are nice to have for sure.

    • neo905

      i would actually take better speakers over waterproof actually. I use my external speakers for GPS and as a speakerphone more than I am worried about dropping it in my toilet by accident.

    • Ronald

      Waterproofing isn’t needed at all, how many people actually drop their phones in the toilet? Speakers are so much more useful in fact a necessity

    • Tom Anders

      Yeah I though that was odd. $100 cheaper to buy it from the US unlocked.

  • Steve Rodrigue

    HTC don’t learn a thing? Bell exclusives while all other flagships are available everywhere… They may sell a few hundreds. :'(

    • KiwiBri

      and there wont be mass accessories available for it either.

    • John

      Maybe other carriers were not willing to carry the phone since previous sales of HTC phones were quite poor.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Exactly. Replace “exclusively” with “only” and I bet that’s closer to the truth. I have friends that have never even heard of HTC.

  • Orage42

    Exclusivity? $1000? Come on HTC stop shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Brad Fortin

      It’s like they asked themselves “How can we make sure we don’t sell any of these?”.

    • neo905

      Brad, this time I agree 100% with you.

  • Wizzy

    I paid 1000 for my S7 edge, but this is not the S7 edge. It does look like a decent phone, but not 1000 decent.

  • Technojo

    Nooooooooooooo! Damn it Bhell!!!!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Will see how long can bell keep that contract for exclusivity. This is going to hurt HTC sells a lot

  • Garrett Cooper

    In other words; “No carrier other than Bell was willing to give this phone a chance. And even they only want to carry one sku”. Sad, this will make it really tough for HTC to gain any traction, much like Sony.

    • neo905

      It’s a shame because HTC finally made a decent phone.

  • Dino

    I wanted the HTC 10. Unfortunately it won’t be on other carriers except Bell so the cost can’t be subsidized – the only option is buy outright. At $999 it’s the same price as the GS7 Edge. Makes me wish I just bought the S7 Edge a month ago.

  • JJ

    LG G5 is 750$ outright with Bell.. who on gods earth would pay extra $250 for a HTC instead………

    • Ronald

      Nexus 6P why pay more than that?

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Fu bell. Now i have to get samsung. Since the lg is so crabby this year.

  • Darrell Secord

    Well scratch that phone off my list… BELL is not an option for me, I would rather stick needles in my eyes…. And a $1000 outright? Ya sure when Pink Floyd makes pigs fly again…. there are other options from all carriers which are better financially

  • Marc Palumbo

    This was similar to Nokia in Canada with Rogers. We know how well that worked for them..

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  • Ryan Robillard

    What kind of garbage is this? I have been waiting for an upgrade to my M8 for a while now. I’m on Telus and not really planning on switching to Bell or throwing down over a grand for this. Maybe this is just a timed exclusive?

    • OconVandoorneinf1

      Same story here

  • Tom Anders

    The potentially, best new phone with the worst Canadian carrier. Just like they did when the Sony Z5 first came out. Exclusive to Bell and a ridiculous 1000 price tag in Canada will equal doom for HTC if they don’t release it to at least Rogers let alone other more respected carriers like, wind, Sasktel, tbaytel, telus, Virgin. There’s a reason why Bell customers in Thunder Bay and Northwest Ontario are switching to tbaytel (Rogers). Bell has the most complaints of any Canadian carrier. Bell must have forked over big cash and big promises.

  • K_p0w3r

    And there goes HTCs Canadian revenue

  • bachlee

    1. why people bash Bell? Since Robelus are all really bad carriors, I dont have any problem switching to bell. (Actually I did, I switch from Rogers to Virgin last year, same price, same plan, sometimes signal is better than before.)
    2. If you really want to a subsidized HTC 10 and hate bell, try to renew your contract and get a samsung s6 for 0, then sell it on kijiji for 450. probably this is the maximum subsidy you can get for a newly released flagship.

  • 2Bodkin

    This is bad news for me. I have been hanging on hoping this phone would come out at the right time….but I don’t think I can go back to Bell, I don’t want it in silver, and $999 is ridiculous…. $100 premium over the price in the U.S. They handled the M9 terribly…. they need to be WAY competitive now. The M9 is still 849 from them. Nuts.They’re lunatics.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    So htc is shunned by most carriers and in response to this sells it’s phone for 999$??? Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    May I remind some of you that the xiaomi mi5 is an amazing phone at an amazing price for around 400$ unlocked with 4g??? Also meizu which sells great phones too crazy cheap. Got a meizu m2 with 5″ 720p, 2gb ram, 16gb +micro sd, 13mp+5mp, 4g, for only 150$ cad.

  • kmanvan

    This is way too expensive and I can’t even get a Bell signal in my house (last work phone was on Bell and it was awful).

    I’d get the Nexus6P instead if Rogers didn’t only have the 32Gb version. Without SD storage, 32Gb just won’t cut it. I’d get the 128Gb in a heartbeat if they would only offer it.

  • Altaman

    I too will not buy HTC if it is only Bell…Guess it is back to Samsung 🙁

  • Ronald

    theres a lot of positivity out there for the HTC 10, as reviews come out the demand will grow and carriers will jump on board…it gonna take a little time

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  • Neil J

    I have been a loyal HTC customer for years. Waiting impatiently for the release of the 10. It’s finally released and see the news “Bell exclusivity only”. Really? Why would a company struggling to make a comeback even consider exclusivity with one carrier, especially BELL? Typical Bell business standards, trying to coerce customers into a monopolized contract. I am sure it won’t work

  • Steve Rodrigue

    All manufacturers should do this.

  • Karen Vandal Asselin

    Any person have news? Im with telus and its so long, i expected since april!!!