Nexus 4 shipping slips to 2-3 weeks from Google Play


  • All ways write


    • Fido N4

      With FIDO selling the N4 $51 more than Google; Canadians have more and more options to get the N4 in their hands.

      The sales slipping further and further are a direct reflection of the strong sales from Google and a proof of the demand and populatiry of theis phone in the future. Expect tons of support for this phone for years to come.

      Willing to wait by the end of the month??- buy from Google!
      Want it NOW??- Buy it from Fido and pay $50.

      Still hundreds of dollars cheaper than a similar phone.

  • placator

    I ordered one from Google on Feb. 2nd and received and email last night (Feb 5th) that it had shipped.

    • H Momb

      lucky i ordered feb 1 and no shipping email yet!

  • LogicBomb

    my brother just got his yesterday. he places his order last week. i guess he is one of the lucky ones

    • keyur

      how much did he have to pay for the import taxes

    • Peter Griffin

      There are no import taxes.

    • COBwiggy

      @Keyur, there are no import taxes, with provincial tax (HST) and shipping mine came to 430 in November.

    • keyur

      thank you because every time i order something from the states i end up paying import duties or FedEx is ripping me off

  • Justin

    I ordered it the day that it went on sale again recently… just received it last night. 2 Nexus 4 and 3 bumpers.

  • mjschmidt

    Ordered an 8GB for my wife Jan 29th, and it is scheduled to be delivered today or tomorrow.

    Two of her co-workers order N4s the same day I ordered her’s, and she says they got theirs yesterday.

  • spyderwraith

    I ordered mine the day it went back on sale Jan 29th and it arrived yesterday Feb 5th. So i’m good to go there

  • Anshul

    I ordered mine on Jan 29th, still no word from Google 🙁 They charged my card on the Jan 29th. I am hoping it comes soon.

  • Faseeh Riaz

    i ordered on Feb 1st an no shipping email yet !!!!! Its pissing me off now LOL

    • H Momb

      Just got it right now Dont know when its gonna be in my hands cuz i gotta wait for 24h to get any info…hopefully itll be by friday if not than monday as ups dosent work over the weekend

  • Yuuuup

    Ordered Jan. 29th, should be in my hands today.

  • Superfly

    Ballistics cases……. $43 delivered to alberta from Florida. otterbox quality but nice looking.

  • Superfly

    Useless purolator……. came to our house, stopped, turned around and drove away with my nexus 4. Status states no address existed for delivery. What a whack job employee. Now I have to get my phone out of purolator purgatory so that I can get my package by friday.

  • keyur

    I ordered one on Feb 2nd and Feb 4th
    The one from Feb 2 was shipped yesterday and will soon get it prob tomorrow or friday
    the one from Feb 4th is expected to ship by feb 21
    same with the bumper i ordered on Feb 2nd prob will get it sooner it was 1-2 week estimated ship

  • Ryan

    ordered it (8gb) last week, got it yesterday… love it. bye bye blackberry!

  • Tom Riddell

    I wanted to get one but no way I am paying Wind 500 Bucks for one I also wounder about shipping and Import Taxes from Buying from Google I am Living just Outside the GTA

    Anyone have an Idea on the total cost including import taxes

    • Dave

      Shipping is the same everywhere in Canada: $16.99. No import fees, since you’re buying from Google Canada, but you will pay tax. All in, the total price for the 16 GB Nexus 4 should be $422.66.

      Fido seems to be the most reasonable option for buying from a Canadian carrier, if you want to go that route.

  • Luke

    Ordered mine Jan 29th and the bumper case and just got an email that both where shipped. UPS says will arrive on Friday Feb 8th 😀

  • Paul

    Nexus may be a great phone, but the way this Google is handling this is a bit ridiculous.

    • Fido N4

      They can’t make them fast enough.
      Wonder if they will match demand before the S4 arrives in May.

  • TIM

    Ordered on February 2 and the shipping was already at 2-3 weeks. ETA for my is February 21.

  • Jaffna Guy

    I already got my Z10.It is amazing. keep waiting for Nexus 4…….. 🙂

    • MastaD

      And you can have that old dual core battle wagon, I’ll keep waiting for my nexus 4, should have it friday

  • Andrew

    LG Optimus G is a better phone, but not as cheap.

  • Superfly

    @dave…… not in alberta. …. $393 for 16gb. Yes.

  • Dave

    I wonder how many Google has sold at this point. We were figuring somewhere around 750,000 through early December. Of course, that was with just a few hours over 2-3 days (depending on country) open for orders, and it took until late January to fill all those orders. Now it’s been
    through January (with just a few hours over 2-3 days open for orders). Now it’s been 8 days of uninterrupted orders. They must have sold millions.

