Windows 10 flagship coming late in the summer

Yesterday, Microsoft gave us a sneak peek of what the next iteration of Windows will look like on mobile. Microsoft explained that Windows 10 for mobile and small tablets (‘small’ here meaning smaller than eight inches) will have its own distinct UI along with the benefit of universal apps. We’ll have to wait until MWC to get all the information, but this seems more like Windows Phone updated to work better with desktop than a whole new Windows 10 experience on mobile.

There was also a tiny mention of new flagship Windows mobile hardware, though we didn’t get much information on that during the event. Windows Central is now reporting that this flagship Lumia will come later in the summer. The site quotes Ifi Majid, director of product marketing for Microsoft Mobile Devices, as saying a flagship phone was likely coming “later this summer.”

Near the end of last year, there was a lot of talk about Microsoft not introducing its first Lumia flagship until the Windows 10 launch later in 2015. If Windows 10 follows the same schedule as Windows 8 and Windows 7, you’re looking at a fall launch, which would put the Windows 10 release after the launch of Microsoft’s first flagship phone.

That could mean the first flagship will launch with Windows Phone 8.1 and then be first in line for the Windows 10 mobile update, but it’s unlikely. Majid also mentioned that updates for current phones would arrive around the same time, so it’s possible Windows Phone users will get their taste of Windows 10 before the full OS is launched on desktop.

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