LG Optimus G gains first CyanogenMOD 10.1 port, stands to out-Nexus the Nexus 4


  • kenypowa

    The only thing that out-nexus the Nexus 4 is Nexus 5.

    • Tom

      I was so willing to get a Nexus, but the battery life is the only thing holding me back. According to numerous of reviews the Nexus 4 has marginally better battery life than the Gnex and my Gnex barely last a day, so I’m not too eager to use it as my daily driver.

  • NoReason

    LG is missing a great chance by not reducing the Optimus G to $400 now. At $600 for the optimus and at $500 for the S3 they are making people wait for Feb to get the next shipment of N4.

    At the same time:
    The N4 will be close to match demand BEFORE the BB10 reaches stores and people can BUY one.

  • BBM

    But it’s not oatmeal.

  • Joyok

    what is that clock widget?

  • Aaron

    Out Nexus the Nexus 4? Bull.

    I ran both a stock ROM and CyanogenMOD on my Galaxy Nexus, and CyanogenMOD was never as fast or smooth. Yes, there are more features, but you lose out on performance and stability. The main advantages of CyanogenMOD (no carrier bloatware, customizations, etc.) disappear when compared with a Nexus running stock firmware.

    Also, the Optimus G definitely does not have superior build quality to the Nexus 4. Glossy plastic doesn’t feel nearly as nice in the hand as glass and soft-touch plastic.

  • Nathaniel James


    • EvanKr

      I think that the Nexus 4 has improved their reputation, but I still wouldn’t trust them with a skinned device. Based on their history of slow updates, the Optimus G honestly doesn’t hold too much appeal to me.

      It’s not that they’ve ever made bad hardware, but their software has always been subpar.


    @Aaron you are probably the only person I have ever heard say that the stock rom is better then CyanogenMOD. Cyanogen MOD outshines stock in terms of battery life, speed and performance! Even better is the Xenon HD rom based on AOSP.

    One thing I will give LG is that the customer service they offer is not bad!!! I had my 50″ inch LCD tv crap out on me on a Thursday and before the weekend even started a tech was at my house 8pm on the next day!! The tv was a month out of warranty but they still hounered it and didn’t have to pay a dime!!

    Has terrible experiences with Samsung and Sony aupport.

    • Dalex

      I wouldn’t say he’s the only one. Don’t get me wrong, CM is really cool and fun to play with. I’ve had a blast trying it on my many Android devices, but it has many issues.

      On my One X for example, as much as it looks a lot nicer than sense, it is not reliable. I need my phone to be as reliable as possible and having your GPS fail because of a rom is not my idea of fun.

      Google’s stock ROMs are still untouchable at this point on Nexus devices, but I hope the CM team make it close enough someday.

  • Claudiu

    Why would anyone get a LG anyway? Shop around people, there are better alternatives out there.

  • lol

    Which clock widget is that

  • iPhoneAndroid

    From XDA – “what is not working”:

    capacitive key
    bluetooth partially working

    The one thing that irritates me when I see news is, every time these guys put out custom ROM releases, there’s always something wrong with things that are key features of a device. Wifi not working? Um isn’t that a little important?

    I understand that these guys are working, unpaid, and on their own time on these ROMs. I get that. What irks me is, why these things are announced when things are still very much in an alpha state, or beta stage at the very best.

  • AWSGuy

    After 1.5 years of using MIUI, I bought a new samsung device and didnt put a custom firmware. Why? The beta test process and development of my original nexus device was nice and fun, but it does get annoying when I want to use my phone but I cant, because something broke and I have to debug it, and submit a bugreport.

    Stock firmware tends to be really stable, and MIUI’s edge over stock was not that great anymore with Jellybean and butter UI.

  • Thrasher

    @NoReason: Exactly! If a stock Android device costs $359, this should cost $300 max. Considering the headaches you have to go through to root, backup, flash etc… every time new Android update is out, the Optimus G should be cheaper than the Nexus 4!

  • Doug McFarlane

    You guys do realize the only reason the Nexus 4 is $300.00 is because google subsidized the s**t out of it knowing they’d make up the money in the playstore?

    LG and other companies can’t do this as they don’t make any money from playstore sales.

  • monsterduc1000

    CM10 is nice and all, but there are better roms out there that are closer to stock but with optimizations to make them even smoother and more responsive. I am currently a big fsn of RasBeanJelly 4.2.1 on my Nexus S. Yes, the phone that Google said could not support 4.2 =D.

    If you are going custom, make sure to flash a better kernel such as Marmite, Air or Trinity. This makes a HUGE difference in performance as well.

    • Slappy

      I’m using SlimBean, I like it quite a bit better than stock firmware on my Nexus S.

  • lol


    • Andrew

      I’d like to know too.