Microsoft confirms Snapdragon 810-powered Lumia for later this year

Windows Phone

Microsoft promised us a flagship Lumia phone for this summer and it sounds like it might be teaming up with Qualcomm to ensure that device has the computing power necessary to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone.

Earlier this week, Qualcomm revealed a few of the companies planning to use its newest Snapdragon in phones launching this year. Among them are Sony and Motorola and Microsoft. Sony and Motorola’s presence on that list isn’t all that surprising — both companies have been producing high-end phones with the latest chips for several years now. However, Microsoft has only released budget or mid-range phones since it acquired Nokia’s Lumia line last year and many have been wondering what Microsoft will do in terms of hardware once it comes time to build a flagship.

Speaking in a statement released by Qualcomm, Microsoft’s general manager of portfolio and product, Juha Kokkonen, said that Microsoft is looking forward to providing consumers with a Snapdragon 810-powered Lumia.

“Microsoft and Qualcomm’s long standing collaboration has allowed the two companies to offer compelling business, imaging, and entertainment experiences with Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone,” said Kokkonen.

“We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processors, and offer an unprecedented combination of processing power, rich multimedia, high-performance graphics and wireless connectivity for our customers.”

Microsoft said last month that we can expect a flagship Lumia phone by late summer. It’s not immediately clear if this will line up with the launch of Windows 10 for mobile and small tablets. The full version of Windows 10 won’t come until late 2015, though when specifically has not been discussed, and it’s possible the mobile version might launch sooner than that.