    It’s a shame Google isn’t reporting numbers.

  • Superfly

    You can pay $4000 60 inch high end plasma tv. Or you can pay $900 for a 60 inch plasma budget model. In the dark while watching a movie, would you notice the $3100 difference? No You wouldn’t. Except in your bank account.

    ***remember I am talking about plasma hdtv, not lcd/led which would make a big difference.

    • scrooge

      Cool story bro!

  • Superfly

    Should have had mind yesterday. ….. stupid purolator

    • blah

      I don’t know about you, but mine shipped UPS…

  • Tony

    Poetic Boarderline Bumper case is a great alternative to the official Google one. Don’t hide the glittery back with a normal case.

  • GH

    I ordered mine on Jan. 29th. No word on any shipping date yet. I’ll have to use my Optimus G for a little while longer.

  • Steve

    Order Jan 31. Set to receive feb 7 (snow dependant I am sure.)

  • Thomas

    I ordered my on Friday feb 1st and getting it on delivered on Thursday feb 7th via UPS

  • Steve

    Only seeing the Galaxy Nexus on the Fido website not the Nexus 4. Galaxy N listed at $350 which is $50 more that base Nexus 4.

  • Superfly

    Ha ha ha ha…… hst. Glad to be in alberta

  • TouchMyBox

    I ordered one for my old man as soon as it came back in stock and it arrived yesterday.

    The phone is tits fast.

  • Dalex

    It would be nice if they made enough of them to answer the demand. Next time, don’t team up with LG for a nexus device. I won’t touch a phone a phone with crappy battery, NO LTE and mediocre camera with a 10 foot pole as its easy to get stock android on any device if you have a clue, but its too bad for the people that do want it.

    • BB

      You can go back to BB10 and wait for BB11.

  • ImTherious

    Ordered Jan 29, Shipped Feb 1, arrival Feb 7 (tomorrow!).


  • kevin sutton

    *Ugh* My old phone actually seems to have broken today. This is not what I wanted to hear about its #1 potential replacement.

  • Khav

    I ordered mine on Jan 29, and the shipping estimate showed Feb. 13, right up until the 4th when it actually shipped. Now it’s in transit, scheduled to arrive on the 8th.

  • Superfly

    It ships ups then purolator takes it to our large town. Normally this process works great. Was delivered 1 day sooner than expected but the guy came and then drove away.

  • MrMastodonFarm

    Ordered mine on the 30th, got an email last night saying it’s shipped and should arrive on Monday the 11th. Mine is shipping UPS though it seems.

  • Ryan

    Are there any stores that have the Nexus on display? I’d like to try it out a little bit before I decide.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      No idea that wireless charging orb was even available yet, much less in Canada. Weird that Google hasn’t made it available on Play. how long for shipping from pure mobile?

  • sirhc

    Got mine delivered yesterday. Playing around with it today. I use an HTC OneX+ daily so I’m still not sure I like the change from what Sense on HTC phones does for the Android experience. I’ll know more as I use it as my daily driver for the next week.

  • Rob

    Ordered mine on the 29th of January gets delivered tomorrow so not bad at all

  • Clockwork

    Ebay has tons of cases starting under $10 with free shipping.
    I got the Nillken one which is almost identical to the $20 Spigen case listed.

    Never pay retail for accessories. Ever.

  • The Ryan

    Ordered mine January 29, got it yesterday. Also ordered the wireless charging dock from

  • Graham

    I ordered mine on the 29th, and just received it last night! woooh!

  • Saaz

    ordered mine on 31st. No reply from them yet.

  • Tom

    Ordered 16 gig + bumper on Feb 1. Current Est. ship date is Feb.13. Expect sooner though, seems to be a pattern. Hope no Purolator/Post Office involvement, well known for ringing bell and rabbiting. I got bad knees, never can catch the dorks. UPS much better.

    Waited for Z10 release B4 ordering N4. Price too high, overheating reports & another week or so delay pushed me over the N4 edge. No regrets.

  • Shadycanuck

    I ordered one on the 1st and according to UPS it’s being delivered tomorrow. at the time of ordering ti said it would take one or two weeks.

  • Nickthegreat

    I ordered my GN4 on Jan29 after I saw the MS post and got it today (Feb6) at 10am. I’m in Ontario so the cost was $422.66 with taxes and shipping included. It shipped with UPS and I had it shipped to my work place. I’ve always had a Nexus device (S, galaxy, N4) and I have been waiting since Dec 5th, but now have great Plan with Bell and a great phone. I wish all the best to other Nexus Fans; I hope you get your phones soon 🙂

  • Toques1977

    Ordered mine Jan 31st, was told 2 weeks, UPS says it just arrived in my city an hour ago. I should be getting my 3rd party case tomorrow…pretty excited!

