BlackBerry Z10 “was the leading smartphone” for February sales at WirelessWave


  • Nothin But RIM

    Let’s hope that momentum continues in the states, well at least strong sales anyways.

    • Christmas

      That’s only because all other phones were available during Christmas and people bought them on sale…

      Don’t believe all these misleading, out of context “stats”

    • Nothin But RIM

      The stats aren’t out of context they are stats.. numbers.. they are what they are. They simply say they outsold those devices in February. Get over it.

    • Mexico Ron

      being the best at WirelessWave is a bit like being first in line at the unemployment office…nice, I guess, but who really cares? Aren’t the out of business yet? Nothing says “we hire highschool dropouts” quite like a WirelessWave/TBooth kiosk. And their franchisees have to be among the dumbest bricks in the country. Nothing says brain surgeon like “I mortgaged my house to get a WW kiosk”.

    • Christmas

      May not be out of context but there is a reason behind it; the Z10’s price has already been slashed after less than a month and like I said before, all other phones were on sale for Christmas…

    • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      who the hell uses wireless wave? about 10 people, and 9 out of the 10 were stupid enough to buy BB10.

    • hoo dat

      The price has been slashed?? Where exactly is that, “Christmas”? Rogers put their 3 year price UP to more than Bell’s, doesn’t sound much like a slashing to me. Best Buy had a sale but it also involved other phones, was only valid for 2 days and is now over. Where are these fire sales going on??

    • Z10 Advertorial

      Some proffreading before publishing advertorial would ge a longer way for WirelessWave and Syrup would get paid more:

      “The BlackBerry Z10 was release 3 weeks” Release??

      “So far the counties to release the Z10 are Canada, United Kingdom” – Counties Really??

      In any case, this is Classic Vapourware, lack of SOLID NUMBERS, Lukewarm reception and more and more “Articles” about how well the phone is selling onlu prove the opposite.

      With the new Sony, LG, Nexus 4, S4 and others available now or in one month in the US the Z10 is dead on arrival…unless they drop the price.
      $499 is simply too much for that phone in February 2013.

    • Z10 Advertorial

      FIRM numbers for the Z10 are not out because they are waiting to sell the first 100 units before releasing “Official numbers”.

    • Porilaisten

      You’ll need to source this “slashing” of prices that you speak of.

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      I am so sick of hearing about the Z10. I honestly don’t care for it after I tried it and have to say I am disappointed by it, I thought the GUI is more intuitive. It just scks. If someone else likes it, so be it.

  • hoo dat

    Interesting to note that in the UK a black market in Z10s is gaining steam. Also two of the biggest carriers have out the price UP and placed restrictions on purchases. 3 carriers have reported stronger Z10 sales than those of the iPhone5 and SIII. Seems like Canaccord was wrong! LOL!

    • babablacksheep

      Interesting to note that you’re a RIM shill, or RIM employee, or both.

      Did you also see the latest data from Kantar, about how Blackberry is WAY DOWN in the UK? What about the FACT that the Z10 is nowhere near the top of ANY of the UK carrier’s best seller lists?

      Pay attention to the facts everyone, not to the shills.

      Also several analysts did retail checks, and have noted Z10 demand is MUCH lower now then since release. Several of those analysts have drastically lowered Z10 sales expectations.

      Combined with the fact that Samsung is showing off the S4 in March, and Nokia just announced a bunch of cool new phones, Blackberry is finished.

      The Z10 is going to be dead on arrival in the US.

    • babablacksheep

      Comment was censored, but I’m back again baby!

      It’s interesting to note you’re a RIM shill, RIM employee, or both.

      The FACT is, the Z10 has not made any of the top seller charts among UK carriers.

      Also how about the latest Kantar data, which shows Windows Phone is now EASILY outselling Blackberry in the UK. Not to mention Windows Phone is killing Blackberry in the US.

      Canada is the only lemming market where Blackberry is still strong. The 3rd world countries are giving up on Blackberry as well.

