Seacrest (not) out! Typo files documents in BlackBerry patent infringement case

It seems as though the tale of the iPhone compatible Typo keyboard case is far from over. Following BlackBerry’s suit against the company for what it claimed was “blatant infringement” of its patented QWERTY keyboard, Typo issued a statement declaring its intention to “defend the case vigorously.”

Typo, which is co-funded by the ineffable Ryan Seacrest, has backed up its declaration this week, filing documents in a California court in defence against the case. Claiming that “the QWERTY keyboard has been around since the 1870s and has been present in many messaging devices,” Typo included photos of various keyboards in the documents, including Smith Corona typewriters. Typo also noted in the documents that “strangely, BlackBerry never disclosed any of these Smith Corona products to the patent office.”

It’s unclear how Typo’s sassy defence will fare in a court of law, but the outcome of the decision is certainly serious. Typo’s initial pre-order run has sold out, and the company is looking to ship the case by the end of the month. BlackBerry, for its part, is looking to block all further sales of the device in the United States.