Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 now receiving Jelly Bean update


  • All ways write

    I really wanted to love this tablet…seeing as how i have the note 2….but the resolution was just too bad….thats why i got the nexus 10….that IR blaster though…that was tough to give up..

  • Trogdor

    Finally! Ran pretty well before hand so really looking forward to the update.

  • stan

    I’m not a Note owner, but that’s still good news. Better late than never.

  • Koala MeatPie


  • Koala MeatPie

    Low Rez screen, yeah, a little on the annoying side. But as a Photographer, I LOOOVE the pen. Doing some light Editing on the train for personal pics, awesome!

  • mackster

    Mine updated this am, its a great upgrade. Blows iPad out of the water

  • Chad

    Love my note. I wondered about the screen res, but it’s still very nice. The battery life has me happy. A real digitizer, with the pen, is a big feature for me. I’ve replaced my notebook at meetings. I can mix text with diagrams (best of both worlds). I really like being able to draw/sketch stuff. The handwriting recognition is impressive and useful. I’ve been using one integrated with samsung android keyboard; it can be used with any program that way. I tried using a capacitive stylus it’s just not the same thing.

    The blend of capacitive touch with digitizer in a tablet is really functional, so now it’s just a matter of finding applications that suit user needs. I’ve found some good ones, but there are still many more interesting that could be further developed/improved to take advantage of the blended use of pen/touch/keyboard.

    I’ve been waiting over 10 years to see something like this in the market. I’m very excited to see where this will go.

  • Thas

    Wow, that took them long enough. I switched to the German ROM once I found out that it wouldn’t wipe my device. For some reason Germany gets the update first for this device. The Jelly Bean update makes this already great tablet even greater. People who complain about this tablet & its resolution are the ones that don’t have it. Its actual owners are extremely satisfied.

  • Cory D

    Yup…JB 4.1.2 is alive and well on my Note 10.1. Runs smooth like budda…

  • sakk

    i have a rogers samsung GT-P7500r tablet, i can’t get this upgrade

  • Mouse

    Was very happy to read this post and powered up my 10.1 right away. I’m finding, though, that air view isn’t working for me. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Mickey

    When will it be available in SA for download – I’ve just checked and it aint available as yet.