Analyst doesn’t expect Apple Pay to arrive in Canada any time soon

Apple Pay

Earlier this week at WSJD Live, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Pay, currently available only in the U.S., reached one million activations in only its first three days of availability. Naturally this raises questions as to when Canadians will get a chance to pay with their iPhones. While IDC expects Apple Pay to launch in Canada in 2015, not all analysts are so bullish.

Speaking to the CBC, Troy Crandall of MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier believes that Canada is not currently a priority for Apple.

“Apple has given no indication as to when it will come to Canada or even if,” said Crandall. “However, it is logical that it is something they are likely working on for the future. But is Canada one of the main priorities? I would probably say no.”

Instead, Crandall believes Apple is much more focused on implementing Apple Pay in China. The delay is disappointing, considering how Canada’s payments infrastructure is ready for Apple Pay right now, according to MasterCard’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Despite the laid foundation, Crandall indicates that regulatory issues regarding privacy, as well as bank approval, will ultimately slow any payments rollout in Canada.