Rumour: HTC M7 coming to market as the HTC One


  • Tyrone

    I want to see how this phone holds up on it’s own when it comes out to the public.

    • Ron Mexico

      Why even try anymore HTC? Samsung has taken over. There is no “Android” platform anymore. There is Samsung. That’s it. Give up and die. I’m moving to BB but I will always love Samsunh because of how great they are. But as longas my partner is using Samsung there will always be a Samsung in our home, which is good. He used to be all about BB too but I converted him. He says he’ll be Samsung forever now. Which is all to say, just die HTC, you don’t matter.

    • HTC

      They should have named it:

      HTC One X+ Plus or

      HTC One X++ or

      HTC One X+2 ( the equation phone?? find the answer??)

      HTC One X+1

      HTC One X+1=2

      HTC: “Rooting our phones is not simple; calling them by name neither!”

  • Miknitro

    HTC One?
    As in, One last poke at this name?

    Should have called it Meteor, Comet or Phazar and caused some heat ffs.

  • osman

    It should be named the HTC Two

  • Hot Rod

    Should have stuck to a name that was popular for them like the Desire, like what the Razr for Motorola. I don’t understand how how that would be for them!

  • tomatoes11

    Introducing the HTC rape me and take my money Apple.

  • Comment Master

    Good marketing with this DEVICE…this year is yours HTC…do it !!!!

  • tomatoes11

    The HTC One is a terrible name btw. At first glance the One V, One S, and One X all sound like the higher end models when they are not.

  • Greek

    For the non-techies, this won’t cause any confusion at all…

    • tomatoes11

      Fortunately for HTC they only need to win over the tech crowd…oh wait..

  • John_hates_blackberry

    When I was last shopping for a phone I loved the feel of the HTC devices. Even the low end devices had great build quality and felt good in the hand. I bought the Galaxy S2 lte because of two things : micro sd card slot and removable battery. After having two blackberries beforehand with daily battery pulls I wasn’t willing to take the risk on a device that I couldn’t pull the battery. If HTC gives us expandable memory and a removable battery this time they could have a winner.

  • NienorGT

    No confusion heh?

    iPhone 4 – iPhone 4S, Xperia Arc – Xperia Arc S, Desire – Desire S, Hero – Hero S, Incredible – Incredible S

    C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

    One S – One
    (Actually, the M7 isn’t the following of the One S but the X+…)

  • villain

    looks like HTC is using the 8X’s design… if the quality is the same as my 8X… the phone is junk due to the soft coating.

    stains from clothing dye within days, rubs off… HTC’s reply “should carry your phone in your pocket and should always have a case on it”

    • tomatoes11

      What’s new. HTC will always have a garbage element to their handsets until they fire the head designer and improve quality control. I don’t mind the coating but my volume rocker rattles and I hate the buttons.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Blackberry is the only game changer , now .

  • tomatoes11

    Funny how I got down voted for speaking the truth. Apple is raping HTC for each Android handset sold and Apple is taking away what little profit the M7 or One will have.

    So the HTC rape me and take my money Apple is a fitting name. Fact.

    • Tyrone

      You should know by now people don’t like hearing the truth when it comes to Apple. I do agree with you on Apple making more off each handset. The last time I heard they’re going to make 12 compare to 3-4 for HTC. I’m not no rocket scientist but getting almost double than your competitor is totally unfair.

  • mjolnir

    I think they should revive the Desire line; HTC Desire 2. Then STICK to it for flagship models. The original Desire was an amazing phone before they tarnished it with the low-tiered phones. For the rest of the line-up they can use anything else.

  • Guy

    anyone know what clock widget that is and if it’s available?
    also the wallpaper if anyone knows? 🙂

  • Thompson

    I love HTC build quality. But like others have said, they should have revived the Desire name.

  • Hobbn

    I owned the HTC desire HD and thought it was a great phone… Until HTC started acting like a bunch of Allah worshiping jihads.

    Now I’m waiting on the Note 3 to replace my Note.

    HTC are clearly s t u p i d and do not know how to run a company or create a brand. You would almost think it was an Afghanistan company by how much they su ck goat p e n i s.

    Allah can bl ow me. Twice. While I do his sister.

  • Thomas

    i hope they are not switching the touch buttons because they will just piss off everyone! LEAVE THE WAY GOOGLE MADE IT!

  • Android fan

    Does it matter what the name of the phone is as long as HTC puts out quality smartphone I’m happy. I love my one x and now I can’t wait for the m7 or HTC one regardless of the name