Your current voice and data plan will work with the BlackBerry Z10, no BIS required

The BlackBerry Z10 is coming out next week — so close! — and just in case you were wondering, no, you won’t have to change your current plan.

Unlike older BlackBerries, the Z10 does not require an explicit BIS plan; in fact, it requires a regular data plan. According to a Rogers representative, BlackBerry-only plans such as Blackberry Personal E-mail Plans, BlackBerry Social Plans and BBM only will not work with the new Z10. The same is true of all other carriers as well.

This means that if you’re transitioning over from an iPhone or an Android with a data plan, just stick your SIM card in the Z10 and everything from the browser to BBM will work without issue. Of course, you’ll need a microSIM in order to connect to the network, so older devices (or iPhone 5 users) will need a new one.

Also remember that the BlackBerry Z10 is LTE-compatible, so you’ll want to upgrade to a newer plan to support the faster speeds. If you’re coming from an older BlackBerry like the Bold 9900 or Torch 9810, may just need a new SIM card without a plan change, but confirm with your carrier beforehand.

Update: Enterprise users can connect to their work through Exchange ActiveSync or BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 with existing individual data packages; a BES plan is only necessary if your company enforces it for things like remote management. BlackBerry Balance won’t work unless you’re connected to a BES server.