Apple live streaming WWDC 2014 keynote presentation, expect ‘exciting announcements’


  • jackjiarocks


    Oh hey guys we got some new wallpaper for Ios 8 (HIT dat #swag)
    The long waited dual window software on ipad – Revolutionary, samsung totally copied us on this one and we will sue them ASAP !!!!!
    True Multitasking – 1st in the industry (#SWAG)
    Random stuff you can do with your finger print! YES YES YES
    A smartwatch software inferior to Moto 360 (Well more like the ipod nano with a belt , but hey its still cool cause it got apple logo on it)
    You can use your phone to control your home now – Its MAGIC!!!

    • Joseph

      Just made my day lol

    • Nadefrenzy

      Clearly you’re not a tech enthusiast if you aren’t excited by this event.

      It’s not just iOS, but also Macbook announcements.

      There’s one thing we don’t need in the tech world– cynicism. And you got plenty of it.

    • jackjiarocks

      Theres also one thing we dont need in the tech world.
      Patent Mud Fighting among giants
      And we all know who started it

    • It’s Me

      Nokia? Motorola? Palm?

      because if you think it’s Apple, at best, you’re ignorant of the topic.

    • MikeOxlong

      He’s just a little kid with axsevere inferiority complex. That, and he’s a slight fruitcakeish.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Right so because of that we should reject and devalue all the innovations/improvements that companies like Apple bring forth, right?

      Same could go for Google then; have you not heard how they treat Windows Phone when it comes to granting them access to basic Google services e.g. YouTube. Should we disregard everything they come up with too then?

    • It’s Me

      um jack, I am going to reply to your attempted reply here (because your won’t show up for a while).

      You pasted a link about Jobs wanting to sue from 2011. You know there were lawsuits in tech before that, right? Specifically with smartphones, there were lawsuits before Apple sued anyone. You know that right? Because otherwise, you are showing more ignorance.

      Do some real research. Look things up. Don’t stay ignorant.

      Peace jack.

    • MXH070

      Best comment so far. Lol.

    • It’s Me

      Oh, if only they would add a mood ring features like the S5…we can only hope.

    • gommer strike

      You forgot to include the usual superlatives:

      – “The most advanced XXX”
      – “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done”
      – “We present to you, for the first time…”

    • Ali F.

      Thanks, you really made my day

    • PT

      “exciting announcements.”

      4.7 inch screen. It’s will changes everything again.
      And welcome to 2010 everyone.

  • Marc Palumbo

    Hipsters are already using the new product Apple will be unveiling. Then, they shall troll on the internet after the release!

  • MXH070

    WWDC dedicated site that states there will be “exciting announcements.” iPhone 6 will be 18% thinner 12% lighter and cost $200 more than iPhone 5s.. Woooo soooooo exciting same crap as last year….

    • awhite2600

      New iPhones are typically released in September – at least the last few models have been. I don’t anticipate a new iPhone announcement at WWDC. While the iPhone 6 may be thinner and lighter the price is usually the same as the previous model.

      BTW. I don’t take sides in this technology war. I have a Blackberry for work, an Android phone for personal use, an iPad, an Android tablet and several Windows PCs. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Salinger

      If the rumours of a significantly larger display size prove to be true, I would suspect a relatively meaningful price increase. Going from 4″ to 5.5″ will be a lot costlier (to the consumer) than going from 3.5″ to 4″.

    • MXH070

      I own and use all four mobile OS’s from phones to tablets as well but my ipad mini is frustrating that you always need an app to do anything. I find the more I try to use it and like it the less I like it OS wise. So guess I have a negative view on apple… oh well I’m glad I have a choice to what I want to use daily

  • Martin Chan

    Is this the press launch for 10.10 OS X or is that later on?

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      Likely, Mavericks seems like more of a Stay-over than a full OS, so I am guessing 10.10 or finally OS XI.
      I assume a New iPad as well as I am really hoping for a re-launch of 17″ macbooks, I need to replace mine badly but i want the extra size from a 15″

      Maybe they will finally launch a new display series, but that may be a pipe-dream.

  • Ali F.

    Hi world, we reinvented the rectangular shape and the swiping mechanism. We will sue you all. We will sue God for copying our retina display into human eyes.

    See you all in court.


    WWDC is pure awesome. Apple gonna drop some major hardware to blow away the competition. Apple stockholders unite.

  • xnay

    Where do you see the info about Windows? I opened the site and there’s no info about Windows.

  • d a

    Imagine how culty Apple minds are. I don’t have any Apple product to watch the keynote, no, not going to install quicktime (which will undoubtedly leave garbage on my system after I uninstall it) for a onetime use.
    I’m actually interested in any MacBook announcements. I wanted to buy their current version but I’m confident they haven’t solved their Image Retention defects based on the thread on their support site and their reputation about “great customer support” has taken quite a hit because of it, refusing to replace Macbooks displaying Image Retention.
    Anyway, very culty, take a “sip” of the Kool-Aid and you can join in, no thanks.