Update: Bell opening stores early for the BlackBerry Z10 launch, drops price to $139.95


  • Kid.Canada

    Eff Bell!

    • GlassB.ackBa.dIdea

      I tried the Z10 and I am afraid to say it was a dismal experience. I hated it and didn’t find it to have any thing that would make me say “now this is what will save RIM”. I really don’t see this as the savior of RIM. I am sure all who buy it who had Android or Apple phones will hate it guaranteed. Only people will like are those id. iots who bought Windows phones cause pretty much anything is a step up than that contraption of a technology

    • Just sying

      Guess we will see a new type of isheep lining up in front of bell store

  • Lukeiphone

    I don’t think there will be lineups

  • Drew

    I think there will be lineups.. my TELUS location we’ve had so many inquiries that we’ve told people we’ve only had Limited Stock (Only 9) that to lineup early as they wil be gone within 30 minutes

    • Sweet

      9 ?! That’s it ?! That’s nothing. Why ? Is your store in a rural area, a suburb or a city ?

  • w.coast.best.coast

    android users – virgin nerds
    iphone users – mainstream brainwashed sheep
    blackberry users – will steal your girlfriend cause he’s a boss

  • YSM

    OTtawa Virgin store has 2 in stock! like WTF!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Warehouse worker allocating stock: “There. I think these 2 units will satisfy all demand in Ottawa.”

    • Tom

      Lower-cost subsidiaries always stock less than their parent companies, and usually the phones release later, sometimes even months later.

  • Kid.Canada

    Oh no I think Apple will sue whichever retail store that has a lineup.

  • rockman

    Well to low stock stores on launch day and claim a sell out on first day is a pretty good marketing tactic!

    Good tactics BB 🙂

  • Jamie

    Bestbuy called me today and suggested because I have a pre-order that i should avoid being there early because my phone will not be sold and I can avoid the large crowd that they expect.

  • Justin

    if it didnt cost my $330 to upgrade early, I would so be picking up this device

  • Sweet

    I don’t see why anyone would want to buy the Z10 outright from Bell for $649 when they can buy it outright for $550 from Koodo. I guess Bell is exploiting people’s ignorance of what other carriers are charging. If people are too lazy to shop around, then I guess they deserve to lose $100. It’s still a shame, though.

    • shaun lee

      who knows how to unlock the f***ing BB10?

  • Steve Dion

    Wow, I just can’t imagine there will be lineups. I mean I’ll probably get one, but I’d be really surprised. I wish them luck! Go Canada Go!

  • Yan

    Bell is gonna be wasting money paying employees overtime and opening their doors early for nothing. The new Blackberry’s aren’t gonna sell. The bell stores will be kinda empty until the afternoon and have their usual customers in the stores. Will be a normal usual day. The news and cellphone news blogs are just creating a big hype cause their getting paid by RIM (Blackberry) to do so. By quite frankly their new devices area a big flop. Everyone knows its a big flop, thats why their stock dropped so low.

  • screamer

    Coast to produce a blackberry is 200 $ and then asking for 650 $ how that works??? I saw already a line up all the way to my house….lol

    • Porilaisten



    • skullan

      No different than the cost of an iPhone and it’s very clear, the carrier (read, Bell and not RIM/Blackberry) is the one charging $649 considering that Koodo (read, not-RIM/Blackberry) will be charging $550.

  • Turbo E

    “Lineup” lol!

  • Mogs

    Blackberry reeks, simple as that

  • Paul

    @yan…BB stock was up almost 16 % today and up 150 % since last Sept. Can apple say that. Nope. People have confidence that BB will do well. Will their be line ups…who cares. That’s an apple thing.

    • Simon

      I would be a little happier if their 6 month winning streak didn’t begin with their stock being at an all-time low.

  • Sweet

    I’m now wondering if Bell is opening up at 08:30 so that people can buy the Z10 before going to work. It makes sense when you consider that the people most likely to buy the Z10 are enterprise workers and office workers.

  • DM

    Cool I can pay my bills early.

  • Omar

    will Square one mall be one of them?

  • Richard

    I tried the keyboard. Swiftkey = a lot better but never played with the settings.

  • Robert Gabriele sr

    Blackberrys are for people who want to get things done

    Iphones are for children that walk into telephone poles

    • john

      I love how all these berry sheep say “blackberry is for people who get things done” kinda like how RIM/BlackBerry got things done right?
      Storm anyone?
      Torch anyone?
      Playbook anyone?
      What exactly have the blackberry people done that was a) on time and b) fully baked?
      Answer : nothing. Get ‘er done berryboys.

  • iTroll(andsocanu)

    Good on em. Those three people interested in the Z10 will be really grateful!

    • yeswecan(troll)

      *standing ovation*

      Oh my, that was beautiful! I almost shed a tear!

      Also you are correct john, but berry sheep will never admit to that.

    • Plan Shopper

      Oh please, we aren’t BerrySheep we are the….


  • gilbert

    I think the 5 z10’s at my location can hold out for good couple of weeks haha

  • monsterduc1000

    I think there will be a bigger line for Dead Space 3 at BB when I go get it in the morning 🙂

  • tomatoes11

    Black Berry needs to take the Z10 display model out of retailer mode if they want to be successful. I went to play with it and the retail mode was worse than the playbook one. You literally can’t even browse the web or use any of the gestures.

    Horrible move bb. It gave me a bad impression of the device.

    • yeswecan(troll)

      So how will all the Berry sheep defend that move? I’ve seen the retailer mode on the Z10 as well, and it is terrible. Makes the device almost unusable. That’s a great way to accelerate the path to bankruptcy, or getting bought.

  • Scott

    People have been saying the new Blackberry Z10 is the same as the playbook. So will this device not sell that much like the playbook, and after a month or so the pric will drop from $600 to $99 bucks just like what happened with the playbook???? Cause I think this might happen. Time will tell.

  • anjew

    @tomatoes11 i agree most people will be using those display models to judge the device….

  • Paul

    @Scott… Your people are wrong and no it will not drop from over 600 outright to 99 dollars. The playbook does not have the updated BB10 software.

    • shaun lee

      what a new born baby can do ?

  • hoo dat

    Walked past a Bell store just now (8:40)on my way to my office. No line up but they’re open and busy.

    • hoo dat

      Just walked past again to get a coffee, store’s still busy and some people have BlackBerry bags not Bell bags.

  • DoucheNoz

    2 downtown TELUS in Ottawa are sold out. Looking in the burbs

  • Marc

    I was the first client at the Bell Eaton Center location this morning to pick up a Z10. There was no lineup but the staff were very friendly and attentive (Thanks again Michael for putting the screen protector on for me 😉 Aside, I love my new Z10.

  • ravi

    What a huge discount by bell!!

  • Jonathan C

    Much like what google did with the nexus 4, right?

  • royf29

    do you guys think they will match the $600 price for the rogers off contract

  • Tom

    I don’t think $10 will really entice anyone to switch between Bell/Rogers – people will just stick with the old carrier especially if they’ve been on it for a few years and managed to negotiate a couple freebies (i.e. caller ID), that they’ll lose the moment they switch, or if they’re currently in a contract but eligible to upgrade early. Also, both Bell and Rogers offer limited promotional plan from time to time and anyone currently on such a plan probably doesn’t want to give it up by switching (i.e. a 6 GB data plan).