OnePlus hires Paranoid Android developers to work on OxygenOS ROM

Last week, OnePlus officially announced the name of its new custom Android ROM. Dubbed OxygenOS, we were promised more information on the ROM this week. On Thursday, OnePlus introduced the team responsible for Oxygen, including a core team that includes at least two Canadians. The company also has more than 50 engineers and testers working on the ROM in addition to the core team named in the post. Half of those that are named come from Paranoid Android.

Unfortunately, this introduction to the OxygenOS team seems to be all we’re getting in the way of information about the OnePlus ROM. OnePlus has yet to show off any part of the software. Though we haven’t seen it, OnePlus has offered a little more information on why it’s making this ROM in the first place. The company had been previously working with Cyanogen Inc and CyanogenMod has shipped the majority of OnePlus One units sold since launch. However, the company has fallen out with Cyanogen Inc and announced intentions to build its own ROM in December.

Today, the company revealed that it is also hoping to offer better localization and faster updates for users. OnePlus has also promised there won’t be any bloatware and that battery life and system efficiency will remain a top priority. The company also gave us a logo to tide us over until it can give some real information on the ROM. There’s an AMA (Ask Me Anything) going on on Reddit right now, so hopefully that bears fruit. In the mean time, check out the OxygenOS logo below: