Videotron comes out with Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB data plan for $60/month


  • WP74Life

    Still not the WIND/MOBI we were hoping for in Québec.
    WE now have the BIG 4.

    • Alexandre Forget

      Wind/Mobi are in bankcrupty…not Videotron…

    • WP74Life

      Lol, c’mon you know why.
      They control the whole market of Home internet, home television and Landline phone in Québec.
      Don’t be stupid Alexandre, ça te vas très mal.

    • Alexandre Forget

      En bon québécois, ouin pis ? Il contrôle le marché et ? Je préfère payer 55$ et être sur d’avoir encore du service dans 3 semaines…

    • WP74Life

      C’est bien si c’est ce que tu recherche.
      Mon point de vue était seulement qu’au début quand vidéotron se sont lancé dans le réseau mobile c’était avec espoir d’avoir un deuxième KOODO, alors que là on se ramasse avec un BELL déguisé. Le seul moyen de sauver un peu de $$ c’est en combinant les services, belle arnaque.
      Mais si tu est heureux Alex, je suis bien content pour toi.

    • Alexandre Forget

      Vidéotron ont toujours dit que leur but n’était pas d’entrer dans une guerre de prix, c’est la raison pourquoi ils ont tout acheté au Québec lors des enchères pour les nouveaux entrants…

      Pendant que WindMobilicity sont sur le bord de l’agonie, Vidéotron est déjà rentable…

      Ceci étant dit, je n’approuve pas nécessairement…mais on a quand même mieux au Québec qu’on avait avant l’arrivée de Vidéotron.

    • WP74Life

      Ouais, pour le résidentiel 100% d’accord.
      Pour la mobilité, on y repassera.

    • Philippe Gaboury

      J’ajouterais que la présence de Vidéotron sur le marché québécois a déjà amené une baisse des prix sur le territoire. Allez voir sur le site de Rogers et comparez les prix entre le Québec et l’Ontario. Plusieurs forfaits sont quelques dollars moins chers au Québec. Ça, c’est l’effet Vidéotron.

    • WP74Life

      C’est rare que ça discute en français sur Syrup. Bien content de voir ça.

    • HiKsFiles

      C’est clair! Sera pas long qu’on va se faire ramasser… héhéhé

    • WP74Life

      Je ne pense pas, et puis c’est un article sur quelque chose qui se passe au Québec, ça attire personne.

    • Alexander Do Rio

      Moi aussi!

    • Benoit Malette

      Ça attire les gens du Québec!! Videotron commence a offrir des forfaits raisonables ,mais le réseau n’est pas encore assez fiable.

    • SkAshe

      Ont peut quand même roamer sans frais supplémentaires sur le réseau de ROGERS dans la province de Québec.

    • EvanKrosney

      Alors c’est un réseau failble comme WIND avec des prix de Robelus? Je sens un problème…

    • EvanKrosney

      Donc tu penses que Vidéotron a baissé les prix au Québec plus que WIND/Mobi en Ontario? Je désaccords avec ça, selon moi un opérateur qui offre des plans tout-inclus pour $35 va affecter le marché plus qu’un opérateur avec des prix semblables au Robelus.

    • Philippe Gaboury

      Je ne pense pas que c’est le cas. C’est un fait. Vidéotron a sorti son forfait illimité à 60$, Rogers offre 3Gb pour le même prix, exclusivement au Québec. Le forfait le plus proche en Ontario n’offre que 1Gb de data et coute 63$. Ça peut paraître peu mais ça prouve que pour Rogers, Vidéotron est un bien plus grand concurrent que Wind Mobile.

    • Ken

      Wind/Mobi are not in bankruptcy as of now. As of June 25th we will know something about Mobi as for Wind we have to stayed tuned on that one.

  • o_zzy

    I predict/hope that in a couple years, this plan becomes the standard plan offered by all carriers. $50/ month would be good too.

  • silver_arrow

    Cue Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido Virgin and Telus offering an identical plan in Quebec only in 3…2…

    • Alexandre Forget

      The only difference is with Videotron it’s available to new/existing subscribers…with the Big 3 it’s for new customers only…

  • hunkyleepickle

    This is basically what I had to beg to retentions to get from Rogers, so good luck getting this in the rest of this great country…

    • Señor Cardgage

      Fido has a similar plan for $60 just for Manitoba/Saskatchewan, only difference is that it’s only Unlimited Canada wide calling, the voicemail is the very basic version with only 3-three minute messages and 5GB of data, oh and no TV. Rogers has a plan identical to Fido’s for $65.

      Bell and Telus and Koodo also have $60 plan like Fido’s in MB, with minimal differences.

  • nekkidtruth

    Take note Rogers and the others. If you don’t have this plan wherever your services are available, you’re doing it wrong. This is an incredible plan.

    • WP74Life

      I had this plan on BELL 1 years ago.

