BlackBerry Z10 launching this week at WIND Mobile


  • Alex

    They have a real opportunity here to steal a lot of customers if they price this device right, say $499.

    • HTC summary


      Oh yeah! the $500 phone that was released early in the year before the announcement of the HTC ONE, LG F7; LG Optimus Pro; and Galaxy 4 all these phone will be available in the US by the same time the Z10 arrives to the US right?

      Is that the phone you are talking about?

    • screamer

      499 $ not more then 300 $ for a blackberry. What’s the big deal with the z10 is only another touch phone. When I see the htc one that is a phone but still more then 600 $!!!

    • Z10 $550 At Koodo

      It’s $550 at Koodo right now and all the people that wanted one got one.

      If they want to sell any in March 2013 they need to drop the price to $450- Tops and NOW!!

      Don’t repeat the price drop-delay of the Playbook that now sells at $98 at Staples but nobody cares about it anymore.

      They have to drop the price of the Z10 to $450 BEFORE the 5″ stampede arrives in April

      BBRY: at $13 and dropping..

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Correct HTC summary. Also not to mention Verizon will soon be getting a new high-end Lumia phone. Blackberry in the US is toast.

    • Phone Guy

      it wont be 500 thier prices are a lil higher than other ppl if fido is selling it 600 out right than they will sell at 650 outright

    • FireSale

      yeh no thanks. junk.

  • Ajazz

    Damn….I’m soo glad, was just about to go buy a Telus version….have got to wait until Tuesday….

  • QC_Al

    Looking at their coverage maps, I don’t see anything showing LTE coverage…Anyone know if the WIND Network(s) are LTE enabled? No LTE…no thanks.

    • hoo dat

      No LTE and there won’t be until some time after the upcoming auction. That is if they bother bidding in the auction at all.

    • Sparky10

      The key is not so much about the Wind network has LTE, as 21 Mbps HSPA+ is PLENTY.
      The key for me is whether the Z10 device Wind sells is capable of LTE? I need to travel with it.

      No contract is mighty important to me. Easily pay the phone off in 12 months! The other 24 months I can enjoy to pay less.

    • EvanK

      With $30/month unlimited data, I could honestly care less about LTE.

    • QC_Al

      Wow, didn’t expect all the thumbs down. I wasn’t trying to offend. Fact of the matter is since LTE is here and available to the vast majority of the north american population, apps WILL begin being developed that require it to run smoothly. Just as an example, if you happen to be using BBM Video chat, and you want to screen share a video…will 21 MBs +HSPA run it? I don’t know, I’m asking. Things will only evolve from there. I believe social media will be taken to new levels with the dawn of LTE and in a shorter timeframe than many think. For instance, Facebook allows for videocalling now on certain platforms. Non LTE will be left in the dust….Nexus phone

  • Dr.Hugo

    BB10 is a great device , just not sure about WIND’s network

    • John

      I’ve been with Wind for over a year now in the GTA and coverage has been near perfect the odd time here and there I’ll drop connection for like a couple seconds and then its fine again. I pay $29 a month with them as opposed to the $90 a month I was paying with Rogers so for the odd second of it losing a signal every once in a while I’m more than capable of living with it.

      A lot of the negative stuff you hear about them I find is usually exaggerated by people who just need something to complain about or didn’t read properly into what they were buying into. My whole family dumped Rogers and between me my mother and brother we pay what I used to pay alone for 1 phone at Rogers.

    • Sparky10

      Can’t speak for Wind. I am with Mobilicity and very happy with its network. Imagine Wind is comparable. Wind is even bigger than Mobilicity, I think.

      Beauty about no contract is I am free to choose, come and go.

  • Sparky10


    Waiting for a no contract Z10. Hope to be able to unlock it right the way for travel.

    Will it be compatible with the Big Three LTE and T-Mobile LTE?

    My daughter already has a white Z10 with Rogers and she is loving it, especially with the free first year BBM video. I can video chat with her anytime with my PlayBook!

    I want an unlocked no contract Z10 NOW!

    • Tyler

      When they announced the Z10 there were multiple SKU’s for the device depending on region. Some did NOT include LTE but pentaband was on all. We’ll see what happens but my guess is no LTE and a slightly cheaper price.

      Just saw a Koodoo model for $550 at London Drugs last night. I’m assuming that was an LTE model. Not a bad price considering how easy it is to unlock Blackberry’s.

