TELUS puts refurbished 16GB iPhone 5 up for sale, $0 on 3-year


  • isThatAnIphone

    If it’s my Phone, it has to be an iPhone

    • Still Getting a Nexus

      Does anybody else see that you have to have a low-count in braincells to get a Phone for 36 months paying minimum of $50, while having a THREE MONTH warranty??

      -That is the main reason, why three yr contracts are BANNED in the rest of the world!

      -People keep THINKING; that they get a “FREE PHONE” on three yrs. But since only 4% of phones last 36 months, they end up either having to replacing ( and find that iphones cost $600- and up) or re-signing for another 3 yrs ( after paying the admin fee of course)

      -Buy an iphone 5 outright, put it on your account and get the %10 discount from Telus if you bring your own phone, then one or two yr later you sell your phone and get another. NEVER sign on a 3 yr contract!

  • Mark

    Gonna stick to my iPhone 4. Still going strong!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      If you believe the people complaining to the CRTC about 3-year contracts and phones not lasting 3 years, it’s impossible for your phone to be lasting that long. It must be defective.

  • sandman10

    people still buy iphones? they have to give them away now?

    BlackBerry 10 baybee!

  • wotzit2ya

    At this price point , why not buy a new unlocked one for $100 more

    • jk1971

      Where do you get $100 unlocked iphone 5 from?

    • Kid.Canada

      600 + 100 = 700 and that’s how u can buy it unlocked at the Apple store.

  • Bill Murray

    And you thought your brand new iphone had enough dents and scratches on it!


    FIRE SALE!!!!!

  • Superfly

    My brother works for telus corporate. apparently they have over 17, 000 returned or “refurbished” iPhone 5s. Success? I think not

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Average rate for phones is 5-10%. This number isn’t unusual for a carrier’s best-selling phone.

    • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

      Out of curiousity, what do the S3 or One X returns look like? I just don’t think 17000 sounds that outstanding.

    • JP

      I’ve been using a refurbished S3 for 2 weeks, can’t tell that it isn’t a new phone at all aside from the packaging and that they actually put a decent screen protector on it(unlike the manufacturer one which is unusable)

    • SN86

      I, and many others, bought a refurb TELUS iPhone 4S for $350 last year so it apparently was a problem last year as well. My unit may just have been a return from launch month or something since it was new.

  • Bill Carson

    “or wait for iPhone 6 to arrive.” But they still haven’t made the 5s how can they be releasing a 6?

  • Jay

    The iPhone 5 is not $79 on a 3 year term with TELUS. It is priced the same as everywhere else, $179.

  • Deli

    people that are comparing the Big 3s network with the new entrants are out of their minds. The new entrants don’t have a network anywhere NEAR the coverage and building penetration/coverage that the Big 3 has. That’s a good reason to pay more for more value. I had WIND for about 6 months but the signal was so poor, speeds were way too slow for my uses. I REALLY liked having my Mytouch4g too! So disappointing…
    But hopefully, their network becomes stronger with LTE within the next 5 years and then I will think about it.
    Don’t look at the dollar amount alone, look at the whole package before purchasing. Big 3 is not for everyone and neither are the new entrants.