    • nekkidtruth

      That’s great. However, this plan is not available at this time through any of the major carriers in Ontario. The cheapest Canada wide plan with a decent amount of data is $100/month. That’s across Bell/Rogers/Telus. Price collusion at it’s finest.

      This is the type of plan that should be used in Ontario. Hence my comment.

  • people

    It’s not a new plan, it’s only the 55$ Plan where the 25$ 3GB part is swapped with the 6GB/30$ available for every plan.

  • Dave

    I miss plans like these… 60 for 6 gigs? and ulimtited everything else? Still price-y but hell of a lot better than the current 100 for 5 gigs ‘of share-able data’

    • WP74Life

      If you are paying that much there is a problem.
      Make a phone call, *611.

    • Dave

      Ahaha, no way! I got like $30 unlimited everything and $30 for 6 gigs of data from that promo like 2 or so years ago

    • Mikie

      nope this is not good enough! I want a 50$ play store gift card with this plan!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Fido only has the 60 with 3GB, maybe that will make them change it for 6GB

  • redheadednomad

    We NEED these guys in ON…

  • Aiden

    First time ever I wish I lived in Quebec. Really good plan.

    • Philosoraptor

      Yeah, this is definitely what makes me want to live in Quebec.
      Not the low (by comparison) tuition fees and insurance rates, to hell with those!

    • Jean-Francois Watier

      yea but the big downside of videotron is they’re coverage and the fact than they’re network is not national, so if you get out of quebec…..everything is roaming….

    • Wizzy


    • Jean-Francois Watier

      Désoler l’anglais n’est pas ma langue maternelle……

  • manpreet singh

    It’s still better what Bell is offering, I’m paying $60 dollars for 1gb data

    • guptavar

      That sounds good as I am paying 63 with taxes included for 150mb of data only and that too on a 3 year term with Telus :(. I wish I could move to videotron right now.

    • gab_gagnon

      You’re paying way too much! Actually I’m paying 43$ for 200mb with Bell!

    • guptavar

      Well I got a better plan now. Now I am paying 65 plus taxes for unlimited Canada wide calling unlimited text and 3gb data

  • Plazmic Flame

    I’m not familiar with Videotron and their offerings. Does Videotron have good data speeds? Offers LTE? If yes, then I think this is an epic deal.

    • Mr_Reliable

      They do not have LTE at this time, that’s why they went with a Tower sharing deal with Rogers in QC. At this time, they offer DCHSPA over AWS.

    • Samuel Bolduc

      Been with them since they started ~two years ago, always satisfied. Good prices, bundles are great, student discount when I was student, good speeds for HSPA, LTE coming soon, perfect customer service …

      Only bad point is the coverage, which is pretty spotty when in rural areas. But I rarely go to rural areas anyway.

  • Jason

    I could do without the unlimited LD any anytime airtime. Just give me more DATA please. 6GB is only enough if I’m constantly finding w-ifi hot spots.

    • JTon

      Really? Do you stream a lot of video?

    • Jason

      When you’ve got kids your constantly keeping them busy by streaming videos. Netflix, taking videos and uploading hem on the go. Social media pages. And now that I’ve really been usin whatsapp it’s been killing my data.

  • Andrew Zeitz

    We need this plan in Ontario

  • Benoit Malette

    Bell has a good deal right now. 30$ discount on the voice and data 90.
    So 60$ for nationwide unlimited call, unlimited text, call id, voicemail and 3g data and 10 hours of mobile tv per month. That’s not bad.

  • Shane Fugere

    We have the same plan here in thunder bay from tbaytel, ( no local address needed) virgin & bell

  • Wizzy

    No LTE? Meh.

  • Anthony W

    Plan sounds good but how’s the network. Did anyone try it yet?
    What good if the reception is poor and not LTE? I won’t pay $60 for network that doesn’t have LTE and good reception.

    • Philippe Gaboury

      Reception is okay within large cities like Montreal or Quebec but very rapidly drops off in rural areas where you’ll get taken in on Rogers’ old 3G network. Videotron is definitely an urban solution.

      As far as the LTE vs. HSPA+ is concerned, I get an average connection speed of 4-6Mb/s which is nowhere near what LTE can deliver but is still plenty enough for my needs, even as a large data user. It’s enough to watch stuff on youtube or stream internet radio and largely enough for web browsing.

      I find that unless you plan on using your phone as an access point to download very large files or stream HD movies, LTE is overrated. Heck LTE delivers more speed than my home connection.

  • Hubert

    60$ is a good deal, but the catch is you will be constantly roaming over partner-network hence, additional fees. This is deal breaker for me!

    • EvanKrosney

      I believe that in Québec they don’t charge for roaming. However, they do when you’re OOP.

    • Hubert

      Your beliefs are wrong 🙁

    • gab_gagnon

      It’s beliefs are right! In Québec, they charge nothing when you’re not on their network. As soon as you’re in Ontario, though, watch for the bill.

    • Hubert

      Even in Quebec, you can be roaming over a partner-network.