Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming to 8 Canadian carrier later this year


  • deltatux

    I really want to see how that leather-esque back feels like on that device. Will try it out when it comes out.

    • DL1119

      no more finger prints at the back!

    • Eric J

      I don’t have finger prints on my phone because my phone is in a case.

    • Jacob

      Then the back material is irrelevant to you.

    • ITCanWork

      I bet they were inspired by the nexus 7 1st edition. I prefer comfort and durability (dropping phone) compared to looks.

    • Bri

      This is more like the old Blackberry Bold.. Nexus 7 wasn’t anything like leather it was like rubber+plastic.

    • └̠[Ỹầşħ]┐̄

      it will feel exactly like blackberry bold. 9000 9700 9780

    • bembol

      If it’s anything like my first Smart Phone, Bold 9000 I’m going to love it!

      It’s small but I love that Samsung is finally making changes.


    Not sure what to think of the design, are ppl happy they changed it or feeling like they would have never wished it?

    • J-Ro

      What changed? It is a big screen with a button lol. The leather backing is cool though. Reminds of of the old school Blackberries.


      The ugly faux leather look on the back, it looks like a cheap entry level Samsung from 4 years ago. I’ll have to see it to pass final judgement but from pics it looks horrid.

    • J-Ro

      It isn’t too bad. They are trying to step up the quality for those who hate plastic.


      yes now its cheap plastic wrapped in fake leather LOL much better. personally i don’t give two shits if it is plastic or not as long as its well made plastic that doesn’t creek every time i hold it a little harder then i should


      It’s no wrapped in fake leather it’s just plastic shaped to look like fake leather. Yes you can put a case on it and I do, but my point is that it looks worse than the Galaxy Note 2 or S4 IMO. Th

  • EvanKrosney

    Take note (no pun intended), this is hoe you announce availability. On the day of the announcement.

    • qu3becker

      And this is how you launch a product… To every carrier ever at launch day. Take note (no pun intended either) every other phone manufacturer. (Mostly Nokia and Sony).

    • hunkyleepickle

      But they didn’t give availability…. The carriers still say ‘the coming months’ which is essentially meaningless.

    • Salinger

      But that is the carriers’ doing, not Samsung.

      Samsung said available in stores October for the US and Japan, September 25 for the rest of the world. That our carriers won’t confirm a date is their (and our) issue.

    • Johnny S.

      I don’t see you praising apple even though they’ve always been doing this.

    • EvanKrosney

      I have praised Apple many times for their specificity when it comes to product announcements and availability and pricing info. I’ve also praised Apple for their design, product updates and support. But why would I praise Apple on a Samsung post? Wouldn’t that just be trolling?

    • MatroXX


  • ronnnyraygun1

    Really wish they would announce it when it’s available in stores. I hate waiting to hear on how long you’ll have to wait again.

    • silver_arrow

      Before the end of the month

  • Nadefrenzy

    Really not sure about this leather backing. I have to add a case on the phone anyway, so this might make it awkward and kinda pointless.

    Not sure what to think tbh.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Not really. The only time i took the case off of my note 2, I dropped it and its rim got scratched. However, ive dropped it a few times with the case and it took no damage at all because the case protected that rim.

  • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

    MMMMMmmmmmm rich Corinthian leather… on my phone? But of course!

  • Michael Dennique

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Gear and Note 10.1 2014 Edition is off the hook. I can’t wait to get my hands on all 3. <3 Love Samsung. I'm a HUGE Fan.

  • rd0t

    BlackBerry did the leather back before it was cool, just saying.


    • 2dfx

      Ahh, the Bold 9000. Memories.

  • Rick Morayniss

    Looks great. I am looking forwaard to the Note3 and Galaxy Gear to replace my current Note and Metawatch.

  • hoo dat

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight; Mobilicity can afford to buy new high end phones but can’t afford to keep their own subs? Who the hell are they going to sell them to??

    • zanzee

      Me off contract and unlocked, so then I can use it on a bigger carrier with some actual coverage.

  • bugsbunny01

    end of september according to a Telus business rep

  • zanzee

    Long as its under $800 off contract I’ll be buying one asap!

  • JB

    Too big for me….but kudos to everyone out there who actually can handle touch wiz. you’re better men then I.

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      touch wiz is good , it used to be garbage.

  • Jason K

    Looks like a stretched Galaxy SII. Almost exactly like it. Still would prefer some nice high end aluminum rather then faux leather. Specs wise it is a bit of a power house. Wasn’t expecting 2.3ghz and 3gb of ram.

  • Nachotech

    Not coming to Koodo? That sucks, Koodo is currently has the best (and cheapest) plan for what I need. Ah well, I guess I can always buy it outright and bring it over.
    Also, where is the speaker(s) located? Clearly there’s no speaker grill on the back, so does that mean front facing speakers?