  • fn d

    Try it, hate it

  • John

    My concern now with the Z10 is that they said existing Windtab have to wait till April 2nd I’m not on tab so would I be able to pick one up outright or on tab if I wanted to?

    • Sparky10

      I am currently with Mobilicity. I assume it means availability is for new customers and not existing customers as supply is limited.

      I will soooo line up and switch as soon as I get all the details.

      I can’t wait. Hurry! I have used the Z10. It is amazing. Take pictures of my grandchildren, just need one take with time-shift…etc.

    • Dan

      It sounds like they are saving the first batch for new activations.

  • hoo dat

    New post paid tab activations only.

  • Andrew

    That’s funny, I spoke with a retail wind employee last night and she immediately said that it was going to be out next week, but then she back tracked, asked another employee who said they don’t know yet but they will definitely get it within a month.

    • John

      Not to sound like I’m attacking their staff or anything but I really don’t think they know when its coming. I was in a store about 3 weeks ago with a friend who was looking to switch and I had asked someone when they were getting them they told me next week. A week later I was in the area for an appointment stopped in and a different employee had told me no they’ll be in by next week. Fair enough a few days ago I was around there again for a follow up appointment same thing a third employee no next week.

      Either they don’t know any more than we do or for some reason aren’t supposed to tell anyone.

  • mottivi

    @John, LOL!

    incompetence on WIND’s part is a “fair enough” to you? But people who have horrible network experiences are “exaggerated by people who just need something to complain about or didn’t read properly into what they were buying into”.

    Yeah, you’re not a biased WIND-Fanboy at all…. I certainly hope you’re not the same John from Howardforums, (wellnow and kitwatuser), however judging by your irrational hard-on for the company, you do have a a lot in common.

    • John

      First of all I’m not a fanboy of anything I’ve been happier with the cell service they provide as opposed to my previous provider.

      The “incompetence” as you describe of a few part time high school staff members who could probably care less about their job there is nothing for me to get pissed off over especially when compared to what I’ve dealt with in the past from Rogers. How many times do you go into other retailers and find a couple employees who know nothing about their jobs or just plain don’t care?

      Hence the reason I came here looking for the information and no I don’t go on Howardforums. Any other assumptions you’d like to make?

  • hoo dat

    I just spoke to my son who had registered for info friendly manner WIND over a month ago. Not a single word from them since. Anyone hear even the smallest of details from them?

    • hoo dat

      Gees, I hate auto correct when you’re typing quickly! Here’s the start of that paragraph again:

      I just spoke to my son who had registered for info from WIND over a month ago….

  • deltatux

    Great news, I have a friend who’s just waiting to switch to WIND once the Z10 is available. Hopefully they price it right.

  • Martin

    Finally! I do love the Wind plans, they are the best plans in western Canada but they do price their phones prices higher than most and are slow to lower them.
    I was looking around the net and found that the big 3 Z10s work on Wind, when unlocked. But I didn’t want to risk it not working.

  • Cool Guy

    The LTE Z10 from Rogers/Bell/Telus will not work on Wind. The Z10 on Wind will be 4G HSPA+. NOT LTE. It will also be priced at $349-$399. Hope this helps!

  • screamer

    52 dislike is the record! So get it done. When you guys understand that blackberry has lost already all. Nobody really want these phones anymore. Though that we see with blackberry 10 something wow but that is not the case. No apps no customers! !!! Ah have a galaxy s and that is just awesome!

    • Timor

      “Nobody really want these phones anymore”… and yet I see people with Blackberries of all kinds everywhere. I don’t know, maybe I just get out more than you do.

      Give it a rest. Your trolling is 2/10 at best.

    • QC_Al

      @screamer. If you’re going to troll/bash, please do so with better grammar than my son who’s in grade 4. Will someone please get this guy a thesaurus and dictionary.

  • Phonejockey

    I work at WIND, and just to clarify, they haven’t told us jack s**t internally. This is the first I’ve heard.

    Some employees just don’t know how to say “They haven’t told us anything.”

  • Henry

    screamer; you comments are a joke (not funny tho). You say nobody wants one, so why are people buying them? I have 3 iphones and 5 androids including a gs3 (very awesome) but yet I still want a z10. I’m an educated business owner and see the z10 as a productive smartphone, not so much a phone to download a thousand useless apps. Show’s how much you know

  • Sweet

    Last week I spoke to a Mobilicity rep at one of their stores and asked when they were getting the Z10. He said “first week of March”.

