BlackBerry Z10 launching this week at WIND Mobile

While a number of Canadian carriers have been selling the BlackBerry Z10 for about 3 weeks now, new players like WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Videotron still have the device as “coming soon.” The respected carriers are actively taking pre-registrations, but we’ve been informed that this new BlackBerry 10 device will launch next week – well, at least on WIND Mobile.

Our sources noted that we’ll see the Z10 hit stores as early as Tuesday (February 26th) or by Thursday (February 28th). According to a doc we received it says that “Existing WINDtab customers that are looking to do a hardware upgrade, will have to wait until April 2.” No word yet on the price points.

Finally, digging around the WIND Mobile site I found the BlackBerry Z10 landing page, which is not active on the main BlackBerry tab, and states that it’s “Coming Soon.” It also looks like the black version will be available at launch and the white version follow at a later date.

Source: WIND
(Thanks tipster!)