Why iOS 9.3 is such a big update for the iPhone and iPad


  • Ryan

    I wish they’d change the algorithm for what 3D Touch shows you. Is there a point for the settings one since those are available swiping up from the screen?

    • gommer strike

      yeah it’s true, some of these settings are already there on the swipe up function. I too would like to see shortcuts to things not available from swipe up. Battery is a good example and wallpaper too, but for sure I’d like to see some others.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      I think the idea is that Control Centre (swipe from bottom) allows you to toggle those settings on/off, whereas the 3D Touch feature will allow you to jump into those settings (to select a WiFi network, for example).

  • E. R

    Ah finally. The Settings app will have 3D Touch support. No more going into the Settings app and accessing stuff. This is one of few/many features I liked in Android with widgets.

  • nonenone22


  • Aaron Hoyland

    Possible typo: “The home screen of the iPhone has changed too much since iOS 7…”

  • Connor

    I’ve been using night shift on my 6s. It works so damn well, I set up a custom timer on it and I have not had to tinker at all with it since. I feel bad for f.lux as their app is great, but Apple has done a great job with night shift so far.

    • Emil

      How does it compare to f.lux ? Is the color yellow or red ? I’m a long time f.lux user and am eagerly waiting for that update !!

    • skinned

      As far as the colour goes I can’t tell the difference between it and Flux on my computers. Unlike desktop version it doesn’t have 3 levels and it only has on/off and a schedule you can set.

    • Emil

      Sounds good ! Thanks

    • Connor

      I like how gradual it is, I almost don’t notice it is on until I compare it with my wife 6s on iOS 9.2
      The colour is definitely yellow, kinda like candle light… also depends on how warm or cool you set it too. It is definitely not red like Twilight for Android is.

  • Omar

    “This latest iOS release adds numerous innovations to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.” from Apple’s website.
    Let’s see…
    Night Shift: so basically they removed F.lux’s app from the App Store, and then implemented almost the same exact feature into the OS. That doesn’t smell fishy at all. Furthermore, my 2013 OnePlus One has this feature already. Out of the box. And probably more customizable than the iOS version will be, knowing Apple. The OS is too advanced to allow it’s users to have any means of customization.
    Notes: I just drew a circle on Google Keep. Granted, Google Keep doesn’t have a lock system for their notes. So I guess that’s innovation. That said, I haven’t tried any third party note-taking apps. But since Apple hasn’t removed any recently, it would be safe to assume that there aren’t any that have lockable notes available in the App Store 😉
    News: I’m watching Bobby Ryan score a goal against Lundqvist in the Play Newsstand app. In landscape mode. Checkmate, Apple.

    • Mr Dog

      Apple removed f.lux because it was using private api not because they wanted to do the same.

    • southerndinner

      History has shown that you aren’t correct

  • Longtin

    Unfortunately majority of people hate the monthly sometimes twice a month updates on the iOS , because it usually offers little to no benefit at all. Why don’t they make the product function properly first? Instead they depend on those updates. I prefer a company like LG because they don’t depend on Android’s updates. The phone still functions properly 100%. When I first got my iPad, 5s,6,6s the thing was filled with bugs at the starting, some are still effected. When I first got my HTC M9, LG G4, 6P, G3; I didn’t have to worry about it. When the updates came, it was like “oh cool” not like ” oh finally”. The S6 was filled with bugs though ironically.

    • mola2alex

      I take it you don’t develop software

    • Longtin

      Not for OS , I do have some experience for Android. I’m speaking again the majority.

    • mola2alex

      Then you should know the answer to ‘why don’t they make the product function properly first?’. Android is not free from bugs either and how many marshmallow updates have there been since it launched? On my nexus, a bunch. This is just a function of developing software, if you only released perfect software, you would never release anything. Its par for the course and to say there are no issues with an LG is ridiculous, just goto the many LG forums or developers who found parts broken with LG and had to custom fix it. Just because 100% of the way you used something works doesn’t mean there are not issues, especially security ones. I highly doubt the latest LG has the latest monthly security patch level from Google, which you should actually care more about.

  • Waqqas Khokhar

    Too little, too late for Notes. My 4-yr old deleted all my wife’s notes in 0.25 seconds and that deletion propagated to iCloud before any of us could say “oops.”

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