Samsung bringing Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear, Galaxy S3 mini and Galaxy S4 mini to Canada on October 4th


  • silver_arrow

    Hopefully the S4 and S3 mini fit on the carriers Lite (i’m going by what Telus uses as they are who I use and I think they all use the same method) plans instead of the full feature plans. Those two are good low-medium end devices and are not high end like a One or S4 so you shouldn’t be paying the bill like it is.

    • Failbot

      I am so glad I don’t have to deal with big 3 carrier nonsense anymore… wow I just had flashbacks to my telus service… I loved them as clearnet but things got worse every year they were telus 🙁 … and the cost 🙁

  • Dimitri

    Hopefully we can get the Note 3 that date and Rogers does NOT screw us over once again. They really need to start giving more info on pricing and release dates instead of making us wait…

    • Plazmic Flame

      This really is my dream device (battery and screen size) but I just wish there was a default option for stock Android. I wouldn’t mind losing S-Pen functionality, I hate the look of TouchWiz.

    • vn33

      Totally agree ! … Wouldn’t mind for stock Android option ! And I hardly use the S-pen on my original Note

    • Guest

      Just root with cyanogenmod. There ya go, that being said what phone has better hardware Note 3 or Lg G2?

    • Failbot

      if you dont need the s Pen, the G2 is a great phone. TINY bezels make the footprint of that phone much smaller than the Note 3 and still a bigger screen than the Galaxy S4. Both the Note 3 and G2 will have similar speeds and amazing screens (albeit of different types). Both will have excellent battery life, but the G2 will likely win out here due to screen size BUT the Note 3 has removable battery/storage which is a huge win. Both have custom UI built atop Android, though, so you will have to root and mod to get stock. Both great phones, you can’t really go wrong there.

    • thusguy

      Root the phone with cyanogenmod. There ya go, But what has better/faster hardware the Note 3 Or LG G2

    • Jody Gristwood

      You don’t even need to root. Just replace your launcher with something link Nova Launcher.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Nova launcher is amazing in it’s own right, unfortunately it doesn’t get rid of the nasty looking layers throughout the system menus and what not. One day, the OEMs will wake up and realize that Android 4.0+ is now beautiful. Time to shed the skins. Fly like a butterfly.

    • Failbot

      Absolutely agree! This is my dream device in pretty much every way. I WAS really hoping for the flexible youm screen technology, but in all honesty Samsung hooked me with the leatherette back/stitching look atop specs that are amazing. The S pen is a welcome throwback to my palm pilot loving days.

      64 bit architechture is of little benefit (but might be in 2 years), and the flexible screen tech is unproven at this point anyways, so the Note 3 is the best phone out there imho.

    • Carmen Leung

      you’ll be screwed over regardless. A.k.a having to pay rogers roaming fees when traveling and using the note 3 due to the phone being region locked despite being unlocked if you’re with rogers as a customer

  • DratBrat

    The stylus is what does it for me.
    I am definitely upgrading to this from my HTC One X.

    HTC is following in blackberry footsteps.

    • BMSMA

      The HOX is a phenominal device, but one has to wonder where HTC intends to go down the road.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Will wait for the Galaxy 10 2014 pricing.

    • jroc

      Cool, have fun with that.

    • sheetu

      When will Galaxy 10 2014 price reveal ?

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      hopefully soon, cause my bday is coming next week

  • bigshynepo

    Save $100 if you buy the Galaxy Note 3 and The Gear watch at the same time…hmm

    I bet the gear will get a price drop to $199 by CES in January. Still not interested.

    • iFandroid

      Seems like a decent promo for those who are thinking of the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.

      I’m still anxious to get my hands on the Galaxy Gear to see what it can do.

      I can understand why they limited the compatible devices to Galaxy line, but still a little disappointed it’s not positioned to work with non Galaxy devices for the time being.

    • Failbot

      Agreed, but luckily for me, the Note 3 is a phone I have wanted for a long time anyways.

    • Failbot

      Without this price discount I would not even consider the watch, but I have to admit that they have me tempted here. Reviewers are not impressed, but I have got to say that I like the idea of wrist notifications and on-wrist call answering/talking.

  • Rick Morayniss

    Now Sony has a date they have to meet for the Ultra and SW2, as well as Qualcomm for their Toq. At least now I know next weekend I get a new phone and watch.

  • Matt

    Samsung needs to stop branding their minis this way. Other than the name these phones share almost nothing in common with the S3 and S4 other than they also use touchwiz and make phone calls.