    Later that day, I passed by another store, went in and asked the person working there. She said it was “coming soon”, but she looked like she knew when it was coming. I figured she was just following orders.

    I’m hoping for a $450-$500 price tag.

  • ynets

    699 no contract
    On Tab. 399 – 40 plan
    499 – 30 plan
    599 – 20 plan

    • Sparky10

      Finally, I understand how the Windtab works.
      Why wouldn’t it be
      $350 – $40 plan
      $450 – $30 plan
      $550 – $20 plan

  • Happyboy

    I’m still not convinced on BlackBerry hop BlackBerry stays focused on what’s Important

  • Nathen

    I’m happy with my Nexus 4 at $350 out right.

    Blackberry’s Z10 is in serious need of some very explosive sales and APPS or they will be in serious trouble in the next few Months. Porting old Gingerbread 2.3 apps from ANDROID can only please customers for a little while.

    The next 3 months will be interesting with Blackberry VS Windows 8 for that small (but very important)piece of the 3rd place pie.

    • QC_Al

      That’s good. Keep your non-LTE, non expandable memory, dollar store phone…already obsolete. You will see within a year or so how important LTE capability will be…

    • zamboknee


      Watch out, everybody! We’ve got ourselves an LTE expert over here, who can also see the future!

      Lol, what a maroon. Everyone can speculate.

  • screamer

    People buying blackberry because people buying also tablets. Do we need them? Noop. Same with blackberry the only thing they can make big money if they bring out the q10 ( I would buy one) but what they bring out? The z10!!! Same like the iPhone fan boys will buy them and a lot of people choose android and works for them.

    It will happened again next year you can buy a z10 at ebay for 200 $

    • BB10BOOM

      lol “at ebay”

  • Windy City

    I like the way wind treats existing subs like garbage, even if I want the z10 I would have to drive to t-mobile in buffalo before April fools to get one with Wind. I have two lines with wind and the data has been terrible. Where is there even 1mb available please tell me? 21mb h+ not even close..when I call my friends with a wind phone they sound like garbage and the wind network keeps making noises like its breaking wind during a call. Not very professional for work use. When I roam with T-Mobile the data is fast and calls are crystal clear compared to here. Wind has been going down hill as of late. The CEO is now gone and the foreign investors have no interest in keeping the company alive as it has been a money pit. Shaw is unloading its AWS spectrum to Rogers next year and if we don’t get any LTE this year I can only assum a bleaque picture for our wind network being sold to Rogers. I hate Rogers I really do but unless Wind gets better and soon it doesn’t matter how unlimited calls are if they sound like crap with terrible data speeds.

  • screamer

    When we see the phones coming out this year the z10 will have a hard time.


    • Sparky10

      Screamer, do you post similar message on other phone blog warning them Z10 is here and they should stay home and not bother to come out?
      You really should not concern yourself too much about Z10. It will do great.

  • B

    You guys realize that z10 is a pentaband phone right. I have unlocked the Rogers and bell Version and tried my WIND sim and it works perfectly good.

    • Sparky10

      I don’t see Bell, Rogers or Telus Z10 has 1700 Mhz for HSPA which I believe AWS required.
      How can an unlocked Robellus Z10 works in the Wind or Mobilicity for that matter?

  • eggie

    Wind will sell the phone to existing clients who are not on a windtab (if the statement in the article is true). They just won’t sell it to those currenty on a windtab looking for an upgrade. Also, as wind just reduced the price of the Bold 9900 last week, there is a good chance this article is accurate in terms of release dates.

    • Bobo

      I hope you are right. Been using WIND for almost a year and I haven’t used my Windtab yet just so I can get my hands on the Z10!

      If not, I’m going to go crazy.

  • screamer

    To be honest nobody understand why a company that everybody loves for there keyboard brings a all touch phone first! And they have problem to sell enough phones. Why they start selling them first in Canada and UK ? Because the rest of Europe they don’t exist and never did! Why should somebody buy a phone where they don’t even have Skype or youtube? That doesn’t work.

    I would buy one but only the Q10 because it’s so much fun to type on and I still own a bold 9900 what I bought for 180 $ only for emails!

    Was a big fan of blackberry but they made to much wrong in the last 3 years

  • Turntable

    I was told it would be $599.99 by the Wind store on Rymal road near Upper James & West Fifth here in Hamilton. $299 on Wind-Tab.