WIND Mobile to go live with new monthly plans on February 4th


  • djino

    The new tab structure may be good news. Yes its less of a tab discount than before, but this may force WIND to reduce the outright price on hardware to stay competitive.

    *shrugs*, just my thought.

    • Director

      Passing wind mobile.

  • Mathieu

    Make wind available in qc. It’d switch heartily.

    • mortal turtle


      Videotron paid HUGE money to keep new entrants away from there.

      The 700MHz auction may change things, but I am pretty sure that Videotron will bid big again, which won’t allow anyone else to enter.

      You, Frenchies, are screwed 😉

  • John MacDonald

    I’ve been with Wind almost since they’ve launched, and yes, the start was very shaky, but I held on. Reward: for over 2 years now, there isn’t a single deal from Rogers and Bellus and their sub-brands that interested me even remotely.

    I’ve paid enough over the years for limited everything. Now it is time to actually use my cellphone the way it was intended to be used – with no restrictions or worries about going over artificial limits.

    Wind’s not perfect, but it is by far the best option for me right now, and has been for the last 2+ years. Additionally, it feels good supporting competition that actually brought some change to the stagnant Canadian telecommunications market.

    • Piff

      To further your comment, I have never truely used my phone until I joined Wind. using 4.5 gig of data month is a wonderful thing. And being able to talk to my family that is spread all over North America without paying extra fee’s is huge. Right now all my in-law’s have switched to Wind and they all wonder why they haven’t done so sooner. Sure the Data isn’t the fastest. But its good enough for mobile browsing, internet radio and YouTube. If I want to watch TV I’ll just go home.

    • trance 2013

      Lol, I actually got my very first smartphone with a data plan when I joined wind around Xmas 2010. Before then I was stuck in the dark ages with Rogers – a dumbphone with no data. Why? Because I refused to be robbed. Now I actually look at my bill and laugh at how badly I was raped all these years before I joined wind. Ouch!

      Never again, Rogers, never again.

  • xyz

    Another happy Wind customer here. Since 2010 so I can confirm how Wind has been improving over the last 3 years – Here in the GTA and West Ontario.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    How does this compare to Koodo or Virgin , better or worse ?

  • Mobicustomer

    Did Wind remove the “better savings together” feature? And do u think the 30$ plan is better than mobilicity’s 25$ back to school plan? (province wide calling, unlimited data 6gb before slowed down, caller Id and unlimited text/picture USA and Canada.)

    • EvanK

      WIND’s network is a hell of a lot better than Mobi’s, and WIND is still growing quite rapidly. In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Mobi got gobbled up by WIND sometime later this year.

  • cheapasian

    What I care about is if the better savings together remains, since i am just going to buy a nexus 4 off play store. I don’t need wind tab.

  • daveloft

    Better together will stay but its not compatible with the $20 plan.

  • Kronk

    It’s funny, the more time that passes, the more like the ‘Big 3″ WIND becomes. Unlimited isn’t actually unlimited – extremely throttled data after 5-6gb. They have helped drive down the prices of the big 3. Now for $50 i can get the same thing as the WIND 40 and not have some BS zones or crappy coverage.

    Oh, and now Orascom owns a controlling interest in WIND and VimpleCom owns a controlling interest in Orascom…which means that a Russian company owns a Canadian Telco. Interesting fact.

    • A Art

      Wind always had a “Fair Usage Policy”, where they reserved the right to throttle after 5GB. They used to rarely enforce it, but as subscriber base grew, they started enforcing it more or less constantly, for obvious reasons.

      Yup, go sign up for the $50 plan. Whatever works for you. I mean, I am sure that the Big3 will not say “No” to even more of your money. Why support the new guys? We were doing juuuust fine without them… 😉

      As far as foreign ownership goes, I would love to see more companies investing into Canada. Obviously, the Canadian Big3 have so much respect for fellow Canadians. Just look at your monthly bill for 2 years ago. Yes, thaaat’s the one. I say open the door for foreign companies, and watch the market regulate itself almost instantly!

  • EvanK

    I’d be first in line to sign up if they finally got their act together and launched in Winnipeg.

    I think they’d do quite well here, Winnipeggers are cheap and everyone here hates Robelus.

  • Aiden

    I love wind I pay 25$ for everything I need. Yeah the reception is a little spotty at times but I save so much and don’t have to deal with stupid contracts from the big 3. I would recommend WIND to everyone.

  • ronk

    I am planning to get WIND $ 40. My question is should I get the current plan or wait until Mon. and get the new plan? Which is better? Looks like the Voicemail+ is not incl in the new $ 40, you have to pay extra $ 8.

    • Pat

      I found voice mail to be totally useless. SMSs are much more useful. I would not pay a cent for it, if it was not included in the package.

  • Big 3

    Though there is throttling for the unlimited data, I’m still happy to be paying only $30 to $40 per month and get 5 GB of data in the cell phone plan.

    I mean if 5GB isnt enough for you then go with the Big 3 since they dont throttle

    • daveloft

      Or pay $10 for premium data which upgrades you to 10GB before being throttled.

  • Sweet

    Wind did try merging with Mobilicity. They talked, but neither company could agree on what their companies were worth, so the talks ended.

    Now, Wind’s parent company Orascom, or grandparent company VimpelCom, is considering selling Wind to Rogers. Orascom and VimpelCom really want to get the hell out of the Canadian telecomm industry. Orascom’s CEO has already gone on record in a CBC interview, saying how much he regretted entering the Canadian telecomm market. He did little more than criticize the state of Canada’s telecomm market in that interview. You can probably still find it on the CBC website. I believe it was on Mansbridge One-On-One.

  • Mike

    .20 cent/minute in the USA on Wind.
    The big three is 6X that.
    That’s a no brainier.

  • Pat

    As far as I know, they all block Skype, and that is bad…

    • nhaler

      That’s complete nonsense and totally false.

  • Gary

    what about the nexus 4? any price points on that? and why is my 29 $ plan stil running for 2 + years ???

    • Toby

      Buy Nexus 4 from Google. All carriers are pricing it at $500+ outright. Do not even bother with that – go straight to the source.

      Your $29 plan is now permanent. Enjoy.