      With Samsung showing off the S4 in March, and Nokia having released a bunch of cool devices targeting overseas markets, Blackberry is finished.

      The Z10 will be dead on arrival in the US.

    • hoo dat

      Once again BBBS, you’re pulling a BGR and single sourcing. I used to work for Vodaphone in the UK for many years and know a lot of people still in management in various carriers in the UK. What I stated above is fact, plain and simple. Heins recently confirmed an increase in production of 4 fold in an interview with a German publication to keep up with current demand in Canada, the UK and elsewhere, but let’s not have facts get in the way of rumours and conjecture shall we?

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee

    my z10 came with iOS..So Happy 😀 😀 😀 iSupport iCanadian

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee

    iRim iRim iRim

    • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro

      i10, i10, i11!

    • Dr.Hugo

      How old are you 12 ? get a life pfffffffff

  • BB

    GO BLACKBERRY!! We need a strong third platform and it’d be great if a Canadian company made it back on the int’l stage.

  • Charles Brown

    Screw Glentel! Bunch of greasy grime lying – commission sales dooche bags, That sell phones based on which carrier (or device) pays them the extra $5 commission spiff #degenerate #YourCompanyIsTheReasonConsumersDontTrustCellularCompanies

    • Nothin But RIM

      ^ He had a bad xpuryence…. vurry bad.. just turrrble.

  • EvanK

    I’ve seen a couple of people walking around with Z10s in the wild, which is pretty impressive considering how little I see phones like the Lumia 920 or even the One X to a degree.

    Can’t wait to see some sales numbers, hoping for at least a couple million.

  • Quagmire

    Until there are released sales statistics its all Smoke

  • Sweet

    Isn’t the Z10 the only new phone that WirelessWave has had in many months ? That would account for some of the spike.

    Having said that, earlier last week BB’s Thorsten Heins told a German newspaper that BB has increased their manufacturing capacity for Z10s significantly, implying that it was to meet a higher-than-expected demand for the Z10.

    Good news, for sure.

  • dv

    No quad core, no thank you. Rim ids always behind, releasing last year’s technologie in 2013? No thanks.

    • chm985

      My Z10 is faster then my friends quad core nexus. Just saying. Specs between two completely different operating systems are not always directly comparable

  • Rainman

    Anyone who’s been in the industry a while can tell you that new BB models are always really short-shipped, so to say it’s their best launch ever really isn’t telling us anything.

    Doing well at Glentel for a few weeks, when traffic has been totally dead, and there’s nothing new out to compete with the Z10, is not showing any kind of breakthrough, either.

    We should have had some hard numbers by now, but apparently it isn’t yet a large enough number to report. Apple and Samsung would have been telling us how many millions they had shipped/sold by now.

    • Dr.Hugo

      And how real are those numbers from Apple or Samsung ? isheep and samsheep always fall for false hype and then go and troll other sites because they dont have a life

  • Jim Jones

    Its impressive that they are leading sales for a month, the unimpressive part is that it is February. Just being honest, February isn’t exactly the busiest month for cell phone sales, and other reports indicate sales are lower than what was expected at this point (which may be wrong).

    • migo

      This is part of why the Z10 launched in February. It has no competition, and all the carriers are pushing it. That’s a ton of free advertising and buzz, which is exactlybwhat BB needs. It’ll be a few years before BB can launch a phone against Samsung or Apple and do well.

  • dj

    I am a Sales Rep for 1 of the big 3. I have been using the Galaxy Note 2 and ever since I got the white bb10, i have been using that more. It’s blackberry’s version of an Iphone. So far, It’s been a great phone. Good-job Blackberry, your moving in the right direction. And to the Apple users who are bashing BB10, you forget your phones are still only a 4″ and a 1.2 dual core.

  • Alex Xia


    I work for Cellcom and I happen to know employees of Glentel Wirelesswave/TBooth/WIrelessETC – you obviously show your intelligence level to everyone here with your post.

    Glentel is a PTC on the TSX and of course they have multiple locations but they are corporate run…not franchised.

