New ROM gives Optimus G users a taste of official Jelly Bean


  • Lirodon

    Now THAT is how you appease the power users.

  • wewewi

    What 4.1 gives, 4.2 shall take back.

    4.2 isnt THAT buttery, IMHO

  • geokilla

    I’ve been following the ROM for a while now and it sounds like there are still a bit of bugs to work out. I dunno… Still running ICS right now because I’m too scared to upgrade to JB, even though I’ve flashed tons of custom ROMs with the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.

    • Tom

      The bugs are mostly with CM10.1 (and also present in stock 4.2, i.e. Bluetooth bugs).

      I wouldn’t be afraid to grab CM10.0 stable (based on 4.1). That has never given me any issues. I would hold off on any 4.2-based ROM for the time being though.

  • Arshad

    I’m currently on the International version of the ROM and I have to say that I am extremely impressed, with both the developers and LG. It is super smooth and the International version at least for me is bug free. It doesn’t have the common bugs that version2 of the ROM had with WiFi passwords not saving and whatnot. Experienced flashers, give it a whirl and you will not be disappointed.


    Anything similar to this for Samsung Galaxy S II X?

  • Kezghan

    Using this rom the first version right now, other then the wifi password not sticking its an exceptional rom. Makes my LG E971 a much nicer phone to use. Better battery life as well.


    if its not blackberry its junk haha

  • Tom

    Are you sure it was LG that built it? I know they sanction it (even sending free devices to legendary developer Ricardo Cerqueira) but I’m pretty sure that credit should be going to the CM team, especially Ricardo.

  • Dangertrek

    This ported E975 JB ROM from LG is worth a try. De-bloated of carriers custom software is a plus! Those are two big reasons to go ahead and root! Knowing LG, this version is as good as it’s going to get whether for this market or not.

  • Darknut

    Hey guys, Id like to see a direct comparison of Jellybean Optimus G vs ICS Optimus G vs Nexus 4… to evaluate the software differences LGs new update is going to/is making.. and how it compares to the stock ROM.. (Ive heard I think, that the Optimus G w/ Jellybean is faster and less draining on the battery than the NExus 4, and it would be really interesting to see what an in-depth analysis will reveal.