Here’s our best look at the HTC 10 yet


  • Crossed

    Looks premium alright.
    Hopefully the camera is usable.

  • KiwiBri

    very samsung like fingerprint button

    • Roger

      with a huge bottom bezel like iPhones. What’s with the wasted space without the front-facing speakers?

    • Just yesterday I found out how AWESOME Sony’s solution is, ON THE SIDE! Since HTC has the side power button, they should have NOT included the front button, because it is disgusting, they should have put the fingerprint reader on the side power button, AND LEFT BOOMSOUND ALONE!!!!…tho I think they are still there, hiding in thin black strips just past the LCD on the top and bottom…?

  • Ali Farsani

    I looooooooooooooooove this to do good, I love abosutely everything about HTC except for its cameras, UltraPixel is very very poor in daylight or when there is a light source nearby at nights. OMG please do not f this up

  • Tech Guru

    Not bad. Where the software buttons tho.

    • Roger

      looks like they’ll be touch buttons like Samsung.

    • Tech Guru

      No like.

  • Allan

    Nothing unique here…not sure what HTC is thinking.


    Looks like every other phone.

    • neo905

      They have never has a phone cost that much. I would think closer to $700-750.

  • lbwc

    They took those chamfered edges a bit too far.

    • blueadept1

      Totally! The front looks like an iPhone 3GS with that massive border. Goodbye HTC One M7, hello LG G5.

    • neo905

      Sorry, but the back of this phone this looks way better than the LG G5.

    • blueadept1

      They both look horrible. I’m going to take the one with the more compelling features. G5 will have everything at roughly parity with this phone, plus modular slot/removable battery, dual cameras, and rear placement of the fingerprint scanner. What will be compelling about the HTC 10?

    • neo905

      Again, to each his own. I think that modular slot is gimmicky and hideous. I still prefer Sense over LG’s less than desirable attempt at a skin. I guess the phone would have to actually…you know…be released first..before I can comment further on what I do and do not find compelling.

    • lbwc

      I couldn’t come around to liking the G5 design either. Back of the phone should have been completely flat except for an indent for the finger print scanner (like the Nexus 6P, Mate 8, Honor 5x) and just let the camera module stick out. No need for the metal to contour around the camera and fingerprint scanner.

      HTC 10 just looks like they ran out of interesting things to do with the aluminum unibody concept. Too much chamfer.

      Seriously…is there really nothing else you can use on a phone other than plastic or aluminum and glass these days?

      Although I do love wha Xiaomi has done with the curved ceramic back of the Mi5 Pro.

  • jorvay

    Nice to have another option that isn’t 5.5″+

  • blzd

    Physical home button *face palm*. Maybe they should’ve swapped the back and recents buttons positions around to complete the Samsung effect.

    The only feature that may have enticed me to buying an HTC phone recently was stereo speakers. That is now gone.

    • neo905

      I had the M7. The whole time I will the HTC logo was a home button. It would have made the phone more user friendly given the capacity buttons on either side of it.

  • lemawe

    Welcome back HTC, goodbye S6 edge, you disappointed me another time Sammy: Yes the camera is great, the phone so beautiful that I decided to use it without a case, but the UI is horrible, the multitasking terrible and the update policy execrable. I won’t be buying another phone with an exynos processor.

  • I took this image, the silver one, and brightened it on photoshop, I dunno if I’m wishful imagining, but it seems there are two thin almost invisible strips, on top and bottom past the screen that could be stereo BoomSound. Like in J Butterfly 3. Can anyone else see that? very thin strips on top and bottom just next to screen…..

    • P.S. Its amazing design because it has HTC DNA, look at it from the top, it looks just like the 2012 One X, which is amazing! and so does the chiseled new edges, sorry don’t know what else to call them. Top and bottom are very slightly different, this is very HTC-ish level of detail, I say this phone, tho front is like every other phone on the market, is very HTC. But if I’m wrong about the front facing speakers, and the sound turns out to be like iPhone or Samsung at best, I am very very angry. Very. I still am rolling with my M8, and it’s as impressive every morning still as it was when I first got it, years ago. I am STILL going WOW, when I hear the speakers too. Sound is paramount to me.(EDIT: forgot to say, since Android 6, M8 is even snappier! the battery is insanely improved without exaggeration and full theming including dial pad is now here 🙂 The M8 is a miniature home theater, like the flat-screen with speakers to the side, it is EPIC. M9 is even better and is so damn ageless. I still want the M9 tho. This 10, is starting to look like an 11/10 to me. It’s an HTC for sure. and hey, if they want the piece of the gigantic pie that is this front look, in the smartphone market, I forgive them, they need the cash now, but be assured, nobody can still build a solid phone, like the M10 is going to be, and in the class of it’s own, that’s just the reality. Software will be the best, because it already is, Sense 7 is a Renaissance of all software interface available, sense 8 will kick a*s, as Android, 6 more so than ever, is inspired directly by Sense, even the vertical app drawer is now there. Best of Luck HTC, I’m a bit sour about the front facing Bose or Harman/Kardons.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I like your enthusiasm about the phone….. Hope you won’t be disappointed.

      Try the Nexus 6P….. the front speakers are really loud. Can’t compare it to HTC because the last one I tried was the M9 about 5 months ago. But I’m moving from a nexus 6 and I can tell right away that the sound is way higher (than the N6) to the degree I needed to put it down in the settings (it’s really high at max volume). I just don’t like those huge upper and lower bezels on it, but I guess those speakers need some space.

    • blueadept1

      The speaker is clearly shown on the bottom.

    • neo905

      We will have to see if the top speaker will create a boom sound still.

    • ShaBi

      Over-analytical much? Take it easy there buddy.

  • The bottom bezel is still huge and the fingerprint sensor is vertically off-centre; thus, the argument that physical/capacitative buttons = more screen real estate is invalid! Why not have a rear fingerprint sensor, and then you can have the Boomsound speakers instead?

    So HTC went from having great speakers and a subpar camera to… a great camera (hopefully, since it’s the same one as the N6P w/ OIS) and average speakers? Smh…

    • Sam Wiggans

      According to a software leak it still has Boomsound

  • Brad Fortin

    It’s like they combined the back of an M7 with the front of an A9.

    • neo905

      Back of the M7 yes. But the A9 front? Not really. The finger print scanner sure. But the M10 removed the dreaded black bar and HTC logo still present on the A9. Plus the M10 has capacity buttons like the M7 unlike the A9 that has on screen buttons.

    • Brad Fortin

      But there’s no front-facing stereo speakers with BoomSound, which was a hallmark of the front of the M7/M8/M9. Between the M series and the A9 the front of the M10 more closely resembles the A9 (although not identical).

    • neo905

      @upleaks already showed a screenshot of the HTC 10 with the Boom sound setting. Boomsound isn’t about front facing speakers specifically even though that is what people associated with it. It is about two speakers that can produce stereo sound. There is a speaker at the top and another one at the bottom. Technically Boomsound isn’t even that. It is just their sound equalizer algorithm. At the end of the day if it is just as loud or louder and sounds just as good or better at full blast unlike other phones then I wouldn’t really care. I’ll just wait until the phone is actually released before I decide either way. Honestly, HTC needs to get the camera right this year to be stand any chance. That’s what killed them the past 2 generations and not enough people cared enough about Boomsound to make the product successfull anyway.