    • John Michael Navarrete Mayo

      At the bottom. Beside the USB port

  • Canadaboy

    coming to “… … Mobilicity … …” well, not anymore!

  • BB BB

    I’m sure Rogers will charge $1,095.00 for this + $50 non contract purchase price gauge + taxes

  • Yu Zhu

    it kind of looks like the first note

  • Diana

    It’s not leather…it’s plastic

  • 刁ㄖ凵ㄣㄣㄇ

    I love the way looks. Better than glossy plastic

  • Dan Cordeiro

    Everyone gets a case for their phones, who cares what it’s made of. I dropped my well made metal iPhone and the screen shatters, I dropped my cheap plastic S3 and it bounced off the ground and back into my pocket.

  • Richard Xing

    And just like the Galaxy Mega, this is not coming to Fido…

    • Jeff Gzebb

      yes unfortunately… What’s the deal with that anyways?

    • Jeff Gzebb

      Has anybody seen the mega yet? I’ve gotten a chance to try it out, and its nice, perhaps a little big. Its nice, but I would definitely go for a Note 3 when they are released, for the powerhouse specs… You can never have too much RAM!

  • Johnny S.

    Faux leather back? Did they hire scott forstall to design this?


    done know why everyone is making a big whoo ha about the leather back, if your smart about keeping your device intact you will probably want to get your self a case.

  • HeyYoWL

    I would pay extra for actual real leather.

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      you probably never owned anything that has real leather.,

    • HeyYoWL

      Right. You can totally tell that from my comment how again?

    • Dimitri

      Easy. If you know real leather can rip easily & you need to clean it once a day. I am sure you know this if you really own real leather. Putting a case on real leather will still damage it BTW.

    • HeyYoWL

      I know real leather can rip, but how easily depends on your treatment of it. The only leather product that has had rips in it period are my leather shoes I wear to work everyday. Considering I’ve had leather wallets (that would go in the same pockets as my phone), jackets, other cases (Vaja for iPhone a while back), couches, car seats, and numerous other things made of leather and I’ve never had issues, I think I’m fine.

      I wouldn’t put a case on this thing if it was made of leather, why would I do that? It’s like if the phone was made of rubber, why would I do that? I doubt they would make the back only out of leather, there would be some sort of inlay underneath the leather. I don’t know anyone who has leather products of any kind who cleans their things once a day. How OCD would you have to be to do that?

    • BigBrosMo

      How does your leather wallet look after a few months of use? And to think that you will probably pull your phone in and out of your pocket at least twice as much as your wallet…

      Come on man. You made a ridiculous statement to grab attention, you got called on it, and now you’re trying to dig your way out.

      OR… please someone sell this guy a real leather phone (for a premium of course)… hahaha

    • HeyYoWL

      My wallet is fine thanks. I only ever have one thing at a time in my pockets. Why would I make a statement to get attention? I would seriously pay more for leather. I paid $100+ for my leather iPhone case from Vaja, I’m fine paying more here too if it was an option.

    • BigBrosMo

      LOL! Of course you did.. I love it.

    • HeyYoWL

      And I would make this up because..?


    I use cases as well but a lot of ppl don’t, a lot higher than your figure of 5%. I’d say more like 30% don’t use cases, where do you think the ppl who complain of smashing the glass over there displays come from its the ppl who don’t use a case. I use to be one of those ppl until I smashed the glass over my original Note lol. Now I never go without a case.

    • Justin Zubko

      Myself personally have always used a case, I have realized I get a phone every year anyway, so I don’t get a case. I like the size and the weight so I just say screw it, if I break it I buy a brand new different Phone. I work one of the big 3 ( wont say who) so I get a discount. Makes it easier in that way

  • Jeeverz

    August 28 2008 called, and wants it Blackberry Bold 9000 back, back!

    All jokes aside, I am happy that Samsung is the for runner with introducing a USB 3 port. Also the Note is not for everyone, it a good phone with great battery life, but the size can be really off putting for some.

  • Eric Provencher

    Any word on virgin mobile?

  • Ibrahim Elmi


  • Abdul Al-Basith

    I HATE the samsung interface but the specs nerd inside me is aching for this phone. Should I get it? Tweet me @HashtagAbdul and let me know what you think!

  • Abdul Al-Basith

    Oh and I don’t like the design ….. damn! this is hard!

  • sportingchance

    This is one of the least informative announcements I have ever read.

  • Gamblor77

    The nice thing is the back is removable and I’m sure you can pick up a carbon fiber back, or aluminum or any of 100 other backs from eBay for $5 in a couple months 😉

  • Matt Welke

    I love the leather on the back. An old entry level Huawei I had that that leather on the back and it felt amazing. It was awkward having a crappy entry level Android that couldn’t even properly check email in the Gmail app but felt amazing to hold. This will be a killer phone!

  • brararsh

    Not on Fido??