    I’m glad they are bringing out moderate sized phones (I miss the way my iPhone 4 sat in my pocket) but these are the equivalent of Ford calling a Fiesta hatchback a “Mustang Lite”. Give the phones their own identity!

  • Collin dubya

    Pricing on the Note 10.1 2014?

    • Failbot

      Likely withing $50 of the last Note 10.1, but thats not official of course. They are really competing with the iPad with this tablet, so costs cannot get too out of control. That being said, the price of the Galaxy S4 was a bit of a shocker, costing as much as the Note 2.

  • bluecanada

    No Galaxy Active?

    Or did that phone flop?


    The HTC One mini is kinda neat, I wonder how good the S4 mini will be. I was going to get a Galaxy Ace II X outright ($150) to use as a PDA/remote for my HTPC and listen to Tunein radio and all my mp3s on a microSD.

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    Releasing the S3 Mini & S4 Mini at the same time is just bizarre……

    • Failbot

      Only if they are at the same price point. Otherwise, I would argue its not at all bizarre. People are still buying the Galaxy S3 today… just not US people.

  • JOHN

    OCT 4 2013 $ 799.99 OUTRIGHT FOR NOTE 3

    • 01011001001

      wow, that’s more than I expected it to be. Like I said, between the note 3 and sony’s ultra z I would pick the Z just purely on screen size.

    • Failbot

      Despite the screen size bump, that phone is MUCH bigger, and the Note 3 has far superior screen to phone size ratio. Also, Sony uses a coating over their glass which literally has been rubbing off within weeks of some reviewers heavy use.

  • FiveOD

    Is there any compelling reason for this many Samsung phones to exist on the market at once? Do we really need the Galaxy SIII Mini and the Galaxy Ace 2X? They’re almost the same damn phone!

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      You dont like choice?

    • Failbot

      Bottlenecking millions of unique individuals into one (or now two) choices… I’m looking at you Apple… seems to be a far more ridiculous notion.

  • Oliver Damaso

    What places are gonna be bundling the Note 3 with Galaxy Gear?

  • IanDickson

    I have my Note 3 “reserved” (sasktel dealers don’t even know it’s coming out). BUT…unless I can get $300 for my Note II, I can’t go anywhere near the Note 3 until June of 2014. By then, though, the S5 might be out. 🙂

    • Failbot

      In Ontario, Kijiji still has plenty of people selling their Note 2’s at $400-$450 for phones in good condition. If you factor in negotiation, I would suggest they can easily sell for $350+

  • johentie

    give me the PRICE!! why is it so hard!?

  • Mike Simpson

    this thing is plastic are you kidding me, definitely not work over 5 cents.

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      worth you mean? your comments are the most idiotic out of anyone elses here, you realize $100K cars like the Tesla still uses plastic right?

      the iphone is plastic, but apple thinks its worth well over $500.

      both this and the iphone are polycarbonate

      your stupid brain obviously cant tell the difference,

    • Failbot

      The difference is, Samsung uses plastic for utility. Removable storage and battery are FAR more important to power users than a “beautiful” or “premium” aluminum shell that weighs down your pocket.

      The whole “build quality” blurb is totally hilarious. Aluminum is one of the softest and also most brittle metals used commercially… how is that quality? Polycarbonate is a robust plastic which absorbs shock better, fairs far better against damage, and is MUCH less costly to replace, especially when the back is already removable.

      Educate yourself, don’t buy into the fanboy hype and Apple brainwash marketing.

  • N. Gordon

    Wanted a note 10.1 2014, now it looks like it will be out in Nov? Samsung just lost me as a customer, it was to come out on the 25 of Sept… Guess it will be an ASUS T701 for me.

    • pouetance

      I prefer Samsung to wait until the device is ready and have a quality product instead of Asus releasing the product without testing them. I am the owner of a TF201 and trust me it had so many issues : broken tablet around the charging plug, back camera failed after one year, slow NAND memory that make web browsing slooooooow, weak wifi signal, gps not working, can’t use bluetooth and wifi at the same time, no more updating after only 8 months, … I’m never going to touch an Asus product again after this episode. It’s sad because I really wanted to like it, I have been a loyal Asus customer for the last ten years but it’s not the same Asus as the one that was building the most reliable motherboards in the PC era. Waiting for the samsung note 12.2 🙂

    • yegurakakuru

      I concur! On top of that, Asus has the most horrible customer support.

    • Failbot

      Totally your loss.

    • N. Gordon

      Not really.

  • Carmen Leung

    don’t think I’ll be getting it. You’ll be forced to pay the big 3’s outrageous roaming fees if you ever think about using the phone overseas.