Is this what the new HTC One (M7) will look like?


  • wotzit2ya

    Cue Apple lawyers in 3…2…….

    • David N

      They sold out to apple for some of their patents recently…

    • Ron Mexico

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. If Apple sued Samsung for their sort-of-looks-like-an-iPhone, then they are going to go after HTC on this one because it’s a complete clone.

      I wonder if their cross-licensing agreement would cover aesthetics.

    • John Marshall

      I’d be more worried about BlackBerry’s lawyers.

    • Daniel Bryan

      2 years ago called, it wants that same, tired fandroid joke back.

  • Lolwut

    More like Blackberry lawyers

    Holy Z10 Batman

  • Dizz

    Ugliest phone I’ve seen in a while

  • duw

    Sad to see my beloved HTC has devolved into copying “That Phone”.

    • BB King

      It looks like the Z10 not the iphone5.

  • COBwiggy

    Looks exactly like the Z10..

  • Jesse

    This looks like a lower end device to me, may be released along side the ONE but doesn’t look like a flagship after HTC’s past with model differences.

  • BMaz

    HTC has a cross-licencing agreement with Apple,so you can uncue those Lawyers. also this looks more like the Z10 but BlackBerry won’t sue.

  • kitty

    I like it! And it doesn’t look like an iPhone, it looks a little like the blackberry z10

  • zzZZzz

    The question is, does it have 64gb internal or 16 + external possibility? Does it have an excellent battery, or a removable one instead? Answer me yes to both questions HTC and I’ll buy yet another one. Otherwise, my 3rd one – the One S will be the last.

    • duw

      16GB with nothing removable is my guess. After 7 HTC devices, the One X will be my last.

  • zzZZzz

    As for looks, it has the curves and silver lining of the iPhone and the screen to edge form of the z10. Nothing to worry about though. While Apple would’ve surely sued for such extreme infringements (which are bull anyway), BB has nothing. That’s just the natural evolution of screens. Prepare to see more phones looking like that as bezel size decreases.

  • Kid.Canada

    Wow HTC, way to create a Z10 rip off design. Hope BlackBerry sues this company..

  • Bill Murray


  • Michael

    It looks like a Z10 and an iPhone 5 had a good time and didn’t use a condom…

  • Staal

    Why is there a speaker grill at the bottom?!

    • Geoff

      If this is real, my only guess is that it’s for stereo sound while using it in landscape mode.

  • kenypowa

    What is HTC thinking about moving home button to the right? And WTF are they thinking about sticking with capacitive button?

  • Miguel

    It’s called a rumor everyone.

  • MrB

    I hope so; it looks awesome! If this is real it will be the first phone I pre-order and buy on launch day.

  • andy c

    No multitasking/app switching button? U prefer the speakers at the front. Makes more sense when watching video’s

  • villain

    def looks like the Z10… hmm RIM (well blackberry now) was looking to license out BB10…

  • tomatoes 11

    Looks pretty nice to me but it’s HTC so it will have buggy software, lag, poor ergonomics, screen lift, rattling volume rocker, power button that is hard to press etc. Maybe even all of the above.

    • d3v14n7

      After using 6 HTC smartphones (including my current One X) over the years, I can honestly say I’ve never run into any of those issues… Minus maybe buggy software, which was always fixed with an update, besides, there isn’t a single smartphone platform out there that is 100% free of bugs, not Android, iOS, BB, WebOS, WP7/8, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Meego and others.

  • RyanB

    I’ve been pleased with HTC build quality in the past. Although, I do root and run mostly AOKP Roms, eliminating sense.

    • Furf

      I’ve always favoured HTC hardware myself, their build quality is great and quite solid. Though, my last two HTC devices were the nexus one and the G1. Both of which are still running strong.

  • antoine

    So is this BB10?

  • Mischap

    I think I would consider getting one as long as the buttons aren’t totally messed up

  • Michael

    WOW sense 5 is a complete rip off of Windows Phone homescreen.

  • trevor

    I’ve always said, apple has the best hardware design, if only the hardware was running android it would be a homerun and it looks like htc answered the bell.

  • SC

    Those holes for the speaker and mic look terrible

  • Gman

    I like One X design, but what happen here?

  • Android fan

    No way that’s a HTC m7 design HTC is better than that

  • akeem

    i was thinking about the m7 or the xperia z but if this looks like that then i’ll definitely get the xperia z. since the specs are so similar now i might as well get the better looking one