Fido launches the Nexus 4, costs $100 on a 2-year


  • Ghoul

    Damn, now that’s a decent price if you’re not willing to wait for google to ship it to you and such.

    • Eduardo

      The only problem is; you have to wait for Fido

    • 512 RAM

      The outright price taxes and shipping included is: $430
      With Fido on prepad is $425 +tax= $480, or about $50 dollars more to avoid the waiting and the “shipping stress” wich some people like, some people hate.

      Can’t wait to see if Koodo drops it to $399!!
      If Google sells it lower and people are going to activate it, it only makes sense that they sell it either at the same price as Google or lower AND still get revenue from the service.

      At $400-$430 even if people take the phone to another operator, they would be making a $30 or more net profit.

      -Expect more operators to release similar.lower pricing!
      LOL to the LG Optimus G (Locked, bloatware, ICS, SD and LTE selling for $500)

    • Ron Mexico

      Ummm, why not free on contract. This thing retails for almost nothing to begin with. Rip off.

    • Yumi

      best phone ever. bb10 has no chance against it

    • Tomatoes11

      @512 RAM

      I have owned both the LG Optimus G and Nexus 4. Although I did end up selling the LG Optimus G and keeping the Nexus 4, the Optimus G was still better in some huge areas.

      The main thing is that despite being the same screen in hardware, the LG Optimus G screen looks miles better. I am not sure what the reason is but it is there and pretty noticeable. It could be that it doesn’t have on screen buttons or it could be that the auto brightness sensor is way better. However, I believe the screen differences comes down to software. The differences are there though and are pretty big. Watch the 4k timescape youtube video on both and the difference is actually quite staggering.

      The second thing is that the battery life, especially on LTE, of the Optimus G is much much better. It might be Jelly Bean but I am guessing not.

      Third, the build quality of the Optimus G is noticeably better. The hard plastic and buttons feel much nicer compared to the spongy buttons and soft touch plastic on the Nexus 4.

    • Tomatoes11

      Plus you can probably get a BNIB LG Optimus G on Craigslist for like $300. That is how bad people think that this phone is yet it is a super nice phone and probably the best bargain right now.

    • 3df

      $425 on fido vs $549 on wind.

      Wasn’t wind supposed to be about offering value to customers? They’re hardly doing that.

    • Ron N

      @3df Buy directly from Google, and get an unlimited plan from Wind for $30. Save YOURSELF some money, don’t rely on everyone else to do it for you, because nobody else cares. Simple.

  • 45

    Not bad at all.

  • BlackBerry

    I want a Z10

    • MC Tunes

      Then go and get one and stay out of unrelated threads, you prick…

  • Gab

    16gb or 8gb? It is actually really fair considering there is like $20 shipping also.

  • kc306

    Now that’s more like it! I’ve already ordered my N4 from google, and it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow. But if I hadn’t, this would have been my second option.

  • Sean

    This is actually a really good price. I knew the price would be more then on the playstore but this is a very reasonable update (The 16 gig comes to around $415 or so after taxes and shipping) Also $100 on a two year contract. Damn now that is attractive pricing

  • Yannick Wolfe

    425$ is a decent price considering the phone is 359$ from the start + they have to pay taxes and shipping and also they have cost to include a simcard and some fido paperwork and stuff.

    I’m happy to see Fido do things right. But it should have been 50$ on a 2y term, not 100.

    • Tom

      Fido charges you taxes too!

      And the SIM costs Fido pennies (but I guess that means a nickel now), and consumers who buy it probably already have a SIM.

      Also, if the paperwork is more then just sales receipt (same as Google Play) then they are doing it for their own purposes/sake – not as an extra cost to them.

      I agree that the price is pretty good, but why are you doing back-flips to try to make it better?

    • Alphs


      Fido doesn’t charge you tax. The government charges you tax. What grade are you in?

      All Yannick was getting at was if Fido bought it from Google, they would have also paid taxes and shipping and it would have costed them $400+ per unit. Add that to the cost of employees setting up your account, the cost of distributing these phones to their stores, and the cost of miscellaneous things like SIM cards – it just means that they’re not making that much money from this transaction. At least, not as much as other carriers like Wind.

  • Tom

    Is “$425 with Prepaid”, the same as $425 outright? Or do you have to sign up for an account to get it?

  • mszablewski

    For those who may not be able to perhaps afford the outright device for $360 (16GB) this might seem like a deal. Unfortunately lets be real, it isn’t. I highly recommend that people just save up and buy it out right.

