OnePlus One to get Lollipop in March with release of CyanogenMod 12S and OxygenOS

OnePlus and Cyanogen have both teased software updates for the OnePlus One. While Cyanogen Inc works on CyanogenMod 12S, OnePlus continues to work on its own OxygenOS custom ROM. We’ve been mercilessly teased with OxygenOS updates over the last few weeks as OnePlus revealed first the name and then the dev team and logo. Now, we have something a bit more substantial.

According to OnePlus’s own Carl Pei, we can expect a stable build of OxygenOS in March. Not only that, but Cyanogen Inc will be coming around the same time, so if OxygenOS disappoints, you won’t have to roll back to an older version of Android.

OxygenOS is the custom ROM developed by OnePlus following the company’s public falling out with Cyanogen Inc. However, current OnePlus One users happy with the Cyanogen experience so far will be pleased to note that most of the devices that shipped with Cyanogenmod 11S can expect to receive the update.

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