Your current voice and data plan will work with the BlackBerry Z10, no BIS required


  • aryana

    wohoo first time LOL

    • Keys

      You lost me when you said:

      “This means that if you’re transitioning over from an iPhone or an Android with a data plan”….
      Why would you do that?

      -Only people with BBs now could consider BB again.

      -Does this mean that the AWESOME data- compression from BB is gone?

  • jess

    This is fantastic . I hated switching my plans to swap simcards. About time 🙂

    • Todd

      @Jess you do realize that you can use a blackberry plan with a android or Iphone. you just can’t use a android or iphone plan with a blackberry

    • ToniCipriani

      That’s actually untrue. On Bell and Telus, if you have a BB plan, you will be charged pay-per-use if you use a non-BB and vice versa.

  • Gal

    Great! Can’t wait for it to come out on wind mobile

    • TheIPhoneMan

      We should all get our burning stakes and pitch forks and tell Wind we’ll switch to Rogers if they don’t have it by next week! Im not..even…joking….if I have to wait till march I might just by that 1100$ Z10 on EBay

  • EvanK

    Good, this is the way it should’ve always been.

  • CDL

    Holla (freakin’) liuyah!! I can keep my unlimited $56 plan with Virgin Mobile. This post just made my day, thank you!!

  • jess

    about time!

  • Sparro

    I like this. I think thats why the browser is so fast and up to par with offerings from Apple and Android. Before, BIS would take you through the NOC and compress you data.

  • CDL

    as a side question, do we know if BB cases will put the Z10 to sleep like old BlackBerry phones?

    • 2dfx

      @CDL – yes, there is still a magnet in the Z10 cases that will trigger display sleep!

  • Kid.Canada

    I never had to change my plan when I used to have a bb, they just had to add BIS and that was all. Never was a big deal to me but I guess that’s a step up now.


      Gee I wonder where you got your Internet name from? geez – KID ANDROID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  • Kid.Canada

    Yes CDL, it comes with a holster, a really good portable bluetooth mini speaker, and an extra battery pack. That’s a pretty sweet deal to me.

    • Dimitri.K

      That is not the retail package. You only get those if you got the phone from the event. This has been said many times and you can even go on Crackberry to see it. The retail package ONLY comes with a charger, phone, battery and manuals. Maybe the Canadian carriers may add a case but nothing else.

  • Miknitro

    @cdl, I’ve seen it mentioned about accessories having this feature on the new phone.
    Tl:dr, yes I believe so.

  • Jonathan W.

    So I guess there’s a chance that it’ll work with the unlimited browsing feature for Speakout Wireless and Petro-Can Mobile? 🙂

  • PygmySurfer

    “The same does not apply to enterprise users: the BlackBerry Z10 needs a BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) plan for compatibility with work email, BlackBerry Balance and the like. If you’re not sure, talk to your trained IT professional.”

    Not true for work email – BB10 uses ActiveSync. It IS true if you want things like BlackBerry Balance, and mobile device management, then yes a BES is required.

  • Justin

    Would the data still be compressed??? That is the key.

  • Brian

    We’ll see what happens on Bell. Traditionally, data plan type MUST match device type in order to get contract discount pricing on handsets. Bell would have to allow both, PDA, BIS, and BES data plans to trigger the subsidy to allow ALL users to cleanly and easily upgrade.

  • Temi

    You can either cut your sim to micro from mini sim or use an adapter to go to micro sim from nano-sim.

    Smart move on their part.

  • bellemployee

    Hmmm, not what I was told… I was told you need a BIS plan to get BBM otherwise it wont work

    • Dimitri.K

      Who ever told you that is wrong. Blackberry 10 does not have BIS anymore. They took that out. Also if you want more proof of this, just look at Crackberry and Blackberry websites to see this.

      You can use BBM over WiFi with the new Blackberry 10 without having the phone on a network carrier. A member on Crackberry posted a video of this and worked. Turned off all the networks and just left WiFi on. BBM worked like a charm.

    • Justin

      @ Dimitri, you could use BBM with WIFI only on older blackberries too. I did this with my 9900 when I had it and travelled. No cost to me as BBM used DATA back then too….

    • Dimitri.K

      Yes but only on the new 0S 7.1 update enabled that. Other older models can not do it. 7.1 brought it out.

    • skullan


      Incorrect, BBM works just fine on Wifi-only with BBOS 6.0, just tested it with my mobile network off.

      Perhaps there may be problems on a social BB plan, but certainly not a full service book plan.

    • TheIPhoneMan


      You can use BBM over WiFi on OS 7 to, and on pretty much all the BlackBerries, but a far as I’ve experienced you still need a sim card, I dont know how this works, but it does, I cant use BBM over wifi without a sim on my old Bold 9700, but i could use it over wifi with a sim

    • SEII

      @bellemployee: BBOS7 and before need BIS. New BB10 does not require BIS anymore, and of course BBM would still work.