  • wotzit2ya

    that’s $420 PLUS taxes ……so more expensive that ordering from Google directly

  • Miknitro

    Well, at least one is not selling for near double of el googs set pricing.

    I am impressed Fido.

  • COBwiggy

    Barely more expensive than from the play store. I paid 430 with tax and shipping. so just add tax to that it is not much more..

    • Haxor99

      How is it “barely” more expensive. Price delivered to Toronto from Google $422.66. Price from Fido $425 + taxes = $480.25. That’s a difference of $57.59

  • Kevin Thom

    Yes definitely a fair price, but I’m sure this is $425 before taxes, not after. Glad to see at least one carrier is pricing it like we’re not i****s.

  • Kofi

    It comes up to 422.66 after taxes and shipping from the play store for the 16GB version.

    • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      $394 with Taxes and Shipping from the Google Play Store for Albertans………. ENJOY YOUR HST

  • Squint

    Interesting to see a 2 year contract on a new phone… are things actually changing around here or is this some kind of special case.

  • Matt

    Rogers offering something for cheaper than Wind? This is a first!

  • Sylar75

    Not a bad price considering the 2 year subsidized option. Maybe I’m not a good haggler but I’ve never been able to get that much of a deal with both of my unlocked phones. So if I’m going to pay roughly the same monthly fee anyway, might as well get the 100$ one.

  • Matt

    Also, I find it pretty weird how Fido is basically selling the phone for exactly the price it costs to order it from Google.

    • Khav

      That’s only true if the phone is the 16GB model (which may be true), if Fido doesn’t charge you taxes when you order (unlikely), and if Fido gets its handsets at retail price (not a chance).

  • crimsona

    Hundred bucks cheaper than T-Mobile’s two year contract option, for once we have a competitive price point compared to the states!

  • hoo dat

    See this WIND?

    • Ron N

      Now we wait for Fido to match Wind’s plans… Oh wait!

      Come on, bud. Just buy it form Google, and make things simple for yourself.

  • NienorGT

    Not bad at all, sure it cost more than Google Play but it still the cheapest carrier sold Nexus 4 I think.

  • coop3422

    Are these going to be like the Galaxy Nexus, in that they have a slightly different firmware, thus resulting in slower updates?

  • john doe

    “The pricing is lower than both WIND and Videotron at $425 with Prepaid and $100 on a 2-year term – which are both respectable prices considering the 16GB version is $359 via Google Play.”

    How is $425 a respectable price when Google Play sells it for $359? Please explain!

    • Alphs

      Obviously if you buy it directly (from Google) it would be cheaper.

      It’s respectable because it would have cost Fido $400/unit from Google (after taxes and shipping costs). This isn’t taking into consideration the cost of distributing these phones to their stores, employee wages, etc. With all these things “built” into the price, they’re still managing to sell it a little above cost.

      Even more “respectable” so if you consider what other carriers are charging for the phone.

    • shaun lee

      if i were the boss of fido, I would order 10000 N4 at a time and set my warehouse at AB, which lower the shipping cost and tax. No to say I would have right to negeotiate price with google if i ordered that much.

      every carrier can sell iphone as the same price with apple store. why not nexus?

    • notbad

      Price is still Gr8 . carriers want to make money too. on Plans, addons and Phone and this is normal.

  • spyderwraith

    Do we know if these Carrier Nexus 4’s still come unlocked?

    • Mark

      Answer: It’s a Nexus.

      Nexus devices are unlocked.

  • ehoustoun

    if they offered plans with more data I might actually consider going that route.

  • General Tao

    Anybody know what the “select agreements” are?

    • Eduardo

      Probably $40+ ; I checked the One S which has the same condition.

    • shaun lee

      i found fido at walmart has put one s and moto razr hd to 2 years with any plan. you may check it out.
      BTW, I am in regina, SK.

  • tony

    Damn…sike..just bought one off kijiji for 380 yesterday and let me say this phone is amazing

  • Superfly

    $393 in alberta from google play. 16gb

  • spyderwraith

    I paid 770$ for two all in via google play store 16gb. 385$ each if you break it down. So unless where you are charges abnormal high taxes 425$ still seems a tad high. also to respond to Mark about the unlocking. The only reason I asked is assumption that because it is Nexus so thusly unlocked is cool, just you never know with the Carriers and thier tricks

  • nexus lover

    don’t forge the $50 minimum plan. i paid $55 for my nexus 4 tab with wind.