    So when you make the assertion “And their franchisees have to be among the dumbest bricks in the country. Nothing says brain surgeon like “I mortgaged my house to get a WW kiosk” … it really makes people wonder WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FACT?

    Haha. Just saying.

    The fact that they’ve successfully launched the Samsung retail in Canada and are opening 33 Target Mobile stores goes to show that they are a great company and create jobs for people. What do YOU know that these big company’s don’t?

  • mike

    Including the most returns or exchanges. I work at a cell shop. And everyone who bought a z10 came back a few days later to return them or exchange them for samsung galaxy S3’s. galaxy S3’s is still the leader in sales period.

    • Terza

      Cool story, bro.
      I am sure that it’s true too!
      Hahah… what a maroon!


  • Nothin But RIM

    I love how people see a write up like this and have to immediately come here to down play it like BlackBerry insulted their mom. Who gives a sh*t? It’s amazing how negative people are when a company is trying to make a come back. People act like it makes their choice to buy another phone look bad if another device is doing well. There will always be naysayers regardless of whether or not BlackBerry sells 100 million devices, it’s just sad that people go to such great lengths to discredit something that doesn’t even directly affect them (especially since they “don’t care” about it).

    • Dr.Hugo

      When you dont have a life then this is all you get , uneducated trolls

    • Classic reverse troll well done

      Equally as sad as those who come out to defend the product in question. No life?

    • David Davidson

      Some of the posts are the same virgin guy, typing away from his momma’s basement under different names on DAILY basis. Sad.

      Others, I SURE hope, are getting paid to spread ongoing B.S. on multiple forums, because if they aren’t, oh man, what a waste of their “valuable” time.

      Then there are the id1ots and trolls. Just thumb them down, and keep it moving. Do not give them the attention they so badly crave. Just let their useless post disappear into nothingness.

      And then, of course, there are people who genuinely do not like BlackBerry. They take it very personally, for some reason. They need to relax a little. Life’s not about gadgets.

  • Virgin Rep

    The $10-50 spiff really helps me be motivated to sell at Virgin Mobile.

  • Sweet

    I don’t doubt that there are several people who have returned their Z10s. But that happens with other phones, including the Galaxy S3. And so what ? Aside from apps like iMessage and BBM, how does someone else’s phone preference affect your needs ? If I need the security of a BB, then how is my roommate’s love for her iPhone going to change that need ?

    I choose the one that suits my needs. And as long as I have a phone that suits, my needs, I’m happy. I don’t give a damn what phones other people prefer. I realize that not everybody is like that, it’s a personality issue, but at least respect those who are and stop wasting time with “you’re a loser/i***t because you don’t have the most popular phone.” Grow up people.

    Uh oh. Looks like I just set off the Independent Thought alarm.

  • Mike

    The whole point of a wireless device is being wireless, but with the z10 the user has to be near a power source most of the day cause of a sh*ty battery inside the z10 and the user has to recharge the battery several times a day. Thats why the high return rates are happening, plus people realize that even though this is a new OS with BB10, this Z10 is still lacking Apps, then return. And people are returning cause they don’t like the user interface of the Z10, then return. And the Z10 is suffering from bug issues as well, then return.

    • hoo dat

      Where’s the source for return rates, Mike? And I don’t mean you have a friend who knows someone, etc, etc. Cite a verifiable source, please. I have a Z10, and I’m easily getting a day’s worth of charge out of it, the worst day I’ve had since I cycled the battery a few times is 12 hours. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to extend the battery life and it’s at least on par with its rivals. Even with LTE activated I’m getting better battery life than I did with my SIII by about 2 hours. You have no proof on what you say, if you do cite a link or an article. I have won’t hold my breath.

  • Blackberry Gangster

    BB10 your doing a great job. We will see your figures soon enough (really we haven’t seen the nexus4 numbers either). As for all the haters.. You just wish you had flick typing! Hands down best keyboard on a touch screen! Also… I can’t wait for the Q10 to launch. Another monster is about to be born… (Still loving the 9900).. Can’t wait.. GO BLACKBERRY!!!

