Apple may be developing a smart watch with Corning’s flexible Willow Glass


  • isThatAnIphone

    I am lovin’ it

    • Largon

      ..and Samsung and RIM to copy the design.

    • LargonRT

      ..and Samsung and RIM to copy the design.

    • Comment Master

      You Dumb F**k cornering glass is a Samsung Idea..

  • Ghoul

    And now of course Apple did it first, everyone’s just copying them, etc, etc

    • Eduardo

      Don’t worry Apple’s watch will be magical! It’s size will be perfect and in three years from now it will be bigger because bigger will be even more perfect

    • Ron Mexico

      I’m personally more interested in seeing what Samsung does in this space. I think I would like whatever they come out with. Has any one heard if they are doing a watch too?

  • zzZZzz

    iWatch – the next best accessory for the hipster in you 🙂

  • al

    I have a so smartwatch. Same features but let’s see what apple has to offer.

  • al

    I have a sony smartwatch. Same features but let’s see what apple has to offer.

  • zzZZzz

    my iWatch comment didn’t go through it seems

  • BIll Murray

    this is cool….a watch…lately my phones clock has been acting up. a 900$ watch should do the trick.

  • Kid.Canada

    Next, the iToilet where we can dispose of our iCrap that’s currently collecting dust.

    • Huh

      At first, it was amusing how Apple could evoke such strong negative emotions from their detractors whether it was warranted or not…

      Now it’s just sad and has been tired and worn out for some time now…

    • Eduardo

      At first it was amusing how Apple could innovate on almost every product they would release…

      Now it’s just sad how they are just followers and file lawsuits left and right; here’s one of the saddest examples:

      “Apple has lost the right to use the word “iPhone” in Mexico after its trademark lawsuit against Mexican telco iFone backfired… marks the end of a three-year trademark battle launched by Apple in 2009. It was an unwise move. iFone registered its trademark in 2003, Apple registered iPhone in 2007″

  • Johnny

    It might seem a bit old school, but my phone is never out of reach in my pocket and a watch should be a proper timepiece…not yet another phoneputer/iThingy… Why would one ever NEED a smart watch? Just reach into your pocket and get your phablet out!

  • Happyboy

    Are you listening BlackBerry? Ha blackberry are you Going to remain focused? This is why I have a iPhone

  • Haxor99

    Oh no… Apple has patented the use of curved glass!!

  • Jimmy

    A Smart watch is today’s Calculator Watch!
    Why not just put a Velcro strap on it that says Loser!

  • John John

    Here we go.. how many apple lovers are going to say Apple came up with this idea first…

  • Pebble

    Its funny hoe all isheeps are saying that samsung and BB are gonna coppy this idea. Buy nobody knows that Pebble Watch is already out and it works wth both ios and androiid. This clearly proves that apple fans don’t know anything about technology.

    • Chris

      How long until Apple sues Pebble for coming up with the idea first?

  • Me

    Was looking into the pebble when I came across this story. Not an iSheep but have come to find that I really do like the Apple products better. It is called and informed opinion.

    • Pebble

      Well if you buy an iwatch you will be stuck with only one choice after iphone5 you will have to go for iPhone 5s. otherwise your watch is useless. Btw thanks for your informed opinion but there are better choices in market than paying apple tax on same phone again and again with a different design.

  • Tyrone

    @Comment Master You shouldn’t be calling anybody a dumb f***k Corning Glass isn’t a Samsung idea. The idea belongs to Corning Incorporated.

  • Slype

    Oh an Apple watch, yeah, let me drop $300 on a watch that only works with iPhones. No thanks. I prefer a smartwatch that I can keep and is not dependent on what time of phone and/or PC I have at home. There is a reason why companies get together and form “Standards” so that consumers are not screwed by having to buy adapters like “Lightning” but some people feel it’s a privilege to pay $40 instead of $5 for a connector.