iOS 6 jailbreak confirmed, could be coming as early as Sunday


  • lukeiphone

    YAYYYY!!! That’you get an iPhone! You get more fun after jailbreaking, than buying something which is already jailbroken – like Android.

    • lukeiphone

      Thats why you get iPhone*****

    • Skazzers

      RIP RIM!! RIP sp!!

    • sp

      lol rip skazzertroll

      go BB10

  • Crank

    Why would you take a finely-tuned piece of art and turn it into Android?

    You’ll get decreased stability and battery life on par with Android devices (other than the RAZR Maxx).

  • Alex

    They consider Android open when then can’t even get rid of unwanted apps.. have fun!

  • Miknitro

    Guessing it don’t just work as its wanted to.

  • John

    Good for the Sheep.


    • NeedAJob?

      Samtards are the new sheep. You can talk them into anything. Got extra tablets no one wants to buy? Sell them as phones. Tablet-phones getting to big to fit in the man-purses? Sell a companion phone as an accessory.

  • Crank2

    Usually sheep refers to the largest subset of the population. Newsflash – not Apple!

  • BIll Murray

    if theres quick settings on the iphone 5 jailbreak then i have no reason to stick with android.

    • Zeeb

      The jailbreak is only for older iPhones. There’s no jailbreak for iPhone 5.

    • NeedAJob?

      Incorrect Zeeb.

  • Rick

    Hope it’s sooner

  • S Pam

    LOL, hope none of those involved are Americans. With the new law in effect, they jailbreakers are looking at $500,000 fine and 5 years in the slammer. How’s that for the land of the free – what a joke.

    • L L

      I believe the $500,000 fine/5 jail years is for people who unlock their phones (break its connection to a cell phone carrier to use on any other). The article I read about the fine used the word “jailbreak” but then described unlocking – they misnamed it. Jailbreaking tablets, such as the iPad, may be illegal, but I’m not sure how anyone could enforce that if people are only jailbreaking for personal use…

    • Allan

      @S Pam….jailbreaking and unlocking are 2 different things. The new law relates to unlocking the phone so that it can be used on different carriers.

    • NeedAJob?

      The law originally would apply to both unlocking and jailbreaking. When the LoC exception expired, it was reworded to only forbid unlocking. jailbreaking is ok in the US for now.

  • Allan

    Is it really worth getting an iPhone if it takes 5 months to wait for a jailbreak? That’s almost half the product life cycle. (No offensive to the jailbreak developers, they do good work). Get an Android phone and you can enjoy customizations and pirated apps from Day 1.

  • skazzzzzberry

    Actually that was not me but I love the copycat troll. Glad I have some fans here! RIP Skazzers-wannabe trolls!

    Oh yeah and SP since you’re here… RIP!

  • sp

    oh yeah skazzzzzberry……RIP

    to the real and the fakes

  • screamer

    I should be able to jailbreak my phone when ever I want because it is mine. Even when I through my phone against the wall I have to pay 500000 $ ??? What a joke because iphone without a jailbreak is so boring! !

  • meh

    iPhones are so much better when jailbroken…I personally am sick of the cat and mouse game with Apple on jailbreaking, I prefer to buy things that work as I want them to, so I started phasing out my iOS devices.

    But then, most iOS users are happy with the stock software because all they do is answer calls and maybe send a text here and there. That’s why I support my parents getting them. It’s like the new dumb phones, you can’t screw it up!

  • Miknitro

    IPhone’s icon an no live crap Os will be remembered fondly like rotary dial phones.

  • Whee

    Only care for an AppleTV 3 jailbreak..