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Oooo flick typing… I see someone hasn’t used Swiftkey flow.

  • Senor Chang

    Ey yo filipina, you got the bee bee emm?

    • Scotia

      keep your racist garbage to yourself

  • BB10, just an also ran

    Blackberry is the only new device launching this month. Anyone who wanted their competitor devices already has them (S3, Note 2, iPhone 5) so ya of course the Blackberry Z10 will be the best seller this month. We will see how well the Blackberry Z10 does when it launches in March in the US against the new Androids HTC One, S4, etc. Guaranteed won’t be the best selling device.

  • noknok

    i think this is more because of BlackBerry being Canadian, than Z10 being a good device at a good price

  • Stewartj1

    BlackBerry originally set what they thought were ambitious sales and manufacturing targets but preorder demand outstripped supply so the first production increase was necessitated even before launch. Demand was still not satisfied so stock was selling out rapidly and supply came in dribs and drabs as manufacturing continued to fall behind thus driving this second increase in production.

    Despite all the doom and gloom reports from the usual suspects, fact based stories like the one above abound. Another recent story reported that 60% of smartphone sales in the UAE are BlackBerry.

    In short, ignore the haters and focus on reality.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Likewise, ignore the shills and paid posters, and do your OWN research. See the facts for yourself. Don’t believe the hype.

      I don’t believe ANY of the shills here.

      I look up the facts myself, and the objective facts are that the Z10 outside of Canada and one or two random markets like Saudi Arabia, is NOT doing well. Not relative to the big 3 companies anyways (Apple, Samsung, Nokia).

  • Steven

    Tried the Z10 in the store! Pretty cool! Not going to say if it’s better or not than other smartphones, as all smartphones are personal choice! Happy with my Nexus 4 though!

  • ingress

    My guess is the majority who bought the device are BB fanbois, there are quite a few of you.

    Let’s be real now, I still see a lot of people using iPhones and Androids. It’s not like everyone is rushing to switch now that the Z10 is available.

    BB has a lot of work to do, especially outside of their home territory.

  • realitycheck

    your guess is wrong since carriers have been reporting a large percent of activations are not previous BB users

  • migo

    The news keeps coming in that BB is doing well, and the detractors keep coming out trying to disprove it. Just accept the facts, the Z10 is a success, and a great first step in BB’s comeback.

  • randslkdflk

    they have incentive to go to bahamaas


    You forgot Koodo, the Z10 is also available at Koodo & for $50 less than all the other providers.

  • Bill

    This is the best phone out there now. It will sell tens of millions this year. Those trashing it are clueless i****s stuck in a short position of the stock. Ignore their bs.
    The z and q 10 are revolutionary and are game changers to the smart phone. Go get one and see for yourself.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Bill, the original iPhone was revolutionary and game changing. There hasn’t been a phone since that can make that claim.

      Please explain EXACTLY what makes the new blackberry phones “revolutionary” and “game changing”.

      You have a touchscreen phone and a Qwerty phone. NOTHING new there.

      A new BES that does nothing significantly better than the old BES.

      Security just like the old blackberries.

      BlackBerry has simply caught up to the competition and brought some security along for the ride. A feature most people dimly don’t care about.

      Catching up is neither game changing nor revolutionary. It is simply getting into an even footing.

  • bb fanbois

    Best smartphone available?? I swear you BB fanbois are as bad as isheep.

  • bb fanbois

    Its obvious who runs the show on mobile syrup. Just like all of the Canadian wireless carriers have BBs back. What a joke.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    I wonder how much money Black Berry paid to have people post positive comments/reviews about their inferior phones all over the web. It is so obvious, even a blind man can see it

  • Glentel Blows

    Horrible dirty, cut throat sales people. Boo Glentel!!!!

  • Glentel Bad

    Horrible company, full of thieves, liars, and snakes. Hope they go under.