  • thatshipislonggone

    where are those morons who kept telling that google is selling nexus 4 on loss 😛

  • iamcanadian

    I called fido and they told me to call back on Feb 13 since this is when they’ll have the phone. I was surprised since it say Feb 5th online. They said that this is what they have in their system. I have already reserved the phone online and my number is 99… 😐


      You’re an i***t. Could have got it SOONER and CHEAPER from the Play Store…

  • TouchMyBox

    That’s actually…

    …Not too bad.

    Kudos, Fido.

  • alex

    Would Fido be carrying the bumper?

  • ile2010

    Now if Wind could learn from Fido about device pricing…

    Or if Fido could learn from Wind about plan pricing…

  • Tom

    This is definitely a first for Canada. Should really be free on a 2 year contract, but when you compare this against all the popular high end devices, this is a steal.

    Plus, the 2-year agreement is compatible with Fido’s less rip-off plans, including a $60 plan with unlimited long distance, VM, caller ID, and 1 GB of data. And anyone who buys off contract and goes to Fido is likely to opt for one of those if they want data.

  • screamer

    Go for a galaxy for this price

  • Andy c

    this is going to make all the re-sellers on kijiji real happy…..

  • BIll Murray


  • Max

    Wind sucks! even though I am Wind customer!

    • williamworlde

      Really? Why? That’s why I was sort of sensing last year when my Fido contract expired and I went to Rogers just to get the LG OG. However, in good conscience, I REALLY couldn’t stay with Rogers, so I went back to their little brother.

      I had reservations about Wind, because I expect to have connectivity and I expect to have my 6GB not throttled. BUT, it’s not cheap and would still consider Wind about a year from now – even if I have to break my contract with Fido.

      As a customer though, would you mind being candid about what makes them so horrible? Appreciated.

  • Sébastien Dicaire

    Best thing to do, use your 156 fido$ 🙂

  • Alex

    Because it is a carrier version phone (not sure even if its unlocked), will this phone get instant updates? or like Verizon make us wait? if anyone knows please help us understand 🙂

  • williamworlde

    Wow! This deal just made Fido the “best” SP to be with! Really, it is a good deal and if my iP3GS wasn’t causing me to pull out my hair last Oct/Nov, I would have waited to get this, as I “knew” Fido was very likely going to offer it. Still, I really like my “new” year-old Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Rooted and unlocked running JB 4.2.1 and that thing is very, very nice.
    If you’re interested, try Codename Android ROM. It is a VERY nice custom.

  • kenny

    Is the $425 inclusive of the $25 HUP fee or is that additional?

  • tony

    It may be unlocked but update wise most likely from carrier not Google.. Just like my gnex.. Had to switch from yakjuux to takju just to get direct updates from Google.. Not sure how it will work with the n4 but you guys should ask first

  • Renard

    Finally, something I actually want to spend my glut of Fido Dollars on.

    They told me they would take pre-orders Feb 11th for the Feb 13th date. We shall see.

  • Julien

    Looks like they’ve removed the page from their website. Maybe it was too good to be true after all.

  • notbad

    What the f with pple always complaining do you the the operators pay you ur home rent too why not also stay and home and they will give you ur salary .
    the price is good that’s 100% sure google price is better but this is 100% normal. u r by it directly from google its like a Prada shirt get it directly from Prada or get it from a Local store who hold signatures.
    and it works like this is must of the country u r an internots . go and google in Europe and the Big Asia and u will see prices are not from to be the same…

    and 100$ is a launching price companies r not going to offer u candies on top of it…

  • Haxor99

    LOL Early April fools day joke? Nice one Rogers!

  • robbers

    People will always complain. For once, you can get a decent phone on a 2 YEAR contract with a decent price. On top of that, if you’re a fido customer, you can use your fidodollars to get a discount on this phone. Which other canadian compagny is offering this phone on a 2y contract?

  • Gabriel

    @robbers exactly. fido is one of the only carrier giving 2years contract on most of their devices. the only devices not illegible for 2years is only iphones. of course some of the devices’ price is fairly high for a 2 years but at least they give the option to not go for the 3years.

  • Just Sayin’

    Just called Fido and spoke to a rep. They said they don’t have any information on when they will carry the phone or the pricing.

    I just want to use up my Fido dollars so I can tell Fido – GOOD-BYE!!!