Samsung says they currently have 1 million active KNOX users, announces KNOX 2.0


  • Ry29

    As Chen said, if Knox is as good as Samsung says, it is a serious threat. 1 million users in a few months would suggest it is

    • MXH070

      More like a year not 2 months curious to see the list of corporations deploying it other than Bell. I read a few months back Knox got a fail from the DoD and wasn’t cleared as the report stated it still has some large holes that need to be plugged.

    • WatDah

      1 million users in a few months, when Samsung is selling 70 million units last quarter. That is a very weak number.

    • Ry29

      Not really, given you need back end infrastructure setup on the Corp side to utilize it.

    • MartinJdub

      Knox has been out for a year.

    • Ry29

      Knox was announced a year ago, but was delayed until end of 2013.

  • MXM4K

    Knox is easily disabled when rooting (though it tries, and fails, to block the rooting process). I can appreciate the safety it provides for the common user, but it just acts like a pain for power users.

  • IanDickson

    I didn’t really see the point of Knox. I use my phone for personal and business, and to have to switch back and forth for work and personal…very annoying. And app availability since I bought my Note 3 when it first came out…nothing worthwhile. So yeah…Knox seems kind of like a fail to me but good for Samsung if they can make it work for others!

    • Ry29

      I haven’t tried the Knox implementation to see how it compares to BES10, but all that switching would be annoying. That said, some people prefer it as Work can be out of sight, out of mind. I really like how BlackBerry did the balance on 10 with the Hub

      Just keep in mind, it might be annoying to flip, but at least if work wipes your device, it won’t affect your personal content.

  • MartinJdub

    One million Knox users? That’s not as impressive as it sounds considering a single MDM can host 10’s of thousands of users each.

    I’ve has the pleasure of testing Knox VS BES10 and BlackBerry locked up that fight with ease.