TELUS puts refurbished 16GB iPhone 5 up for sale, $0 on 3-year

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been available in Canada since late September 2012 and the device has already seen fluctuating price drops – which is somewhat unheard of for a new Apple product as the price cuts usually come right before a new iPhone announcement. If you’re looking to save a bit more cash and want the iPhone 5 you could always opt for scoring it on “pre-owned.”

TELUS has placed the 16GB iPhone 5 on their “Certified Pre-Owned phones” list, otherwise known as used or refurbished. TELUS ensures that any pre-owned device goes through “rigorous testing” that includes “Physical inspection,” “Functional tests,” “Network quality tests,” and “Full system restoration.” The refurbished iPhone 5 can be yours for $0 on a 3-year or $599 outright – which is a slight savings compared to a brand new one. TELUS also notes that a pre-Owned phone has a 14-day money back guarantee and comes with an extended 90-day warranty.

Something to consider… or you can just wait for the iPhone 6 to arrive.

Source: TELUS
(Thanks Todd!)