      @Dimitri.K: From my experience, Email and BBM always work when my BBOS7 phone is on wifi only. When I travelled, I would connect to a wifi network and use my Blackberry as an email/IM/Facebook device. Now BBM has voice built in, I could make BBM voice call back to my family/friends on BBM too. 🙂

  • farmerguy

    Sweet. Buy from Koodo for $550. Unlock. Stick in whatever micro sim you wish. This saves some time.


      Are you saying it’s factory unlocked? Only bad thing is Koodo will only have the black model but @ $100 cheaper than the other Canadian carriers it’s worth the non color option.

  • marion

    Does this mean that data won’t be compacted like the older BB devices??

  • Guy

    Too bad this means all your blackberry traffic goes over the Internet and not the secure blackberry network.

    • Justin

      I guess they did they because their servers were messing up too often and they didn’t want it to be the thing turning customers away. For the people that really need to security will be on BES and which will be stable and secure as there’s less traffic.

    • babablacksheep

      Exactly. One of the top advantages of a Blackberry is now gone for consumer accounts, yet the sheep are still flocking to it. Baaaaaaa

    • skullan

      As long as the flock to it, I don’t care if they are sheep.

      So, I guess we should now call sheep the new fanbois….

      Since there are iPhone iSheep ™, which are your original lemmings. These are the ones that were all about the experience originally, but now are having to deal with a UI that really hasn’t changed much in last 6 years.

      There are the Android gSheep ™, which are your rebel techy sheep. These are the ones that concentrate on specs more so than experience. Since really, the experience is pretty much the same on all the phones.

      Then there are now the Blackberry Sheep, who either enjoy the phone as a true communications device or are mandated by their employeer to have one.

      Tons of Sheep out there. So, I’m starting think there’s even newer type of sheep.

      The “Going-to-flame-any-OS-that-isn’t-my-choice Sheep”. These are the worst type of Sheep of all, they post their opinions a lot and they waste everyone’s time and bandwidth.

  • James

    arg! This just made my decision so much harder. Have a GS3 and wanted a Z10 to share sim cards with, but the bell CS person said they wouldn’t work with the same sim card, looks like they were wrong and I have a conundrum.


      They’re talking about LTE SIMCard being needed for LTE connection not that you can’t use it at all. Since your GS3 is LTE you should already have that SIM

  • Dan

    Has anyone with a Bell BB data account tried the Z10 without changing their plan? Just curious whether or not the data will work fine.

    • chrisvassos

      I’ve had a blackberry plan since day 1 of my contract. Had the 9700(broke the screen), bought a 9900 off kijiji(got tired of it), and now I was using my Galaxy S2X from koodo which i bought/unlocked and the data was working fine till yesterday. I think bell switched everything on BB plans to have to go over BIS so now i’m locked out of my data.

  • tomatoes11

    Rip BIS!

  • Happyboy

    Wow it’s about time BlackBerry is finally growing up and being an adult now instead of being a little kid iPhone and android never Needed a stupid connection like BlackBerry

  • phone guy

    with data plan are now so much cheaper
    there is no point of BIS

  • Matt

    Excellent, this is really good to hear. It was such a hastle to have to be on a BB specific plan just to get all the features out of it. Finally it operates like any other modern smartphone.

  • TheIPhoneMan

    Lol, this will only lower the price of plans by like.. 5 dollars.. but anyways.
    Secondly this wont compromise security you could still send data securely over the internet, when you use BBM on OS7 over WiFi its just sending messages over the internet to RIMs (oops) Blackberries server, Im guessing same thing is happening here

  • Mitchell Leitman

    I just picked up a Z10 with Bell. Stuck my existing LTE micro sim into it (using an unlocked Lumia 920) and no dice. No data available. I called Bell and they said I need to change plans!

    • Steve Dion

      Bell will not sell phone without the BB Data plan, i asked them not to open box as i will probably just sell the phone. I was hoping someone else would go through it as i like to switch phones.

  • mike

    I don’t know where you got your information, but you are quite wrong .
    with the Z10’s inability to change the APN setting, speakout internet access does not work.
    your comments are misleading………………..

  • Christopher Hellfire

    It works on regular data plans, speakout is mobile browsing. Z10 is a great phone for regular data! Why bother buying a high end phone and try to use it on a limited budget service for semi dumb phones? Do your awesome phone a favor and feed it real data!

  • brendanhohoho

    The hardware is decent and the user interface is logical and generally easy to use. I believe it has a chance of getting RIM back into the game, if the company can attract a lot more apps.