Bell acquires all 765 “The Source” stores


  • Shawn

    This is good news for me 😀

    Selling Bell instead of Rogers is a good move!

  • Shawn

    Rogers was being sold exclusively @ all Corporate stores….Dealer/Joint Venture stores were allowed selling Bell products…

  • criminalogic

    ha ha Right on bell.! take rogers by tha im shure rigers generate ALOT of sales through Source by Circuit City,, and if bell (witch im shure they will) push rogers crap OUT of those 765 stores Bell customer base will Jump, and rogers decrease, who knows maybe one day bell will be one of tha top 2 telcoms they need to invest in there customer service and PR first though.! i trust bell more then telus or rogers etc but have there service and reps they have representing them.. good move bell

  • J


    As if Bell could possibly do YET ANOTHER colossal mis-step.

    As another former Radio$h!t employee, I concur, RS/TheSource is a big fat steaming pile. They were NEVER competitive unless they were clearing out very outdated stock. The mandate seemed to be to cram as much steaming piles of trinkets into the store, and lie ("persuade") customers into buying.

    – Bell's mobile service blows

    – Bell's customer service blows

    – Bell blew a multi-billion $ takeover bid

    – And now they're investing in steamers which are only going to drop (they should have waited for Canada TheSource to file for bankruptcy, then snatch it for a bargain)

    Someone please tell me, why do I still own BCE stock??

  • Celly

    The reps at TheSource can press buttons on the cash register but they sure can't talk in any detail about the stuff they sell. Product knowledge is pretty much zero. I wonder if George has actually stepped foot into one of these stores himself. As an investor, I can't help but think we just bought ourselves an albatross.