  • Piff

    I bought my nexus 4 off a coworker that bought a Z10. So it was a win win.

  • Sean

    got my N4 within 7 days and 2 days later my bumper showed up!

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    my Nexus4 ordered 30 Jan, coming late friday [= 8 Feb. = one week +/-]

  • Trevor

    Can the Nexus 4 still function on LTE?

  • ekin

    I ordered a N4 (my 4th Nexus 4) last week when they became available, I believe that was on wednesday the 29th and received it Monday morning Feb 4th.

  • ekin

    @ MRMAstodonFarm. I just ordered the Orb.

  • ekin

    The orb doesnt have a ship date yet. I tried contacting pure mobile. No luck.

  • Brian J

    Our “third major supply” is coming from Louisville KY by UPS according to my UPS transit schedule

  • tim

    Received mine today! It was shipped with UPS from USA.

  • Ann

    I ordered the 16GB Feb 2, just received the email notification that its been shipped (Feb 6)….YES!!!!!

  • PGill

    I ordered yesterday and got email this evening that the phone has been shipped.

    • MastaD

      Lucky sob

    • pt123

      Same here I ordered on the 5th and it shipped the next day and should be here on Monday 😛

  • Bob

    Ordered a 16Gig Jan 29th mid day. As of yet no E mails or anything.

  • Markk

    I ordered on the 29th. Got my shipping email on the 30th. I got the phone on monday feb 4th. Phone came from Kentucky by Ups. Order processed by Google Canada.

    Overall, great phone and happy with the purchase!

  • Markk

    for those wondering, play store opened at 1:00:00. I placed my order at 1:00:48.

    But i think the shipping is random. Those that ordered on the 29th should have received an email regarding the shipping of their device.

  • MastaD

    Ordered mine jan 31, says if will arrive next Tuesday (feb12), it was shipped today from Louisville ky, USA.

    • HMOMB

      LOL yeaa you would think that a company like google would ahve warehouses in Canada

  • David

    I ordered mine the 3th and Google shipped mine today (the 6th) and UPS say I will get it by the end of Monday.

    • MastaD

      You got lucky in the nexus lottery!

  • Steve

    Ordered one on Jan 30th. According to UPS tracking, it shows up tomorrow.

  • Mike

    I ordered a Nexus 4 16 gb on Feb 05, and the Nexus 4 showed as “shipping in 2-3 weeks”.
    However, the next day (Feb 06) I received an email from Google telling me my phone had shipped.
    Can’t wait to get it.

  • Joe hidden

    I Oder mines feb 1 got mines on the 6th in Las Vegas nv

  • piddy

    Received mine yesterday as promised.
    Loving it! It’s SMOOTH!!!!

  • Simian

    I was supposed to get mine yesterday but UPS messed up at the border and it didn’t arrive at the depo in Richmond till late in the evening. Here’s hoping that I get it today.

    • Toques1977

      You had a UPS fail too?

      It arrived in my city yesterday morning (Richmond, BC)…and then it somehow got tracked to a UPS processing centre 3.5 hours away (Kamloops, BC) as of this morning. With luck, I’ll get it end of day.

  • Bob

    I ordered a 16gig on Jan.29th around 6pm eastern for the GTA area.

    As of this morning card has not been charged ( as e mail says it will not be until shipped) nor a tracking number supplied.

    I called google in FL and they confirmed they are just waiting for stock to send it. I did ak, can I buy a bumper and just add it to the shipment thus saving to pay the extra shipping charge. They said no, not an option. Needless to say will not buy it from them and have to pay another ship charge.

  • Gerry

    Ordered a 16Gb on Jan 29th. Got it yesterday. Hurray!

  • Martin

    Ordered mine today at 10am (16GB) and got my tracking number at 6pm. Should be here by Feb 12.

    Wonder why it says 2-3 weeks shipping?

  • Wireless Gadgeg

    Yeah!!! Got my Nexus 4 16gb in the mail today! Ordered it on Jan 30th.

  • Eluder

    Mine is out for delivery today. Not sure if I’ll get it cause of the snowstorm, but I’m excited!

  • neems

    I ordered it Jan. 30 and got it today.

  • Toques1977

    Just arrived. Can’t wait to crack it open!

  • andy8282

    I ordered mine Jan 29th (shiping estimate was 1-2 weeks then), shipping status email came on feb 4th. I watched it slowly creep its way up from Kentucky and it arrived at my house in Ottawa on Feb 8th.

  • Inertnet

    Ordered mine yesterday (Feb. 13) and got a shipping confirmation today. Maybe they just got a new shipment.